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    Austria, France, Italy, Spain

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    09/01/2020 - 08/01/2021

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    I left Poland while I was 18yo. I have work and living in UK since; for over 13years. A few years ago I decide to explore the Europe. My first destanation was a Spain, where for a first time I walked all the Real francese Way; to finisterra, and Portugal after. I meet dosen of amazing People, have good fun, opened the chacras a bit more, lern reyki, practice yoga and join the corrida:)
    I looking after positive vibes of people who I am pleased to meet, nice chat and always good fun.
    I am easy going people person, who enjoy socializing and discovering the mystiries places wherever around.
    I like reading, but the real difference in my life provided me; just a few authors and singers, like:
    Shakespeare, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Cumbia, pantera, gottan project, the doors etc.
    I have join the corrida in Spain, at the way of torero ;) ole
    Since I left London 4 years ago, I cant stop traveling. It become to be to me kind of addiction 😏. I mean, the great people, who hosting me and experiance they share, are fundamental for my progress.
    Despite I missing savings, I care more about the experience and traveling. I still discovering myself through traveling.
    I like spending my spare time actively socializing with the others. I particularly like cooking therefore I host dinners for friends at my home or where ever I am, at the time, on regular basis. I also like meeting new people. Moreover, I enjoy fitness activities both indoor and outdoor
    I am certificated chef with over 10 years of experience in London, where I worked for several italian restaurants, also frenchieses.
    I worked lately 4 months for agroturismo, where I have been responsible for following tasks:
    1)check in and out the tourists
    2)fixing their expectations
    3)driving to butcher, and markets, to have the right amount of food in the kitchen
    3) I cook by myself for 3-11 people ( what include the starter, 1st and 2nd course, and dolci- usually just tiramisu )
    4) I renovate 2 apertaments
    5)I cleaned and changed the sheets, if the cleaning Person couldnt arrive
    6) I looked after the property area, change the rubish, looking after the plants etc.
    7) delivering the breakfast
    8) socializing with tourist, as They inviting me very offen, for wine degustazione
    During my time in London (also before), I constantly work on the building site, which was my major daily full time job.
    I have a great experience at; Ground working, foundation (I worked for 4 years in basement company where I manage to arrange the one or two floor apartment under the foundation level), pipe placing, I drive the digger, I do elevation (net, glue and the finish ),old fashion rendering, plastering, dry-wall, carton board, painting, tails, gardening construction like pavement. I also do some wood work like laminate, doors set up, all kind of wood restoration, fences set up; and the mason work.

  • Interests

    Adventure sports
    Art & design
    Drawing & painting
    DIY & crafts
    Cooking & food
    Events & social
  • Skills and knowledge I'd like to share or learn

    I'm interested in:  

    Life at a Farmstay

    Some knowledge of:  

    Being an elderly companion

    Able to teach about:  

    DIY and building projects
    Creating/ Cooking family meals
    Eco Projects
    Charity Work
    Language practice
    Art Projects
  • More details about your skills

