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    Hej people, I'm Joschi! I'm a northern soul, loving the beautiful nature, loving open minded people and enjoying to laugh.
    I'm living in Spain currently where I just finished my masters in environmental engineering and sustainable energies. I'm happy to be here and greatful for the opportunity that was given to me to learn about ways to make our living more sustainable. However, I feel like it's not quite my time yet to start a career or something like that... I don't know if this time will ever come. I finished studying, but I want to keep up learning. And if there is something that teaches you it is going to different places and the people you meet on the road.
    I spend a good part of my life going from here to there, hitchhiking, living in my tent, in a van, in projects and in shared flats with many friends, always open for people who seek a roof and some company.
    I'm a happy person! And I try to spread that energy. I enjoy living simple. I enjoy it because I think its essential for the future of our planet and also, even the smallest things can be so beautiful and rewarding.

  • Interests

    Outdoor activities
    Art & design
    DIY & crafts
    Vegetarian or vegan
    Self development
    Plant care
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    Some knowledge of:  

    DIY and building projects
    General Maintenance
    Creating/ Cooking family meals
    Eco Projects
    Helping around the house
    Animal Care
    Language practice
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    I studied environmental engineering and sustainable energies and finished my master this year in Tarragona in Spain. In the last years I learned a lot about sustainable energy systems, storage technologies and the energy transition and I would like to apply this knowledge. However studying can be so theoretical that I still lack some practical experience.
    But as it always is, my most important skills, I didn't developed in the lectures.
    I guess I'm a very sociable person. I always lived in shared flats with many friends, open doors for people who need a shower or a couch to sleep and a positive environment. As much as I love the company of people, I respect everyone who likes to go their own way or needs time for themselves. Because sometimes I need that too, of course :)
    As I grew up on the countryside with a big garden, I got some skills with gardening, preparing vegetable beds, planting trees, preparing firewood and so on.. I'm not afraid of getting dirty, or going out in the rain.. I spend so much time in scandinavia and northern germany, I had to get used to it inevitably. ;) For me soil feels so much cleaner than so many things I encounter in the cities of our world today.
    Also I enjoy a lot, to learn about permaculture gardening, as I want to have a permaculture garden one day myself :)
    I have already gathered some experience in sustainable agriculture in Sweden and Portugal so far and I would love to expand my knowledge about local vegatables, fruit trees and gardening techniques.
    I can't call myself the best carpenter or builder because unfortunally I never had the chance to learn about that, but I'm persistent and careful when I try to build something and most of all I'm a quick learner! So if you got some special tasks that I have never done before, I'm happy to learn and I'll give my best! :)
    I also have experience with animals because I grew up with them and I enjoy their company a lot. We had a dogs, cats, a horse and fish in aquariums and turtles in natural ponds. I also gained a little bit of experience with donkeys and domestic pigs on an animal sanctuary in Asturias.
    If somebody is interested in learning english or german, I can also offer to give some lessons or just to have chats in those languages. I worked as an english teacher for kids before and I enjoyed it quite a lot.

  • Languages

    Languages spoken
    German: Fluent
    English: Fluent
    Spanish: Beginner

    More details about my language interests
    I would like to improve my spanish... But don't worry... I'm not doing a workaway to learn spanish.. Expanding my knowledge of languages is just a bonus :)

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      Usually I'm not eating meat. However, if its local, good meat or a cultural experience, I make exceptions from time to time