From: Slovakia (Slovak Republic)

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    Finland, Ireland, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom

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    01/10/2019 - 15/08/2020

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    Hello & Hi! Aloha & Ahoy!

    Take a deep breath, you're an amazing person and I wish you a wonderful day :).

    o ABOUT ME

    Martina. Marty. Foxy.

    Introvert. Wanderer. Traveller. Idealistic. Poetic. Artistic. Childlike. Dog lover. INFP-T. Bi-polar: passionate, energetic and overly enthusiastic every time my natural talents are being put to use, but at the same time quite serious and scholastic, avoiding small talk, diving deep (not easily amused). Sarcasm is my thing. Non-smoker & Teetotaller.

    Prefer and enjoy the role of a Gray eminence rather than the one of a Leader. I'm never just one thing, a chameleon, really (every season a different hairstyle; sometimes I dress in rainbow, other times in black; on Monday I might be patient and generous, bold and determined, on Wednesday a fidgety fool, stubborn but charismatic, on Friday all about spirituality, on Sunday a confident authority).

    Zodiac - Pisces: emotional, introspective, romantic, dreamer
    & Snake: mysterious, sceptic, seek and value harmony, beauty, perfection.


    Reflective thinking. Knowledge. Personal Development. Reading. Tao. Yoga. Meditation. Spirituality. Silence. Travelling. Community life. Nature & Hiking. Vanlife. Photography. Running. Herbs & Tea. Baking (muffins especially). Dogs. Anime. Music (Piano, Guitar). Social Media, Writing and Blogging. Being one soul's mirror. Crazy, deep, 'what if' talks about aliens, spirits, energy, relationships, habits, Rick and Morty, manga, and you know... unexplored grey areas people usually avoid.


    Because I find it super epic and resonate with its main idea, which is "cultural exchange" as in "learning something new, bringing value, enriching experience and being a part of". My higher Self seeks connection, understanding, knowledge and enjoys meeting and knowing new people, learning about their way of life, sharing energy and opinions, building meaningful connections. I dream of having friends all over the globe and visit them one by one once retired / invite them all to spend a phenomenal summer at my place.

    This travelling and volunteering journey of mine started in May 2015 and as it kept enriching my life in countless ways (valuable lessons, knowledge, diversity, flexibility, relationships) I've decided to exchange my ordinary routine, which I found confusing and pointless, for a long-term adventure and let my soul bloom in an unconventional manner, way outside of my comfort zone. Worth it and well needed.

  • Type of help

    Cooking / shopping
    General Maintenance
    Help with Eco project
    Help in the house
    Animal care
    Helping with Tourists
    Charity work
    Language practice
    Art project
    Help with Computers / internet

  • What skills do you have?

    o HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY (B&B, Hostels, Tea & Coffee Shops)

    ~ housekeeper / house manager, barista, front of house, back of house, coffee shop server & supervisor; welcoming guests, taking orders, handling money, making coffee, baking cakes, ironing sheets, cleaning rooms, playing the piano, aromatherapy, sharing hiking tips and tricks - service related to leisure and customer satisfaction is something I find rather pleasing

    ~ perfectionist; quite confident in surpassing your expectations when it comes to cleanliness

    ~ smiley-hippie personality; creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere (though, I too have my limits, befriend my demons before daring to tease them, ha ha ha)


    Competent in basic PC operations and software, high typing accuracy, skilled in data entry and data processing, grammar and spellchecker. Not a web master, though neither a total llama. I tend to dive deep and believe that nothing is impossible either when it comes to fixing a broken computer or a broken soul. I love being outside in nature as much as I love expanding myself online and working with computers.

    o The ability to handle ANIMALS patiently, gently and confidently

    I have always been surrounded by animals of all sorts (as I've chosen to) - dogs (my top choice), cats, goats, cows, chicken, ducks, ferrets, birds, even snakes, turtles and bugs.


    Building raised garden beds, sieving soil, weeding, harvesting, planting veg, trees, flowers, recycling/upcycling, collecting water, tree/wood chopping, taking care of the land according to permaculture principles etc.

    o ENGLISH (TEFL + TEYL certificates)

    o PHOTOGRAPHY (ultimate hobby, endless love, cca 8 thousand photos so far)

    o SILENCE (ninja style: you won't even notice my presence - sneaking up on / scaring my poor targets is one of my dear hobbies)


  • Languages spoken

    English, Slovak, Czech

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  • What else ...

    Been - Seen - Did
    1.) May 2015 - September 2015; Lake District
    House Manager at B&B Greta Hall

    2.) September 2015 - January 2016; Lake District
    House Manager at B&B Rooms 36

    3.) One week in January 2016; Ulverston
    Working visit at MKMC

    4.) January 2016 - March 2016; Eckington + Leicester
    General help on a smallholding and in private gardens, planting trees, chopping wood, collecting water, taking care of the land according to permaculture principles

    5.) April 2016 - May 2016; Leicester
    Moving house, packing, decorating, cleaning, reorganizing

    {June 2016 - beginning of August 2016; Campervan roadtrippin'}

    6.) August 2016; near Inverness
    AirBnB / House and pet sitting (2 cats, 2 wolfdogs)

    7.) August 2016 - October 2016; Ardnamurchan
    Sonachan Hotel & Stables Coffee Shop
    Housekeeping (deep clean) + restaurant and coffee shop server

    8.) February 2017; Edinburgh
    Charity work, admin tasks & looking after 5 dogs, 3 cats

    9.) March 2017; Stirling
    Hostel staff

    10.) April 2017 - November 2017; Stirling
    Caffé: Barista, Baker, Supervisor

  • Some more information

    • Smoker

    • Driver's licence

    • Allergies
      Milk, Gluten, Histamine, Acesulfam K, Prednisone.

    • Special dietary requirements
      Pescatarian (non-dairy, gluten free, low histamine diet).


Me and Myself.
Silent season, kissing snowflakes, can't feel my toes, chocolate cupcakes.
Meanwhile, tree line, reckless smile, divine, cloud nine, versatile.
I travelled over seven seas just to take more handfies; selfies are not my thing, I think.
Random drawings of mine.
I cook, I bake, I chop, I cut, I eat, I like. :)
Taking notes whilst reading books, discussions and random tests; I feel blessed in my Second Universe.
Like attracts like - Sun has always been my Doctor, Best Buddy, Love, my Spirit Guide and I tend to chase it to the very top of mountains just to say another goodbye and good night.