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    We are a pair of open minded and warm hearted friends from Scandinavia (Sindre from Norway and Bertram from Denmark) who want to experience a new corner of the world and learn about new crafts and culture. Both of us are taking a break from education, but after our workaway experience we are going to study political science in Copenhagen. We have decided to become workawayers because we desperately need a pause from the educational system, and because we believe the time has come for us to discover life in a way books and studies cannot provide. That is why we seek an authentic experience that will make us feel alive, greatful and perhaps even exhausted after long days of work!

    What brings us happiness is to meet and learn about other people, and this is definatly one of the things we hope to get to do in the future. We have been in the same Danish folk high school this past year, where we have discovered new passions and interests. At the school, we have gained an idea of how valueable it can be to take part in a community with people who are different, although working towards the same goal. Now we wish to continue our journey of self-discovery through Workaway.

    We are experienced in physical labor as well as more gentle areas of work such as teaching and nursing kids. As long as our work is meaningful to us we will enjoy doing it. We are especially looking to find work that involves farming, sustainability, biodiversity or animal welfare because we generally want to learn about nature and to grow a stronger bond with it. When we are not working, we love to set our curiousity free! Nature has a big place in our hearts, and we would love to spend some of our free time exploring nature in the area around us.

    Altough we seek adventure, we also have a good work ethic and are willing and ready to put in the time it takes to get work done. We enjoy peace and quiet as well as a good laugh. Also, we eat almost anything you throw at us. We don’t really have a preference in terms of food being vegan, vegetarian or with meat. Whatever you eat we will eat as well :)

    We are ready to take up a challenge, grow and meet new people.

  • Interests

    Outdoor activities
    Charity work
    Art & design
    Performing arts
    Drawing & painting
    DIY & crafts
    Cooking & food

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  • Skills and knowledge we'd like to share or learn

    We're interested in:  

    DIY and building projects
    Babysitting and creative play
    Creating/ Cooking family meals
    Life at a Farmstay
    Eco Projects
    Helping around the house
    Animal Care
    Charity Work
    Language practice

    Some knowledge of:  

    General Maintenance
    Helping with Computers/ Internet

    Able to teach about:  

    Art Projects
  • More details about your skills

    Through out my life i have tried out many fields of work. At the moment i work in a small local candy store which specializes in making hard candy. Mainly i shape and cook the candy in huge kettles. This has given me experience in hard psyhical labor, which can be useful when you are a workawayer. I Have worked as a substitude teacher for middleschoolers as well. This has given me a lot of experience about children, how to teach them and how care for them. Also, I have been politically active as a candidate in a parliamentary election for the green party in Denmark (the party is called "Alternativet" in danish) when i was 18 years old. Although i did not get a seat in parliament, I now have a lot of knowledge about numerous political areas. Especially when it comes to climate, environment, sustainability and biodiversity. Art (mainly painting, ceramics and art history) is one of my biggest passions and I have worked with a bunch of different forms of visual arts in the past. I love to paint especially when I’m in beautiful surroundings.

    I have also had a variety of work experience. Lately i have worked as a substitute teacher in both middleschool and preschool. Where i have developed a passion for teaching and caring for children. Before that i worked as a facer for a Norwegian NGO (Framtiden i våre hender), as both facer and team leader. Where i learned alot about enviromental politics and sustainability, as well as meeting new and different people. I have also on several occations had a part time job as a research assistant for the norwegian health government. I have also been a scout for about eight years, where i have developed my love nature and my good work ethic.

  • Languages

    Languages spoken
    Danish: Fluent
    English: Fluent
    Norwegian: Fluent
    Polish: Fluent
    German: Beginner
    French: Beginner

    More details about my language interests
    We would certainly like to learn about different languages. This includes learning new ones as well as getting better at languages we already know. We are open to all forms of language. Bertram is fluent in danish and Sindre in polish and norwegian (Sindre speaks pretty good danish too). Because of our previous work, we are well equipped to teach danish, norwegian and even a bit of polish.

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  • Age

    21 & 21

  • What else ...

    We are generally really interested in history, philosophy, culture, climate, environment (biodiversity) and politics. We like to discuss and learn new things about these topics.

  • Some more information

    • Smoker

    • Driver's licence

    • Allergies
      Bertram has a mild form of dust allergy - but he is medicated, so nothing to worry about

    • Special dietary requirements



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