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    Hi, my name is Roger.
    I was born in Barcelona the 3 of January of 1984, so i'm about 37 years "young" ;)

    This is my first time on Workaway, but not the first time I like to become a volunteer!
    I did allready 1 year as a trainee/volunteer on several Tall-ships, sailing around (almost) half world, when I was in the end of my twenties.

    Now, I’m planing to live another period of my life exchanging my capacity of work and learning new things, togeather with people that is looking for some helping hands and offers good vibrations into my soul.

    I promise that I will share with them my good mood and I will give them part of my heart, because that’s the way how i’m used to live my life and do everything. Even when washing dishes or cleaning toilets, I do it with passion.

    I'm interested to become a workaway member for few reasons:

    -The first one and the most important for me is because my daugther of 4 years old is living in Germany with her mother (in Augsburg) and i’m searching to find some ways of living closer to her. In order to be able to visit her more often and seeing her growing up and sharing with her the first years of her life, spending more time togeather.

    That is the main reason why i’m starting to use the workaway network.

    My goal is to find nice places and nice people (nearby Augsburg), wich gives me the oportunity to make my dream come true!
    Being able to live closer to my daugther, at the same time that I meet new people and learn some new skils or jobs from them, new lifestyles, introducing a bit more to the German culture, and, off course, living another adventure more in my life time! (to satisfy my adventurer spirit, since my curiosity for learning & living new experiences still growing up, despite of some adversities that life brings every now and then ;)

    My second objective (but also a priority!), is to learn the German language properly!

    After finding good places and spending good time close to my daugther and with nice people, exchanging with them and learning the language and other cultural things and jobs, my third step on my planning, at the moment is,…..let’s see what life will bring when I’m there! ;)

  • Skills and knowledge I'd like to share or learn

    I'm interested in:  

    Charity Work
    Art Projects
    Language practice
    Eco Projects
    Being an elderly companion
    DIY and building projects
    Animal Care
    Life at a Farmstay
    Babysitting and creative play
    Creating/ Cooking family meals
    Helping around the house
    General Maintenance
  • More details about your skills

    I am a polite person with good positive attitude.
    I am not afraid of doing new things, or complicated stuff.

    When I decide to learn something, I put all my soul in it, and I don’t care too much (just a Little bit) about how much time it takes to me to finish one job, or understanding how does it Works.

    Maybe I can’t say that I’m an expert in anything, maybe I’m not a super-fast person in the world. However, I am very good at having patience and putting all my effort in the things that I like to learn.

    Born in the Mediterranean sea, I am a technician in aquaculture and marine farming. I have worked for 2 years as a comercial diver in a fish farm and one year as a dive master in a diving school. So I’m used to work under pressure conditions and connected to the nature.

    I also have almost 10 years of experience sailing on sailboats around half of the world. One of them, working as a volunteer/trainee in different tall-ships. (Honestly, those times were some of the best and most gratefull moments in my life ;)

    Five of those years being a fish on the water, were while living in The Netherlands. Where I spent 2 years learning and studing how to became a captain of traditional sailing commercial ships, and 3 years working as a skipper on Dutch traditiolnal flat bottom ships.
    Sailing most of the time with school kids from Germany and different kind of groups (families, companies, etc), showing and teaching them how to sail and specialy how to have fun on the water and handeling the wind, togeather with some tips of how to live many people in a limited spaces.

    Perhaps, this “seaman’s ship” experience do not seem like very useful knowledge when you think about changing your life and coming to live as close as possible to Augsburg, near the Alps...
    But in reality, traveling on sailboats, I have been able to learn the values of working and living in community and creating team spirit with groups from different cultures, always being connected with water and wind in a natural way. And off course, another of the skills I have learned when being a sailor is, how to be creative to fix things thats breaks, just with the stuff you have on bord.

    In addition, I am also a person who grows up in the face of life's adversities and has learned how to adapt in many different situations by connecting with the inner “flow”and sharing it with the pople around me.

    I come from the Nature of the sea and now I am seeking to connect and learn with the nature of the earth. (I am interested in projects were I can learn about agriculture)

    I love being with animals and taking care of them, in the same way that I love being with people with good mood and spirit.
    I also love to listen music, even if I don’t know how to play (properly) any instrument (even the triangle).
    I like eating food (I’m a foodlover and “flexitarian”= I can eat everything) and even I’m not a super cooker, I like to cook nice things (spanish tortilla, fideua or paella,…or whatever that is “lekker” ;)

    I love to be in the nature and practicing some sports or just walking, reading or writing.

    Another of my qualities is that I have the same capacity for being pesimistic, than optimistic.
    That means that in the same measure, I sometimes can be a real “master of disaster” (for example when the spanish tortilla falls out of the pan when it’s time to turn it…or I build something upside down)….and sometimes I can be a real creative person and find solutions for almost everything.
    When I don’t find a solution, I’m still able to make a joke about that, and try it again until the problem is solved.

    I am a honest person, respectfull and relaxed…

    In resume, I am looking for some help to be able to live my dreams, and that’s why I’m offering as an exchange my helping hands and capacities to provide some help to others.

  • Languages

    Languages spoken
    Catalan: Fluent
    English: Fluent
    Spanish: Fluent
    German: Beginner
    Dutch: Beginner

    More details about my language interests
    I am interested in learning German properly. And I can teach some spanish or catalan.

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    I like to play chess, tennis, bascketball, footbal and riding mountain bike or hikking...
    I'm also interested in finding a place where I can continue writting, because this is another one of my passions, writting my own thoughs and reflections about life. I'm on the way of writting some tales and histories of life for me and my daugther...and I'm quite on the way of seeking the balance between doing things and connecting with new people, and finding myself to write with my heart...

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