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    Hej and hola! My name is Sjoerd (it's a difficult name, so I'm okay with James) and I currently live in the far north of Sweden, in a little place called Kvikkjokk. Here I work as a jack-of-many-trades in the local mountain station, which is a walhalla for weary and soaked hikers. As the summer has come to an end (likewise the endless days), I'm looking forward to visit Amsterdam, my cozy hometown, again.
    It's been more than a year since I moved away from that place (for I did my master degree in Linköping, Sweden), and I will only be back for a month. Because.....Las Americas is around the corner! To be more precise, I leave early in November for Buenos Aires, from where I will venture to southern Patagonia, the Chilean coast, the Altiplano of Bolivia and the Peruvian jungle. At least, that's the plan. But plans can be changed, and travel plans are largely influenced by the people I come across. Along the way, I want to become fluent in Spanish (yet I'm starting from the bottom), do some treks, and gain valuable work experience.
    I'm looking forward to see you, so hasta luego!
    (Some more info about me) I like to do things on my own, such as travelling and cycling, which is my number one sport, yet I appreciate having good company around me as well. After having finished a bachelor degree in fashion and communication, I felt dissatisfied with both the fashion industry and branding/marketing and started studying philosophy. Being 27 years of age, I slowly begin to realize that the things I can pursuit in life are limited. Besides, I regard curiosity as one of the most important traits a human being can have when encountering the world. The plan to do Workaway has already been there for some years (and I once registered for WWOOF New Zealand yet I didn't use while being there), yet I never made it happen. Until now.
    PS As I currently don't have any references on Workaway, I can provide references from both Couchsurfing and Airbnb that proof, to some extent of course, that I'm one of the good guys. ;)

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    Language practice

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    To begin with, I do well in all sorts of social circumstances: I worked as host for open days at my university, briefly as a travel guide and also as a pizza baker/waiter, just to name some things. This brings me to cooking, which is one of my favorite activities. Admittedly, I'm not an expert, but I'm eager to learn and develop in this field. Besides, I have done a lot of different jobs (not because I got fired all the time though), ranging from bicycle courier to educational planner, and from photographer/cameraman to student ambassador. What I want to say with this: I'm not afraid to try out something new.

    Among those things I want to try out while going around South-America is being with nature conservation. With an educational background in Fashion & Branding and Applied Ethics, I admit to not have the perfect skills for that, but I'm (still) a quick and eager learner. but I'm (still) a quick and eager learner. I fare well in group work, with me often taking the role of initiator or communicator (or joker). Curiosity is one of my defining characteristics, and it is also the main drive behind my exploration fo South-America. I'm skillful with a camera, both in photography and cinema, and writing is an interest that I often practice (not yet in Spanish though).

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    English, Dutch, to some extent Italian, Swedish and German. Besides, I pick up languages pretty quickly! My current focus is the Spanish language.

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      Not that I'm aware of! I'm slowly becoming vegetarian, but I'm not very principled. ;)


Pretending to be nice. ;)
Taking the canoe out in Swedish Lappland.
Van life! (Only for two weeks, though...)
My advice: don't take hiking too seriously.
Hitchhiking in NZ, somewhere between Invercargill and Dunedin.
Road trip with my beloved bicycle: harsh weather requires woolen sweater. ;)