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    Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Nepal, Peru

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    11/01/2019 - 31/12/2019

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    Dear Workaway community,

    Let's start with the beginning...

    I was born 32 years ago in the South West of France, in a very special region called the "Pays Basque" and more specifically in the famous seaside town "Biarritz". I grew up in a very privileged environment regarding nature as I was 5 minutes biking from the ocean, 5 minutes walking from the forest and 1h30 driving from the "Pyrénées" mountains. So for me, nature has always been very important even though I tend to forgot it for a while... (see below).

    And from the age of 3, I played ice-hockey ! Yes, there is Ice-hockey in France...;-)... and guess what, the arena was located on the beach...handy and fun..;-) Very young I had the chance to play ice-hockey everyday as I joined classrooms with special agenda allowing young kids like me to practice ice-hockey everyday. This led me to be part of France national teams from 15 to 18 years old, travelling all over Europe and even Canada for major hockey tournaments.

    At the age of 17, I left my family home for my studies and after 2 years of hard work, I managed to integrate a well renowned French Business School (called EDHEC). So after 2 years in Bordeaux, I ended up in Lille (North of France) for 4 years. It was a region I really didn't know so I decided to join a local student association in charge of editing and publishing every year freely a city guide to inhabitants of the region. I guess back then I was already trying to live like locals do.

    Anyway, after that very enriching experience, I started an event and partnership carrer in Paris. I joined BNP Paribas headquarters and worked for 6 years for the General Management of the bank, organising internal events, seminars, press conference, conventions, etc... What I liked was organizing actual events (and not some projects), producing something for people and see an effective realization happening. After that I worked for 3 years in the digital transformation area and even though I had what was called "a promising career", somehow, I knew something was off, I was feeling miserable and useless at work.

    After 10 years working in Paris, I realized that I had lost touch with the nature, people and myself of course... Of course, I develop "professional" skills such autonomy, organization and capacity to adapt to all people, tenacity, resilience and being team player, some of which will be useful anyway but I also realized that I lost touch with the real things of life like growing food, taking care of a garden, enjoying the fresh air in the morning, swimming, singing, learning actual useful things and not spend my life behind a computer and in meeting rooms...

    That's why I decided a few months ago to change everything in my life. I quit my job, I left my flat and I decided to go on a special gap year for me. I have been travelling in Nepal for 2 month during September and October 2018. I wanted to spend time in the mountains over there, get closer to nature and find some inner peace after all those years of stressful job in Paris. It was a very fulfilling journey but it was just the beginning...;-) In January, I will resume my travels starting with the discovery of South America from Ushuaia to the top for the 6 first months of 2019, then probably a stop in Domican Republic for summer and Canada for next autumn. Then 2020 will be Australia, New Zealand and Asia to end up probably in Nepal where I now have lots of people to say hi to ! ;-)

    What else ?
    I have always loved to be part of a group and to make sure that everyone is feeling confortable within the group. I have made a lot of personality tests and it always is the same answer : I'm a altruist looking for harmony.

    My friends describes me as I'm a good listener and often of good advice even though, I'm just the one asking the questions, everyone has his own answer inside himself... Always smiling and happy to play games, instruments or cards, I juts have trouble with the first 10 minutes of the day which are not my favorites as as my brain and body are sometimes long to warm up...;-)..., passed that time, I promise, I'm a very smiley and friendly guy.

    I'm also very curious and always eager to learn new stuff. For me there is nothing more valuable that meeting new people, learning new skills and living new experiences. Life is a magical opportunity everyone of us has been given and of course, we do not all have the same start but I do believe that it's all about have a "half-full mindset" rather than "half-empty one"...

    Eventually, honesty is key for me as it is the true ciment of friendship and "living together". I have the feeling that our society is more and more isolating us from each other through technology and I want to get back to more "normal and authentic" relationships. Silence is not bad and sometimes, it's better to remain quiet than to speak for nothing...;-)

    Well I think this is it. I could go on forever as it' impossible to present oneself completely even in a few pages but I'll stop there. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have and please be assured of my high motivation to be part of something bigger and to provide help where I can in exchange for enriching and fulfilling experiences...

    Hope to talk to you soon !

    Pierre-Yves (but everybody calls me Peter in English speaking countries or Pedro in Spanish speaking countries...;-)...)

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    Babysitting / child care
    General Maintenance
    Cooking / shopping
    Help with Eco project
    Help in the house
    Helping with Tourists
    Charity work
    Language practice
    Art project
    Help with Computers / internet

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    Event organisation of course, communications, social media and marketing, juggling, riding motorcycles, surfing, snowboarding, listening to people issues and being a friendly and understanding ear, cooking, phone prospection, fundraising, taking care of kids, teaching lessons, computer help...

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    English and Spanish + French (native)

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    I love music and especially live music, no matter the "kind of music". I'm a fast learner and when I start something, I finish it ! The rest will be for our first encounter ! ;-)

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