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    Activities i am interested in:

    Surfing, hiking, cycling, kayaking, gardening, skiing, snowshoeing, rock climbing, and going to the beach. Cooking, baking, teaching, pottery, painting, photography, writing, and making wine/beer.

    My next destination:

    Finland - from Aug 2022 until Dec 2022
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  • Description

    2021 Travel Plans:
    COSTA RICA: May-Jul
    USA: Aug-Sep
    ICELAND: Oct-Dec

    My life depends on travel and culture - 2020 really confirmed that. I've lived in Japan, France, England, and USA, each for at least 6 months, and met so many wonderfully inspiring people. I thrive on meeting new people and learning new languages. I enjoy trying (and cooking) new food, meditating in nature, and working on my blog and podcast. Visit my Instagrams @drew.steps @nomadicobjective

    So, what do I do? I've tried many things - I've done the hard jobs, like restaurant dishwasher, house-cleaning, and paid child care, and I've done the technical office jobs as an engineer and manager. After 3 years of soul-crushing corporate office jobs, I left my traditional job in 2021 to become a digital nomad to take my engineering job remote - I've been working from my laptop and moving from country to country ever since. My career is engineering, education, and management, and I will need to spend 2-5 hours intermittently every day working on my paid and unpaid responsibilities wherever I stay. But I can always pause what I'm doing to help you with tasks and errands.

    My biggest accomplishment is having founded a nonprofit NGO charity that built two schools and empowers a team of local volunteers in Senegal that provide free daily early education to vulnerable youth from impoverished and neglected communities. Find out how and why we do it by visiting our website at

    This is just a little bit about me. I've been to, or even lived in, over

  • Interests

    Sailing / Boating
    Adventure sports
    Water sports
    Winter sports
    Yoga / Wellness
    Outdoor activities
    Charity work

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  • Skills and knowledge I'd like to share or learn

    I'm interested in:  

    Art Projects

    Some knowledge of:  

    DIY and building projects
    Being an elderly companion
    General Maintenance
    Life at a Farmstay
    Eco Projects
    Animal Care
    Helping with Computers/ Internet

    Able to teach about:  

    Babysitting and creative play
    Creating/ Cooking family meals
    Helping around the house
    Charity Work
    Language practice
  • More details about your skills

    ~Teacher: I have a TEFL Certificate which allows me to professionally teach English at schools internationally. I have 2 years of teaching experience.

    ~Engineer: I'm a civil and environmental engineer with 3 years of experience in land development projects, drainage projects, and water pollution mitigation projects.

    ~Cook: I have learned to cook thanks to my mother, who went to cooking school and has had a cooking business. I can bake breads, quiche, pies and others deserts, braise or grill meats/fish, cook rice/grains any method, and homemade pizza dough. If I have good quality ingredients and appropriate tools, I know how to make food taste really good. However, I can't slaughter animals... that's when I become vegetarian. Meat/fish must arrive cleaned and cut.

    ~Entrepreneur: I was elected president twice for 2 student organizations and later founded and registered a successful NGO charity.

    ~Project Manager: I have managed dozens of projects as a student, engineer, and entrepreneur for 10 years.

    ~Customer Service: I've worked at restaurants and bars as a dishwasher, server, cook, barista, and bartender for 4 years.

    ~Labor: I have been gardening and building things my whole life. I have built decks/patios, sheds, greenhouses, foot bridges, retaining walls, and tree houses.

    ~Photographer/Videographer: I have enjoyed photography and editing videos for several years.

  • Languages

    Languages spoken
    English: Fluent
    French: Fluent
    Spanish: Intermediate
    Japanese: Intermediate
    German: Beginner
    Wolof: Beginner

    More details about my language interests
    I speak English (with a Pacific Northwest accent); I am happy to help you with your English! Je parle couramment le français, mais c'est pas parfait. Je peux t'apprendre l'anglais. 私の日本語がもっと上手になるように手をかしていただけたらうれしいです. Estoy aprendiendo español y necesito ayuda. Puedo enseñarte inglés. Ich spreche sehr wenig Deutsch und brauche Hilfe beim Lernen. Ich kann Englisch unterrichten. أنا اعلمك اللغة الانجليزية. علمني العربية.

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  • What else ...

    ~Games/Activities: I'm a certified teacher (TEFL) and I know many games and activities to involve people of all ages. I've taught at primary and secondary schools.
    ~Half Introvert, Half Extrovert: I love meeting new people. I usually plan social activities and invite everyone I can. But I also need solitude sometimes to recharge my energy. I love nature and going on long walks.
    ~Sports/Outdoors: Surfing, hiking, cycling, kayaking, gardening, skiing, snowshoeing, rock climbing, and going to the beach. Cooking, baking, teaching, pottery, painting, photography, writing, and making wine/beer.
    ~Sauna/Soaking: Because I lived in Japan for a few years as a teenager. I'm always ready for a sauna or thermal pool during winter or a hike to a hot spring. I don't like being cold in winter!
    ~Open-Minded/Direct Communication: I am very open-minded. I speak directly with people if I have any questions, concerns, or feedback.

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