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    Individual account

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    France, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Turkey

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    30/11/2015 - 31/03/2018

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    Hello, Friend!
    I guess you are here because you are wondering who am I? Well, you are in good company!
    Let`s get acquainted. Here are a few steps:
    1. My occupation
    - I studied biology and pharmacy at university. I worked as a pharmacist. I quit, no longer willing to work for an industry that has nothing to do with health and everything with profit.
    - I am a homesteader, I`ve learned the hard way many skills necessary to maintain homestead: how to build and repair, tend to the garden and animals, produce, cook and store food.
    - I`m a gardener who works in season in private gardens doing all the jobs related.
    - I do occasional jobs in cleaning and provide massage therapy.
    (For the description of my skills please see the specialized section)
    2. What I`m searching for
    - For feeling of being capable and useful which comes with work done well. It gives a sense of meaning and purpose to any task.
    - For human connection, followed by connection to nature and surroundings. I want to cultivate a sense of home and belonging within myself wherever I go.
    - I want to observe, learn, interact, learn about people`s lives and what makes them feel happy and fulfilled.
    - I want to find a special place for me under the sun.
    3. What I`m passionate about
    - Gardening and farming. One could say that I have a green thumb. I grew decorative plants on a window sill when I was a little girl. Then I started growing everything else. I am fascinated by permaculture ideas and design - combining elements and functions to create a single resilient system, a habitat, a home for every species. Modern life seems to support compartmentalization, if only more people could understand and act from a point that everything is interconnected, our world would be a better place.
    - Food and nutrition. I`m passionate about food. I love to eat with all of my senses and, of course, I can cook. That said, I`m no chef – I prefer food that is relatively easy and fast to prepare.
    My choice food is plants and animals grown organically, no vegetable oils and sugar, lots of traditional fats, organ meats, bone broths, cultured dairy and some carefully prepared grains.
    I came to an understanding what healthy food is by trial and error, reading and researching various sources of (controversial) information. Finally, it all made sense with the book by Weston E Price - "Nutrition and physical degeneration" - an unbiased research of traditional people`s diets made more then 80 years ago. His follower Sally Fellon`s "Nourishing Traditions" is my table cookbook.
    I`m a fermentation fan: in my kitchen there are jars with vegetables in brine and whey, sourdough starter, kefir grains (I take them with me when I travel) and homemade cheese.
    - Movement. I can`t imagine my life without physical activity. I do kettlebell and bodyweight training regularly. I`m into all kind of movement: running, stretching, dancing, trees climbing and fence-jumping. I was a swimmer in school and I still have special relationship with water. I`m also interested in theory and methodology of physical training.
    - Health and happiness. All of the above comes from my desire to become a better version of myself and to help others find their way to greater health and happiness.
    - Other stuff:
    Podcasts. I like to learn by listening to podcasts and audio books while doing chores. I love my headphones - they warm my ears not only in cold weather.
    Music. I am moved by rock and heavy metal. (An Iron Maiden fan here : )
    Reading. I`m looking for inspiration and humanistic approach in my books.
    Cats. They are adorable and terrible. I have two furry bandits at home. Actually, they own the house and I`m their gatekeeper.
    Daydreaming. I am most happy to drift away into a world of my making.
    4. Random funny stuff:
    - I am a veteran workawayer. Not general yet, but definitely a major!
    - I`ve been in EU three times for three months (visa is a bitch). The first time I fell in love madly. The second time I was chasing shadows. The third time they were chasing me. (OK, that wasn`t fun). So, now I`m ready for another round! (Or for a change in a pattern).
    - How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? - Only one, but the bulb has to want to change.
    - I can`t stand cold. Winter is coming? - I`m flying south with birds.
    - I don`t take myself too seriously, I just have a talent to over complicate simple things :)
    - I`ve been writing this text for two days because I`m one inconsistently meticulous individual.

  • Type of help

    Elderly Companion
    Cooking / shopping
    General Maintenance
    Help with Eco project
    Help in the house
    Animal care
    Helping with Tourists
    Language practice

  • What skills do you have?

    - seeding, planting, weeding, pruning, harvesting, seed saving, composting, earthworks
    - animal care (chickens, rabbits, goats, horses)
    - cheesemaking, breadbaking, fermentation
    - helping at a farm market
    - basic woodwork (doors, shelves, pellet furniture)
    - manual and electro-instrument (confident user, including chainsaw, circular saw, perforator)
    - painting and plastering
    - helping with wood framing, roofing with tiles
    - Reception (Russian, English, French)
    - Housekeeping
    - Cooking, preparing and serving food
    - Running errands
    - swimming lessons
    - massage

  • Languages spoken

    Russian - native, English - fluent ,French - A2, learning Spanish

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    • Special dietary requirements
      I avoid most grains, legumes, vegetable oils, all soy products and artificial ingredients. I mostly eat vegetables, eggs, cheese, butter, meats and bone broths.