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    Dear all, I'm Milena and I just finished my Bachelor in Geography and Social and Cultural Anthropology in Halle, Germany. For many years now I loved to travel, get to now more places and people, went on student exchanges and visited friends in other countries. Since the pandemic this became much harder, as we all know. I just hope that the global situation ist getting better, not worse, and I am really glad to already have got covid vaccine. So now that I graduated from university I plan to take a gap year before starting my master - also to get a focus on what really interests me and in which direction my studies should go. This is my first time taking part in workaway - and I'm really excited to experience it!

    As my bachelor is in Geography and Social and Cultural Anthropology, it already tells a bit about my interests: getting to know cultures, languages, natures and cities, urban environments and social interactions.

    I am really into everything around food and (wild) herbs - planting, harvesting, processing, cooking, baking - and could already experience some things in my garden I share with friends. Also from my studies and fellow students I learned a bit about ecological farming and I would love to learn more about it from different people and also about the different styles of ecological farming. Besides this I got really passionate about ecological flower farming. Another thing quite important to me is how and which kind of food to consume. Ninety percent of my time I eat vegan, although right now I enjoy some cheese from time to time, and decide to eat dairy or not depending on the origin of the products.

    I am a quite energetic and sportive person, trying to move my body everyday, because I know that I will feel much better and happier if I do so. At home I practice aerial silks, running, climbing, bouldering and (acro-)yoga, and I love sports depending on nature. This year, I am so glad to have had the experience of hiking in the Piedmont Alpes with my family and going to surf at the french Atlantic coast, and I loved both of it!

    Another passion, unfortunately quite hard while travelling, is sewing. While Covid I bought myself an Overlock to experience the much easier way to sew clothes. While not being at home, I will for sure take at least some needles and yarn - so let's see if there are things to do with it!

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    Adventure sports
    Water sports
    Outdoor activities
    Art & design
    DIY & crafts
    Cooking & food
    Vegetarian or vegan
    Politics / Social justice

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    Animal Care
    General Maintenance
    Life at a Farmstay
    Art Projects
    Charity Work

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    Eco Projects
    Language practice
    DIY and building projects
    Being an elderly companion

    Able to teach about:  

    Creating/ Cooking family meals
    Helping around the house
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    Besides of processing food, cooking and baking, I enhanced my sourdough skills in the last years and I am regularly baking different kinds of bread. I try to plant more fruits and vegetables to consume for my roommates and me, in the garden and on our balcony. It was also important for me to make these places comfortable, so I built benches, and sun sails. I like to repair and build things (mostly out of wood) as much as to repair and sew clothes and other fabric. Besides this I am always keen to help others and try to motivate them. I love to show people what I am passionate about, for example the aerial silks or acroyoga. And I am a good organizing and networking person, now in september I am taking part at a little music festival near to my hometown, building our floor up and organizing the programm.

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    German: Fluent
    English: Fluent
    Spanish: Fluent
    French: Beginner
    Hungarian: Beginner
    Italian: Beginner
    Portuguese: Beginner

    More details about my language interests
    Already as a kid I always wanted to learn as many languages as possible and in school I was lucky to learn english, french and spanish. My french skills aren't as good as there were some years before, but I hope to improve them soon. I spend one year in Mexico in 2013, and there enhanced my spanish. Although it is not perfect, I can still communicate really good and the words missing are coming back really quickly while using and hearing the language. Thanks to this I also understand some italian and portuguese and I think I could learn quite quick these languages when hearing them daily. In 2016 I worked as a german teacher in Hungary, so I know a bit how to teach languages to kids.

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    When I was little I was really passionate about horseback riding. I haven't done this for quite a while, but would love to work with horses (and also other animals) for some time. Matching to this, I am really interested in cheesemaking and processing dairy products and I would love to learn about this at some point in my life.

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      90% of the time I am vegan, but always noting where the food comes from, and from time to time enjoying dairy, cheese or seafood and fish.