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    Last time I used workaway was back in 2019 when I did a 6 month euro trip. It would be a fun way to connect with people in the area, offer time and have a place to stay.

    This time, I wish to explore workaway ok à whole different level. I see it as a rich opportunity to meet people with who to share experiences and learn from. I am highly interested in learning from others and hope I can share tons with them too. This time, workaway will be a place to learn through experience.

    With this whole C*vid reality I realize I have isolated myself from humans. I’ve been studying tons yet have no one to share my knew knowledge with.

    The owner where I presently live allowed time to restore his backyard. Before was a pool and it’s huge patio. I put everything down (recycling and offering what I could) and built a beautiful circular patio in bricks and built a garden around it. It was my place to explore some knowledge I got from gardening. Yet I always missed the interaction with others. The kind where you can share your thoughts on the process and the development of the space.

    If covid taught me something (which it did on many levels) is that I am more and more in need of a community. I believe in sharing each others strengths to maximize the potential of a project (and of the self!).

    I’ve done tons of stuff lately from learning gardening, yoga nidra, sacred through rituals, herbalism, permaculture. Now, I want to share this and mostly offer it in action with others!

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    Yoga / Wellness
    Outdoor activities
    Cooking & food
    Vegetarian or vegan
    Politics / Social justice
    Self development
    Events & social
    Plant care
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    I'm interested in:  

    Eco Projects
    DIY and building projects
    Life at a Farmstay

    Some knowledge of:  

    Creating/ Cooking family meals

    Able to teach about:  

    Babysitting and creative play
    Language practice
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    I have a background in specialized education where I mostly gained my experience in primary schools. Yet something was missing to me. As much as I like structure, the one in schoolssimply through me off.

    Ive since then been finding a way to integrate specialized education (with kids mostly) and nature. This desire to create the connection with both led me to start school in herbalism and permaculture as a way to combine all three together.

    My dream goal : allow children to experience the earth as a way of learning skills and self-development. So much can be done…

    I would also say I have newborn skills in cooking and transforming foods (although I can’t wait to learn with others on the way about it!) as I had persistant migraines. Wanting to heal them in a natural way I decided not to take modern medicine and to turn myself towards natural remedies and well, eating is part of it!

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    English: Fluent
    French: Fluent

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    I would love to share my native language which is French and also deepen my English vocabulary.

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      As I prefer not associating myself to any tag, I would simply say I prefer a plant based diet. Although I am open to eat meat on special cultural occasions.