    Relevant work experience:
    July 2018- January 2020
    Diferent project in Europe, for comiunities, etc
    March 2018- July 2018
    I worked over the several diferent project in Holland, as industrial painter, for Company provided by agency.
    January 2011- November 2017, Self employed projects in London;
    ∙ Ι worked over my own projects, which were provided by friends or companies who have been setting the prices over the projects; which I have been taking over. I was in charging a few projects; where I was hiring other builders for the jobs which required attest like plumbers etc. I was handling myself the floor, window and walls repairs, setting the partitions, painting and tiling. Other times I was taking the plastering jobs for price, which I was handling myself.
    October 2010-January 2011, Deploy Agency London, UK– temporary job; duties repairperson- on Basketball Stadium, the part of Olympic Games in 2012
    ∙ I have been responsible for all repairs; shatters, doors set up; lockers, join cardboard
    October 2009- September 2010, Big Basement Company, Contract job, duty-digger   
    ∙    Working as a part of the team cooperating with the others to provide health and safety on the site, like also set up the steels in right places for 100%,
    Constructing the mesh for future walls, light walls, foundations and ect.
    ∙ Good organization incoming concrete on the site,going in to(depend from `needs ;) the shatters I did, and squares behind I dig out (future walls), or for a slap to make a perfect finish level
    ∙ Duringdaily basement duties, I render the walls and straight them up sometimes
    June 2008-October 2009, I worked for a few companies like- Basement Force,
    London Basement, and Konrad
    ∙ Render the elevation of Holliday In Hotel inLondon, I also have a few another elevation jobs during a job for Konrad Company Ltd.
    ∙ During a job for L. basement I plastered a few flats, like also render in basements
    ∙ While I worked for Basement Force, the most jobs I did was underpinning
    February 2006- June 2008 Plasterer, a few private jobs, Stanmore, and CIS orders
    ∙ While I worked for Stanmore, the most jobs I did, was joining the plasterboard by gypsum , but also plastering, rendering, etc
    ∙ I also worked for a few other companies, where I did a price/contract jobs (plaster)
    ∙ Ι cooperated with one friend (plasterer), it was a few jobs over the houses to basic refurbishment (partitions, rendering, plastering, and kitchen, laminate, painting).
    February 2005- February 2006 Sheffield, Hull, Builder jobs, Pelican (London)
    ∙ There was 4 months job each (quite similar) over annex of the fish and chips shop (incl. inside) tiles, level concrete, partitions, plastering
    ∙ after I come back to London I worked for 3 months for Greek company where I worked out with bonding and plaster most of time

    I also was a member of an approved programme at CONSTRUCTIN LEARNING WORLD
    which I completed. I picked up there EDEXCEL LEVEL 2 NVQ in CONSTRUCTION OPERATIONS (GENERAL CONSTRUCTION) specialty in concrete


    Relevant work experience
    Experiencia laboral relevante
    Junio ​​de 2016- junio de 2020
    Chef de la separación, Chef de la fiesta,
    He trabajado en varios proyectos diferentes, eventos privados en toda Europa: Holanda, Italia, España, Portugal,
    September 2009 – June 2016
    – Salad, Pasta Chief, “Pulcinella”, “Zizi”, “Bella Italia”, “La Boda Negra”, “Cote”, “Strada”, London/
             Making variety of pizza, salads, pastas, desserts and cooperating with the other kitchen stuff and front of the house in the very busy restaurant 
             General kitchen duties such as stock checking, preparing ingredients for cooking and cleaning.   
    Constructing/Updating new menu; when required, with others kitchen crew members
    February 2007 – September 2009– Kitchen Porter, Salad Chief, “Positano” Italian Restaurant, Surbiton, London 
      Preparing variety ingredients for a chefs, Washing the dishes ,cleaning whole restaurants and toilets  
             Working as a part of the team cooperating with the others to provide the best possible service. 
            General K.P. duties such as preparing hot and cold drinks, desserts, salads.

    October 2005 – January 2007 – KP, Chef Assistant, “Ethnic Cuisine restaurant”, Hull, UK 
             Serving clients and dealing with variety of enquires by active listening head chief needs and making every possible effort in order to fulfill those needs and expectations. 
             Preparing starters, cleaning and stock checking when required.    
    Skills and qualifications 
            Ability to handle stress and high workloads and pressure learnt
    throughout my work experience where I faced many difficult or stressful situations. 
            Corporate service skills. I am a people person and I have a natural ability to get on with people. My work experience helped me to learn how to do this in a professional psychological and the fastest possible way. 
            Communication skills have made me a very efficient worker who is able to actively listen and communicate in order to provide exceptional dish which about costumer couldn’t even wish   
            Team working skills developed throughout my life have made me very valuable employee when any sort of coordination with others is necessary 
            Motivation and a good level of common sense. I have a natural ability to understand what is happening around me, organize myself work hard and deliver results.

  • Languages spoken

    English: Fluent

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  • What else ...

    I play chees, tennis, etc . I enjoying most of the adrenaline sports, like snow board, roller blades (Street), skiing, climbing and Marshal arts. Wish to try kite surfing and many more.

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      I eat everything, however also respecting vegan/vegetarian diet, during a stay at the Place or project, where the People following vegetarian diet