Lasse Bang & Jens Hvid

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    We are two strong lads from Denmark, nation of the vikings, who are eager to travel and have new experiences abroad. Our names are of course easy to pronounce - as scandinavian names are - Lasse and Jens.
    Lasse is a medical student studying at the University of Copenhagen on his second semester, with grand dreams of becoming a surgeon.
    Jens has just finished military service for the Danish army, and is either going to the police academy in Copenhagen with dreams of working with police-dogs or is going to study biology at the University of Copenhagen. But that will be in the summer of 2022.

    It should be noted that we make a great team and have traveled together before.

    We both find pleasure in outdoors activites such as hiking, surfing, diving and kayaking.
    We also enjoy spending time with animals! We have grown up with animals.

    We are both people persons and come from full houses; we each have three siblings and thus loud and alive households. We have both chosen professions based on a desire to spend time with and help people.

  • Interests

    Sailing / Boating
    Adventure sports
    Water sports
    Winter sports
    Outdoor activities
    Charity work
  • Skills and knowledge we'd like to share or learn

    We're interested in:  

    Charity Work

    Some knowledge of:  

    DIY and building projects
    General Maintenance
    Creating/ Cooking family meals
    Life at a Farmstay
    Eco Projects
    Helping around the house
    Animal Care
    Helping with Computers/ Internet

    Able to teach about:  

  • More details about your skills

    Currently Lasse is in medical school requiering some form of devotion, diciplin and motivation.
    Besides that he is working in the emergency medical untit at a hospital in Copenhagen. It is a job demanding empathy and adaptability.

    Prior to that he has experince as a intern teacher and is great with children of all ages. Even more important teachers learn to make a killer coffe.

    Jens finished his military duty last year and has just finished a job for The Danish Patient Safety Authorities which was related to the Covid-19 situation. He graduated highschool in 2019. He is an excellent guitar and piano player and has been teaching guitar privatly.
    This is a job requiring good children skills and a lot of patience. A lot... :-)

    We both have experience with animals as we have had numerous pets growing up. Lasses father is a biologist who used to work in Copenhagen Zoo so growing up he was used to dealing with all kinds of different animals inclueding snakes, spiders, rodents and one time he got to ride the elephants - making all the other children very jealous.

    We are both fast learning young men who do not shy away from a challenge. Both of us have had different kinds of jobs, thus requiring a broad set of skills. We are aware what working entails and ready to do what is asked of at a new place.

  • Languages spoken

    Danish: Fluent
    English: Fluent
    German: Intermediate

  • Age

    22 & 22

  • What else ...

    We both have enjoy outdoors activities and wildlife photografy. We have experience with fishing, hiking, surfing kayaking and diving.

    We are both quite extrovert people and enjoy meeting new people. We also both enjoy a good party but enjoy the quite life in nature just as much. We can easily adapt to any lifestyle. :-)

    In our own time we play music together. As mentioned Jens is an excellent guitar player and Lasse knows his way around i piano.

    Lasses most important skill is perhaps be his ability to do a standig back flip on the ground ;))

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