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    I am enthusiastic about life.

    it is to my knowledge that we create our own realities by what we chose to think. I think that humanity has a future on this planet as long as we acknowledge that ignorance has been our greatest downfall. Strictly speaking the majority of people living in modern society is not living in alignment with a sustainable way of living, hook on comfort, convenience and greed we have forgotten what I means to care and honour the land we are on. Modern agricultural is leaving the land degraded and weaken with each coming harvest to me this is a huge dishonour to the following generation. But the hope is with the knowledge that we can restore health to the land and its inhabitants by changing the way we farm using techniques found in permaculture, reforestation, regenerative agriculture (migration and sequestration) to restore health and biodiversity to the land.

    Though my beliefs I am bought here, so I can learn though the innovative minds of the people what it takes to create a healthy, happy, sustainable life an alternative lifestyle one more grounded and connected with our ancestory as aposed to the matrix world we have created.

    To relay my message which we may share, I use social media, where I post my journey and experiences, personal health and wellness posts (exercise, cold water dips and nutrition). But I have ambitions of taking it beyond this and growing it into an informative platform where people can come to gain insight into what changes we the people are making to create a sustainable future and healthy planet so with some innovative they can change too.

    Besides the effort to enlighten the people who care to watch the content I post, I care deeply for the earth and it's creatures I hope making me a good working candidate bring thoughtful thinking to the equation, I also enjoy hard work I find it particularly rewarding when you know a job has been done well and the work that has gone into it.

    In my spare time I love to exercise my body and challenge my mind with resistance workouts. running, distance cycling, hiking and swimming. Keeping physical prepare for any eventuality.

    Peace and blessings to those who got this far

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    Adventure sports
    Water sports
    Yoga / Wellness
    Outdoor activities
    DIY & crafts

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    Eco Projects

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    DIY and building projects
    Life at a Farmstay
    Animal Care
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    I were to list the set of skills that are in my nature, I would say I am determined to work to my best ability at any task, disciplined in the respect that I will see the job though regardless of it measure of difficulty these are mental skills I have developed though an active and labour intensive lifestyle. My physical fitness and mental fortitude are aspects of my character I prize. I have experience as a builders labour that builder being my father, over the years I have pick up the skills it takes to be a helpful grafting working. But now is a time where I desire to refine my skill set to crafts that will serve valuable in my future.

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    English: Fluent

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    I recognise the value in learning something new and language has always fascinated me but never made enough time to learn another language fluently, but I would be totally up for learning a new language if I was to be given the opportunity.

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    I am also an avid athlete and love to run, cycle, swim and lift weight in many a styles. These are the ones I spend most of my time participating in but also avid in martial arts also.

    I also love the things that fundamentally connect all humans like having beautiful conservation, learning about other ways of life and spending time with nature.

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      Vegan but if not available vegetarian