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    Hi there,

    My name is Marc. I am a Catalan, I am 30 years old and I want to workaway!
    I was born in Vilafranca, a small town in a wine region of Catalonia. My childhood was pretty normal and quiet, I played football, I got normal grades at school, used to play videogames a lot, the thing I recall the most was the summers playing with my younger brother.
    Then I grew up and moved away from the town to study a Bachelor in Buisness Tourism Management in Barcelona. During these years at the University I had a most life changing experience, namely an Erasmus in South East Germany in 2014. I studied at THD Deggendorf and stayed in a dormitory in the same town. At the beggining I struggled with the language and at that time my english was not good enough, but once I got the basics and settled in, I was able to enjoy the novelty to discover another country and merging with a different culture… There I met so many good folks too, both locals and exchange students, lived amazing experiencies, visited new spots and made really good friends.
    After that I moved back to Barcelona and to my luck some of the friends I met during the Erasmus had the chance to visit me and the city and I still have regular contact with them.
    I have been working for the last five years in two different jobs, one in finance and the other in an insurance company. I have been happily sharing a flat for 2 years with locals and people from UK and India. However, we left the apartment last May. Firstly it saddened me a lot, because I was very attached to my flatmates and the flat, but as the time went on I realized that I have now an open opportunity.
    One of my favourites hobbies ist to read. My range of books goes from Philosophy to modern literature and essays. I have read almost the entire work of G.Orwell, I know it sounds cliché, but he wrote „Homage to Catalonia“. This is a honour to all catalans coming form such a writer, although my favourite Orwell’s book is „Down and out from Paris and London“, where he explains his own experiences in these cities while having a frugal life. Another beloved writer of mine is Erich Fromm. I have read Epictetus, Aurelius, Epicurus, Schopenhauer, Huxley, Wilde…
    On the other hand I like to go to run for 30-40 mins every couple days in combination with outdoor body exercises.
    Concering social media I am mostly on twitter, where I spend some time reading lots of interesting articles. I listen to podcasts and audiobooks, sometimes I meditate. I am a music lover too!
    I see my family frequently, as well as my friends to go out for dinner or a beer.

    How did I discover Workaway?
    It was a Sunday in Barcelona, I met my mother after lunch and we went for a walk at the city‘s botanical garden, which is free on Sundays after 17h.
    Two hours later we split and I went alone to a pub called The Philarmonic, after ordering a beer I started a conversation with a girl sitting at the counter.
    During the conversation we came to the question: what do you do for living?
    She replied: „I have been a long term volunteer for the past 8 years“. She explained me that workawayed for the last 8 years, this time in Barcelona as an Au pair and next week She was flying to Poland but did it many times in Asia and in many other places around the world. She told me how this experience enlightened her and how it changed her vision of life. After 3 hours of good time we exchanged phones and she has been giving me Workaway tips until today.
    Definitely this ocurrence made me think a lot, hearing her first hand volunteer experiences across the world, sharing time with people from everywhere and deep engaging with other societies. Since that day I liked the idea of workaway and It is time to give it a try.

    Why do I want to workaway?
    I have been living in a big city for more than five years, now I would like to move in a more rural place and stay away from the metropolis for a while and possibly never return to a big city. My point is to change the buildings for mountains, the streets for paths, the traffic lights for the stars, the exhaust gases for fresh air, the sewer for the river…
    Regarding consumption I want to consume proximity food, instead of food brought in the supermarket from 5.000km away, one does not need to be clever to understand that this is completley unsustainable.
    Besides I have great interest on continuing to develope my language skills and living abroad is without a doubt the best way to achieve it. Languages fascinate me. I was raised bilingual Catalan and Spanish, I have learnt quite English and German. A little bit of Italian too.
    I am also keen to travel through open green places, wheter it is for a walk or a weekend trip.
    Furthermore I want to learn new skills while helping someone’s project.

    What do I expect from Workaway?
    I have been told that expectations kill happiness, anyways it is impossible not to have them. So my expectation for the Workaway is to be a change in my life, where I can be part of a nature, sustainble or volunteer project to give the best of me while I also learn new things. I am very interested in fields related to nautral and sustainable: Gardening, reforestation, premaculture, agriculture…
    At the same time having a some time to spend on my own. I have a ton of books to read, fortunately in these age you can bring all them everywhere in an e-book or tablet. To go for a run or a stroll, meditate… As well as having the chance to travel a little bit for the area. Some weekends I would like to travel a little bit . viz. take a train to a city nearby and stay at a hostel or similar to discover the region.
    Foremost I see this as an opportunity to change the fast paced routine I am in for another healtier and quieter, a reconnection with the nature.

    General information
    I have been in a mediterrean diet for my entire life, which means I eat all sorts of food and adapt pretty easy to a any diet. So I do not think I will have any issues with the food.
    I have been in different jobs, I am versatile in and I have lived in different places and atmospheres with all kinds of people. Whichs makes me think that will be easy for me to volunteer in your project.
    Moreover I am willing to help with household tasks or whatever is needed besides the workaway.

    Covid-19 and precautions
    Although I think that the covid won’t kill me, I do not want to be the transmiter to other people, so that it spreads on a group of risk. Which means that If I have to mantain the distance at the beginning, wear a mask or whatever precaution is required, I will do this for sure.
    My biggest concern is another lockdown with closed borders or some kind of restriction that frustates me from moving to the workaway location.

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    DIY and building projects
    General Maintenance
    Eco Projects
    Helping around the house
    Language practice

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    Helping with Computers/ Internet
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    I have been in different jobs, I am versatile and I have lived in different places and atmospheres with all kinds of people. Whichs makes me think that will be easy for me to volunteer in your project.
    I am very interested in fields related to nautral and sustainable: Gardening, reforestation, premaculture, agriculture… I am quite novice, but I am not afraid to get my hands dirty!
    Moreover I am willing to help with household tasks or whatever is needed besides the workaway.

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    Catalan: Fluent
    German: Fluent
    English: Fluent
    Spanish: Fluent
    Italian: Beginner

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