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    Individual account

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    France, Italy, Spain

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    01/12/2019 - 31/12/2020

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    I like discovering other cultures and societies. As my kids are both growns up, I'm free to do so.
    I'm found of my french mother tongue and I love to make people discover how language and society and history and way of thinking are related.
    I'm open to meet and help quiet people who want to live in peace and harmony, related to language teaching or not. I would like to help with gardening as I love it so much, to help taking care of animals and potentially to help with developing projects.
    I'd rather prefer to be a long term workawayer. I usually don't plan the duration of my stay, staying somewhere as long as it suits everybody involved. It can be weeks or months.
    Right now, I'm between Lyon and Chambéry (France). I'm looking for a host to welcome me, preferably a host nearby who would give me the opportunity to help with animals I don't know yet and to get to know them, like donkeys, horses and others. Nevertheless, I'm open to other kinds of help.

  • Type of help

    Cooking / shopping
    Help with Eco project
    Animal care
    Helping with Tourists
    Language practice
    Help with Computers / internet

  • What skills do you have?

    First of all, I love learning and I'm very good at it. If I've got nothing to learn or nothing new to do/discover or a project to be part of, after a while I get bored.
    I teach French to young adults and adults. For instance, I've been teaching at the Alliance Française of Bethlehem (Palestine) for 6 months and in a small countryside town in Morocco for 4 months. My specialty is to design new training courses. Some people also asked me to teach them English at beginner and intermediate levels. I strongly insist to get my students improve their prononciation and think in the target language.
    I'm also proofreading thesis and memories in French, through internet. I'm creating ebooks in epub format, starting with a pdf format.
    Besides, I've been gardening in the organic way for years (I love hand weeding, weird isn't it ?) and managing for 15 years my small business in training and helping people to work. I've recently been told about my way of gardening that I'm fast and efficient even being an artist with it :).
    I've been taking care of more than 40 abandoned cats for my hosts. They got to know me when I fed them of course but I noticed that those in cages liked to come to me, at their own pace, when I was cleaning their place as it was a moment when I was spending a quiet time with them and they had started to wait for it.
    I'm used to design and built my own furniture at home.
    Also, if you wish, on my spare time, I can knit something for you, even socks. I would be pleased to do so as I miss knitting.
    Although I'm 59 years old, hopefully and luckily, I'm very healthy.
    As a workawayer, I've been teaching, gardening (oranges trees, vegetables, weeding of course), being in charge of gardens, designing and creating a garden from scratch, painting, taking care of a diseased person and of rescued cats. I can't deal with constantly barking dogs, it's too noisy for me although I have no problem with owls, frogs, donkeys, cows and bulls which I have had as close neighbours.
    I like to work within a team as well as to work alone, being in charge of a project to go through.

  • Languages spoken

    French is my mother tong. I live mostly in English since 2011.

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  • Nationality

    French and Swiss

  • What else ...

    I need a private room where I can enjoy some time alone and quiet, with a table I can use as a desk for my laptop. I can't share my bedroom.
    I'm a very quiet person and I really like to have the opportunity to be outdoors (balcony, terrace, garden, countryside).
    I'm driven by the curiosity about many things, except for gossips.
    I'm so far getting along with people of all ages and of all countries.
    But I'm no good at all with social networks: I value my privacy and keep myself away from them and I'm not going on the internet with my phone (no whatsapp on it).
    For now, I'm going from a place to another one. If I happen to meet a kind of community we get along nicely together and if I love the place, I would like to settle there, at least for a while, and contribute to this community.

  • Some more information

    • Smoker

    • Driver's licence

    • Allergies
      Aloe Vera. Cold and humid house: it gives me cramps into my feet and legs and rheumatism.

    • Special dietary requirements
      I am a vegetarian but I don't mind that people around me are not. I eat some fish once in a while.


Walk along the beach with my host Lurdes
Walk along the beach with my host Lurdes
A very nice day at Vila do Conde with my host Lurdes and some of her friends
Some students of mine, Bethlehem
Garden and parking lot after weeding
Lots of contortion while painting the protection on tables and benches (tops and bottoms)
Nice spots after weeding
The stone path, back to its former shape
Weeding over
This cat has decided to take me as her personal human being :)
Cody, a rescued street cat that slowly stopped to hiss at me and started to play and to socialize with other cats while I was taking care of him.
This almond tree is a neighbour. I'm fascinated by its blossoming and the new leaves.
Where I go when I want to eat a mandarin: into the garden.
Another neighbour: the smell of the blossoming of the orange trees is heaven on Earth!