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    Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica

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    11/01/2019 - 17/11/2020

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    Hi, I’m Eloïse! From a risky and enthusiastic nature, I’m looking for thrills! I’m 26 and I finally decided to dare to realize a project, or rather a dream, that follows me for several years: Traveling around the world!
    Actually, having finished my studies in 2017, it tooks me one year of preparation, especially Parisian working life to crack and decide to leave ... finally!
    The few family trips that I do before in New York and in China and a trip alone in the Dominican Republic were enough to grow in me the desire to continue to travel through the world. But not in any way… I hate "all inclusive" package offers, and the idea to ​​traveling from hotels to hotels that harden the coastline repels me... My vision of travel is to discover, learn and really understand the culture of a country. And to get there, I think I have to live like a resident. Open and adapt myself to customs, observe, exchange, talk, eat, drink, sing, breathe the country as it really is, to soak up, make beautiful meetings, and finally get the best experiences and teachings.
    Indeed, I see this trip as a way to grow, but also and especially as a return to basics, focusing on places still wild and unexplored to find a lost harmony with nature. Finally, I have no problem with the idea of ​​going out of my comfort zone, on the contrary, the "best experiences are derived from the surpassing of oneself".
    Anyway… Everything waiting for me through this trip doesn’t scare me, but on the contrary excites me to the highest point! Beyond traveling more economically, the workaway solution is for me a real way to get off the beaten track by tourism to really enter on the heart of the country, close to its customs and its people.
    Regarding my route, it is right to go from one side, and to return from the other ... if I come back ;)
    Because yes. I’m aware of the addictive effects offered by the trip once it has been tasted. But that doesn’t matter, I don’t want a tidy life... at least not for the moment. I enjoy crunching life as it comes, without (too) worrying about tomorrow.
    The route is roughly drawn: Ascent of South America through the Andes Mountains from Patagonia, through Chile, Bolivia, a stopover in the Dominican Republic to give a hand up to a good friend who has recently opened a diving club, then, after a detour through Central America, leave for a new adventure in New Zealand , visit a few friends in Australia, before attacking Asia by Indonesia, Burma, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, and why not make a stop in some Middle Eastern countries before returning to France, if the political climate, the time and the remaining budget allows us. Here are the main lines of the current way, even it changes and adapts every day... and then so much better!
    Once again, I'm not fan of millimetric organized trips. Thirsty of something new and unexpected, I'm looking for new opportunities that could cross my path and take me to another adventure as long as she inspires me and answers to my expectations.
    Otherwise, I take with me audio-visual equipment (camera, microphone and computer) to shoot documentaries of my travels. The subjects of these reports will come instantly, according to the encounters that inspires me. The goal is to share my vision of the world, and especially the initiatives that exist in favor of sustainable development (ecology, agriculture, education, health ...). Intimately convinced that giving hope and showing solutions is more effective for people's awareness, than only pointing the problems & scandals.
    What else about me?
    I was lucky to grow up "green" at the heart of a creative family who gave me a childhood full of love, music, sportive, and creative arts vibes.
    After 13 years of high level acrobatic gymnastics, the sport is still a huge part of my life. Even if I don’t practice it any more, I converted myself through yoga and circus arts (pole dance & aerial hoop). And later came a pronounced taste for hiking, biking, trekking, and some extreme sports (kayaking, climbing, parachute jumping ...). Concerning music, I was also sensitized from my early age through the practice of several instruments (flute, piano, guitar) that I continue to rub closely through concerts (jazz, folk, and electronic music) ) and sometimes improvisation evenings in open-mic.
    Other than that, I love drawing (or rather scribbling), singing, sewing, cooking and gardening.
    To finish, I would say that I am a sociable person, with whom the contact is easy. Dynamic, open-minded and funny, most people around me appreciate my company. So, I hope these qualities allow me to live this trip as I perceive it :)

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    Babysitting / child care
    Cooking / shopping
    Help with Eco project
    Help in the house
    Animal care
    Helping with Tourists
    Charity work
    Language practice
    Art project
    Help with Computers / internet

  • What skills do you have?

    Graphic designer and videomaker, I would say that I’m a creative person overall, taking an incredible pleasure to create, invent, sublimate the visual signature of a project, an initiative, a brand, an event , through the design of communication media print (magazines, brochures, posters) web (ux design, website, html, css) and videos (film shooting, motion design, stop motion ... etc).
    This being said, I’m not a routine person at all, indeed, the versatility followed me through almost all my professional experiences, demonstrating a great adaptability. I have, in addition to graphic design, gone through community management missions (online community animation, newsletter writing) and facilitation of workshops.
    What has also mark my current career is the digital wave that began at the time of my entry into the professional world changing the trades of the various sectors of activity that I have been crossed (tourism, banking ). Also, I worked a lot on the support to the digital transformation either increase the visibility of the territories on the internet (referencing, social networks, e.reputation ...) neither accompany the new ways of working (adoptions of new tools & software).
    Located in the heart of generations known as "millenials" and thanks to these experiences, I would say that I acquire a certain appetite for digital, and a web culture that becomes indispensable in the communication field.
    It may also be interesting to mention my first professional experiences as a seasonal: First as an animator in a children's holiday center (BAFA), then in the field of tourism through functions of receptionist, and then conferral guide (city tours & museum.)

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    French, English, Spanish, German (a little)

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