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From: Australia & New Zealand

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    16/06/2020 - 01/10/2020

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    Hey Hosts!

    It's Halley and Serge!

    We are two 24 year old balls of energy and life, bursting to meet, connect and learn from as many different people as possible. Halley, originally from New Zealand, and Serge, Australia, are both extremely driven to immerse ourselves in a variety of experiences and feel that WorkAway provides us the perfect platform to do so.

    Telling you about the both of us in one description is difficult because at times, we end up on opposing ends of the spectrum - there isn't a text box long enough to discuss all of our "disagreements"... But hey, they say opposites attract though right!

    So lets keep it simple by telling you three awesome things that are similar to the both of us but we have put our own personal flavours too...

    1. Our 'Martial Arts' Background:
    Halley has a second degree Blackbelt in Karate and Serge trained in professional wrestling for a year (like the stuff on tv) – It should be pretty clear who wears the pants in this relationship. Although, Serge does enjoy going "Teacher Mode" on Halley just to reassert the balance (Can you blame him!? He has a degree from The University of Sydney in Physical Education Teaching), although most of the time, he has no idea what he's on about.

    2. Our CrossFit Careers:
    We both met volunteering at a large CrossFit Event and since then have gone on to become Strength and Conditioning Coaches at various CrossFit Gyms in Wellington, NZ (Halley), Sydney (Serge) and then in Melbourne (both of us). Serge's pick-up line was "These things are really hard to move right!" in response to stationary bikes with wheels on them designed to make them easy to move. While pick-up lines are not either of our strengths, we do both love coaching and training in the Sport of Fitness. (You could be hosting two Superstar Personal Trainers for the price of none!).

    3. We Both Pee Standing Up:
    It's true! On our last camping trip in our van, Halley got herself a she-wiz so she could enjoy the luxury of peeing while standing (You're probably thinking; "thank god that wasn't what I originally suspected"). Although, according to Halley: "It's really hard to control this hose thing!". See, the blokes do have it tough (Side note: man flu is real).

    To sum us up, we both have a passion for helping and connecting with authentic and genuine people. As CrossFit coaches, you learn the more you give (energy, effort, fist bumps or the like), the more you get. It would be our absolute pleasure to connect with some local legends on our trip around Australia; or as we have titled it, The WellGrand Project, where it is our mission to Explore Wellness through Authentic Connections.

    We would be incredibly grateful to any host to have afforded us the opportunity to connect, learn and grow, because that is something that Halley and Serge can both agree on!

    Looking forward to hearing from you hosts!
    Love and Gratitude,
    Halley and Serge

  • Skills and knowledge we'd like to share or learn

    DIY and building projects
    Babysitting and creative play
    Being an elderly companion
    General Maintenance
    Creating/ Cooking family meals
    Life at a Farmstay
    Eco Projects
    Helping around the house
    Animal Care
    Charity Work
    Art Projects
  • More details about your skills

    - Strength and Conditioning (SnC)/CrossFit Coaches and Level 1 Trainers/Personal Trainers (Halley and Serge): worked with all ages (from 5 year olds to 80 year olds teaching the fundamentals of functional movements. We have programmed and delivered workouts from 2014 to current.
    - Second Degree Blackbelt (Halley): can hand out a serious butt kicking
    - Coached children and adolescence in karate & netball (Halley), swimming & tennis (Serge) and SnC (both)
    - Qualified Secondary PDHPE Teacher (University of Sydney) (Serge): Taught in 4 different schools across Sydney (all boys/all girls/co-educational)
    - Nutrition Certification (Halley): Halley eats 7 broccoli heads a day, but Serge does the cooking
    - Coffee connoisseur (not really, we just really enjoy coffee and like to think we are. Serge was a Barista as a teenager too and took great pride in drawing love hearts in his customers lattes).
    - People skills (both): In this day and age, this has become incredibly underrated and we feel its a necessary distinction between us and many others our age.
    - Sense of humour (both - although, Serge is way funnier): We both love a joke and are both overly honest (which makes for some good stories at each others expense).
    - Growth minded (both): without getting all new-agey, we both believe we are open to different perspectives as we both feel we have so much to learn and be taught.
    - Kiwi ingenuity (Halley): According to the internet: "New Zealanders are good at coming up with solutions
    to any problem". Turns out Halley, is more than just a pretty face.
    - "poli ligo ellinika": How Serge responded for 6 months while he lived in Greece with his Grandparents and Family. It translates too: "Very little Greek", which for someone with a Greek father, is disappointing to hear. Regardless, Serge can speak "very little Greek"!
    - Avid readers (both): at the moment, we are both spending at least an hour a day glued to our books (It's better than our cell phones though!)
    - Household chores and tasks (both): We rarely eat out and do our own cooking, we are both very clean, nerf-war assassins (how did this get here?), early risers and early sleepers (we both really value our sleep), willing to do our best and adapt to different lifestyles.

  • Languages spoken

    English: Fluent

  • Age

    24 & 24

  • What else ...

    Ideally we are looking at shorter stays (probably no longer than 3-4 weeks). We have a goal of making our way around Australia and connecting with as many local legends as possible in our van, however, we are also open to different opportunities.

    Workaway gives us the opportunity to settle for a period of time, add value and help out when we can before we set off around the country again.

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