Sonia Alice

From: Canada

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    Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, United States

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    05/08/2019 - 30/04/2020

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    Helper available here, and wanting/willing to help :)
    Looking to work hands on a farm with horses and/or any other animals! (I don't mind cleaning up their quarters!)
    À la recherche d'un séjour sur un ranch ou une ferme avec chevaux, chèvres, chiens, chats, poules, coq, ânes et/ou tous autres animaux! I can also absolutely farm/house/pet sit! J'ai déjà pris soin de chiens, de chats, de carpes Koï, de poules, coq, d'alpagas. Et, j'ai déjà côtoyé de près chèvres, chevaux, oies, canards, lapins et moutons. :)
    I'm a 43 year-old, currently living in Montreal, Canada, but looking to move somewhere on the countryside in the coming years. I'm a writer and photographer, and also a 3rd year full time online social work student, the ultimate goal - because I love nature and animals so very much and I care to help and do some good in this world - would be to do both equine and animal assisted therapy, coupled with sustainable care farming, so I would be thrilled to learn and acquire some skills and knowledge in that department too. Whether it be building fences, applying flaxseed on wooded animals quartet, chopping wood, making goat cheese, soap, essentials oils or some harvesting! :)
    I am dynamic, warm, compassionnate and friendly, physically able and fit, responsable, respectful and a hard worker, and most importantly a nature, wilderness, and absolute animal lover. Although, I don't have tons of experience with them, nor on a farm, I do have a very strong and deep passion and desire for it, coupled with a ton of motivation. I am a fast learner and I have a strong work ethic.
    I am a fun, warm and compassionate being. I have a bit of Ojibwe blood, and my other roots run deep in Gaspesie land and territoty. I feel much more in tune and balanced when surrounded and grounded by animals and nature and in true wilderness. In other words, I am very comfortable in nature and with very little, it is actually the place where I feel most at ease and/or at home. Also, I'm not afraid of getting my hands dirty, and putting in the hard work! I am eager to learn as much I can, and make the most of time.
    I am perfectly fluent both in English and French, I have learned a tiny bit of Ojibway, and understand the very basics of Spanish. I am also currently trying to learn to master the art of ukuklele, and my hands are slowly starting to produce something that's sounds like music !
    In the hopes of hearing from soon,
    D'ici là, veuillez recevoir mes salutations les plus sincères,
    Kind regards,
    Sonia Alice

  • Type of help

    General Maintenance
    Help with Eco project
    Animal care
    Helping with Tourists
    Language practice
    Art project
    Help with Computers / internet

  • What skills do you have?

    I am very handy, get along great with all animals, I love to work outdoors under any type of wheather, I'm not afraid of hard work or getting my hands dirty! I would prefer learning about farm work and working as closely as possible with animals, and learn anything relating to farming, ranching, fencing, etc., but being a writer and photographer, I can of course bring some skills to the table, should need be! I am also computer literate. :)
    I am fairly new to workaway, but not only is it second nature for me to lend to hand, having travelled solo, mostly through airbnb hosts, I am also and all the more accustomed and to helping around wherever I stay.

  • Languages spoken

    French, English (both perfectly fluent) and I undertand a tiny bit of Ojibway and Spanish. Would love a chance to get to learn any other languages!

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    Canadian with a bit of Native blood :)

  • What else ...

    I love the arts, philosophy, history, wilderness, animals, languages, and of course writing, photography and cinematography (which is basically photography in movement! Mainly I love to learn always. :)

    I never get bored or feel lonely, no matter how secluded in nature I am. The more secluded the area, the more balanced and in tune I actually feel. Also, due to my multiple chemical sensitivity (as mentioned above) I would prefer a solo cabin or trailer accomodation. I would of course bring my own laundry detergent and soap and the likes, so you wouldn't have to worry about any of that. :)

    If you do me the honor of welcoming me into your world and sharing your knowledge, I will do my absolute very best to give back and give it my all by working hard and by trying to help in the most highly significant way!

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      I have Multiple chemical sensitivity, which for me mainly translate into: having a hard time tolerating synthetic fragrances i.e. cleaning products, laundry detergents, perfumed soaps/scented candles, at home I only use natural/eco-friendly products.

    • Special dietary requirements
      I am a vegetarian, I do eat eggs and dairy products such a butter, cheese and yogurt. But I drink almond milk. (I could also bring/buy my own, should that be a problem. :)