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    05/11/2019 - 27/12/2019

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    UPDATED OCTOBER 2019: Iaorana de, actuellement, Alaska—l’avant derniere destination de mon voyage mondial😊💐! En novembre—decembre (2 mois), je serai en Polynesie francaise. Je cherche une famille d’accueil et un travail benevole. Je peux enseigner l’anglais, traduire du francais en anglais, desencombrer votre maison, et/ ou faire le menage leger (pas de gros soulever). Dans ma vie, j’ai ete professionnelle de langue anglaise—ecrivaine, editeur, traducteur, enseignante. J’aime les enfants et les chiens.
    UPDATED FEBRUARY 2019: Happy Lunar New Year from Vietnam! I’m volunteer-teaching English to school children here through Workaway. Afterwards, I hope to find suitable volunteer opportunities in Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos.
    UPDATED OCTOBER 2018: I spent my first Workaway (WAW) year (September 2017–August 2018) mostly caring for rescue dogs and other animals (REFERENCE available on request), but doing other useful work as well (see feedback below) — nine months in France, one month in Ireland, and two months in England. In August—September 2018, I took a ship across the North Atlantic and trains across Canada and down the West Coast of the USA, and here I am in Los Angeles preparing for the second half of my two-year round-the-world (I hope :-) odyssey. I would like to find volunteer opportunities in the USA, in or close to California, from mid-October through the end of 2018. In the first half of 2019, I hope to volunteer-teach (native-speaker) English to children in Vietnam, South Korea, and Japan.
    UPDATED JUlY 2018: Currently Workawaying (WAWing) in the Lake District, U.K., happily helping out at an art studio. Before that, in June in Ireland, I WAWed caring for seven darling dogs. REFERENCES available upon request! I will soon be temporarily leaving the art studio (to go on literary pilgrimage :-), but I also seek an eleven-day WAW stint starting August 2nd before returning to the art studio on August 12th. Please read my profile if interested :-).
    UPDATED MARCH 2018: English-language professional in my career lives (teaching adults, and niche-journalism, editing and copy editing). As a WAWer in France, I've been caring for shelter animals (previously maltreated or neglected animals of many different species) and doing housework. Now I'm studying French (C1-2 level). I have another WAW gig lined up for May 2018, and then I'm available for additional WAW stints -- incl. further caring for animals, branching out into teaching English to kids, I hope, and maybe some French-to-English translating.
    I wrote the profile below (starting with "Homer's Odyssey") while still a full-time salaried employee back home. Since then, almost 7 months have passed, most of it WAWing and WOOFIng , half of it caring for animals, some of it (incl. now) studying French :-).
    I've decided to leave up the profile that I wrote for this site 7 months ago, since it does express a core self, but since then, through WAW-ing, I've learned a few things about myself that may help potential hosts decide if I'm right for your needs:
    1. PLUS SIDE: I really am an animal-whisperer (gifted that way). I've cared for large farm animals and tens of dogs (including aged and ill dogs) during this past half-year plus. I love them and they love me. I am gentle, kind, and respectful toward animals, and very happy around them, and they are responsive. I am 100% responsible. Oh and this: I should always have a dog or dogs in my life :-).
    2. MINUS SIDE: I'm not a big, strong youngster. I'm 63 and fit, I walk kilometers, and poo-picking is no prob, but I can't efficiently lift (or shovel) kilos for you. I wish I could! I can walk your LITTLE dog on leash, or your BIG dog off leash, but I can only walk your BIG dog on leash if s/he iobeys basic commands (espc. "heel" :-). (On the other hand, this: I should always have a big, galumphing dog or dogs in my life :-).
    3. PLUS SIDE: I am an excellent housekeeper, having always been my own maid :-). I will do your housework in the same manner as I do my own -- carefully, methodically, steadily, and thoroughly.
    4. MINUS SIDE: I work my way through household tasks slowly by some WAW hosts' standards, apparently. This is not a problem for me, but it might be for you. I've realized that I work holistically -- I start and finish every task (dishes, vacuuming, laundry, beds, dusting, windows, you name it -- I do it all meticulously), but I do it in zen mode, not zip-zip-zip.
    ENGLISH-LANGUAGE EXPERTISE (professional background) available for your needs should you wish :-). Currently in France to explore the country and improve my French-language skills through Workaway volunteering :-).
    Homer's Odyssey was my favorite book in college (40 years ago), and Cavafy's "Ithaca" has been my favorite poem since encountering it in high school. This tells you something about my nature. And of course, obeying that nature, I've traveled widely.
    I'm a mom with an empty nest now, and my question has become "What do I do with radical freedom?" This also tells you something about my nature; I'm a seeker who's always (too much) chewing the existential cud!
    I've worked professionally (intellectual labor, in offices and classrooms) since the age of 16. I'm currently working as a grant-writer, but I've given notice and will be training my replacement in August 2017 and setting off for (I hope) a year's volunteering in France. If not now, when?
    I love kids, dogs, and all other creatures. Walking, singing, dancing, and reading bring me joy.

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    Elderly Companion
    Help in the house
    Animal care
    Helping with Tourists
    Charity work
    Language practice
    Art project

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    English-language professional: writing (niche-magazine journalism and grant-writing on behalf of NGOs), editing and copy editing, translating, classroom teaching. Microsoft WORD proficient. Life skills: reading bedtime stories aloud to little ones, caring for dogs, interior decorating, housekeeping, closet-organizing, downsizing, moving homes. I love to walk (self and dogs). Languages: American English (mother tongue); fluent in conversational French and Hebrew.

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    English, French, and Hebrew

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    USA and Israel

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    My daughter is at university, our beloved dog is frolicking in doggie heaven, my nest is empty. In my life, I've fulfilled many dreams (and traveled to many countries); my current dream is to spend the year between my 63rd and 64th birthdays as a Workawayer in France. Animal lover! Vegetarian but can easily co-exist with vegans and meat-eaters. Non-smoker. My nature is minimalist and zen. When I travel (preferably the slow way, by ship and rail), I experience heightened joy. I've reached the stage in my life when I wish to combine travel with being of service (volunteering).

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