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    Activities i am interested in:

    I would love to travel and see the world. I love meeting new people and making new friends. For the next 6 months I am looking for a new adventure in the beautiful Southern Part of Africa.

    My next destination:

    South Africa - from Jan 2024 until Jun 2024
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  • Description

    Hi Everyone. My name is Stefanie, and I am an 19-year-old student currently pursuing a part-time qualification in “Landscaping”. I have always had a deep passion for landscaping, horticulture and agriculture, the outdoors, tourism and beautiful landscapes which led me to embark on this journey.
    Also, having a passion for people means I have a deep and genuine interest in understanding, connecting with, and positively impacting the lives of others. It goes beyond a general liking for social interactions and involves a sincere desire to help, support, and empower individuals to reach their full potential.
    Although my work experience may be limited, my enthusiasm and eagerness to learn make me an ideal candidate for a Workaways experience. I am driven by the desire to gain practical experience and develop my skills in a real environment.

  • Interests

    Movies & TV
    DIY & crafts
    Self development
    Plant care
    Outdoor activities
    Drawing & painting
    Events & social
    Cooking & food
    Charity work
    Art & design

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  • Languages

    Languages spoken
    Afrikaans: Fluent
    English: Fluent

    More details about my language interests
    I am fluent in English and Afrikaans. I am very keen to transfer my knowledge of both to other people. I would love to learn another language.

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  • Skills and knowledge I'd like to share or learn

    I'm interested in:  

    Being an elderly companion
    General Maintenance
    Life at a Farmstay
    Eco Projects
    Helping around the house
    Animal Care
    Charity Work
    Art Projects

    Some knowledge of:  

    Babysitting and creative play
    Creating/ Cooking family meals
  • More details about your skills

    Building Relationships: I value building meaningful connections and relationships with others. Whether it's within my personal life or professional endeavors, I prioritize establishing rapport, trust, and understanding. I genuinely enjoy getting to know people, their stories, perspectives, and experiences.

    Empathy and Compassion: I have allot of empathy, which enables me to understand and share the feelings of others. I can put yourself in their shoes and offer support and compassion when needed. My ability to empathize allows me to connect with people on a deeper level, providing comfort and understanding during challenging times.

    Helping and Supporting: My passion for people drives me to be of service to others. I am eager to lend a helping hand, offer guidance, and provide support whenever I can.

    Social Impact: I have a strong desire to contribute to social causes, fight for justice, or work towards creating a more inclusive and equitable world. My passion for people fuels my commitment to making a difference at both individual and systemic levels.

    Communication and Listening Skills: I understand the importance of effective communication in establishing meaningful connections. My passion for people drives me to be an active listener, enabling me to understand others' needs, concerns, and aspirations.

    Personal Growth and Development: I believe in the potential for personal growth and development in every individual. My passion for people motivates me to encourage and inspire others to embrace their strengths, overcome challenges, and achieve their goals.

    Skill Summary
    • Passionate about landscape, horticulture, agriculture and tourism.
    • Familiar with landscape design principles.
    • Able to work independently or as part of a team.
    • Excellent time management and organizational skills.
    • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

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    • Smoker

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    • Allergies
      Not allergic to anything

    • Special dietary requirements
      No not really although I like to eat healthy when I can.