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    I'm Sandra, a 20-something years old human soul.
    The most important fact about me, i am a very curious person, in general I am interested in everything inside our univers and beyond, which is why I love to talk to all kinds of people, with all kinds of different opinions and which is why I studied Political Science.
    Someone once told me that Politics are like air, there are surrounding us in every moment of our life and we need them and are using them all the time, doesn't matter if we want it. That descripes pretty well what got me into the topic of politics. I also started a Masters in Political Science, but by that point I've already got so deep into the materia of actual politics, that I decided not to choose it as a career option, but to see it more as a form of education, that shaped my life.
    Now more about my passions, which are basically Nature (including humans). I get especially crazy about all kinds of food and everything related to it (cooking, farming, ect), I love beeing and living in harmony with nature and I also love humans and (other) animals. I could interact with people all day long, I love meeting new people and engaging with them on all kinds of levels, I love hosting people, because I simply like them to have a good time I guess. This is by the way why one of my prefarable working areas would be in Hostels.
    Another passions of mine are the lyrics and the music. Reading a good book could really keep me busy for hours. I also love writing, especially poems and all kinds of lyric texts. Aaaand I've started to learn playing Ukulele, because what would life be without music?
    Furthermore I love doing Sports and I enjoy my hour of Yoga in the early morning, which probably also is my favorite time of the day. That sometimes interferes with my second favorite time of the day, the night.
    My favorite nights are full of dancing, lots of music, interesting people and good conversations. Oh, and they would start with a really good meal.

  • Skills and knowledge I'd like to share or learn

    I'm interested in:  

    DIY and building projects
    General Maintenance
    Art Projects
    Helping with Computers/ Internet

    Some knowledge of:  

    Creating/ Cooking family meals
    Life at a Farmstay
    Animal Care
    Language practice

    Able to teach about:  

    Eco Projects
  • More details about your skills

    - I speak German, English and Spanish fluently and I'm learning Portuguese
    - I have experiences on working in agriculture
    - I have good organisational skills and experiences in hosting, as I already worked on large skale events where I was in charge for the accomodation (once I ran a hostel as well for a week)
    - COOKING (I cook with a lot of love)
    - Computer skills (including handling data, handling social media, ect.)
    aaand in general I am a very stress resistant person, I have good social skills, I can adapt to new situations very quick and I am totally not afraid of physically hard work

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    German: Fluent
    English: Fluent
    Spanish: Fluent
    Portuguese: Fluent

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  • What else ...

    I get crazy for corn-flour tacos, I always carry a note book, My favorite color is red, I would love to learn how to play the guitar, I think its important to know the name of the people who sell you your daily food, I am a fan of smiles and I believe in the universe.

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