From: Netherlands

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    Individual account

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    Italy, Morocco, Spain

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    07/04/2019 - 21/04/2019

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    I want to believe that the world is that fruit laying up there. The one shining of a thousand-and-one different shades and colours. The one echoing of a thousand-and-one voices and smiles. Yeah, that one, over there, just round the corner, winking at you, challenging you, with that devilish playful smile. Such a thing, even as big as the World is within our reach, so long as we dare to stretch our arm a bit farther. And pluck it.

    Curiosity and Passion ride by my side, my two little companions, packed up with my Stormy Interest for Everything holding hands with my Unsatisfiable Aspiration to Change Things as well as with my Fascination for People.

    As a lover of Arts and pro-creative/alternative methods in life in general, I believe Art in theory and practice can make a difference, no matter how small.
    As a lover of Nature, I seek the quiet and beautiful along with the dirty and daring.

    I live by the search of creating human connection, in a constant dynamic of learning and teaching. I wish to learn from everything, from people, from cultures, languages, ways of life. And parallelly give of myself to the world, impact at my level of capacity, contribute to this slow forging of a better world. By connecting people, by sharing with them, get our hands dirty with them; around the making of Art for instance; Artistic projects, Sustainability projects, Educational projects and a thousand more that could be summarised into one word: Empowerment.

  • Type of help

    Babysitting / child care
    Cooking / shopping
    Help in the house
    Animal care
    Charity work
    Language practice
    Art project

  • What skills do you have?

    I love Arts in theory and practice; I love to get lost among sheets of paper, paint brushes and paint, charcoal, pencils (individually). As much as to step on a stage and put on a character's coat (I took Theatre classes and am recently learning in practice about alternative techniques of acting). Sometimes I grab a pen and start scribbling, making up short stories and sometimes I like to illustrate them. Books, books, books are my addiction. 1,2,3 even 4 at the same time. I stepped a bit into the world of Music on my own; Guitar and Ukulele mainly. And besides, I must admit a fondness for movies that matter, those that tend to spark a few scenario ideas to run around in my mind. At last Photography is the one fellow that I've been staying away from so far, yet I began playing a bit with it. In response to that, I would be eager to organise some Art workshops, crafts, storytelling, or Theatre games.

    I wish to work with the Educational and the Creative; Most of my current projects (in the case of my studies but also beyond, in my future) are about this addictive theme that draws my attention ; How to teach Science to kids in a creative way?; How to make Education interesting in general, for University students ? (which is my focus at the moment). Though I have a particular interest for the case of children and stigmatised groups. Hence teaching is something that I am aspiring at, challenging the current traditional methods; Educate youngsters (but not only as there are many kinds of Education) in a different way. Concretely I am currently helping a 13-year-old girl with Languages (French), aiming at getting out of theory books for a bit and teaching her through talking mainly.
    I worked in a Summer Camp, in Spain where all activities were led in English; There I was organising activities that were Educational-pedagogic and animative; Theatre Plays, Team Debates, Improvisation games, Excursions, all sorts of creative games from educational and non-educational themes. This experience was a total cultural exchange, as I gave my skills and enlarged my vision of Education, by sharing with the kids, attempting at interesting them (of course, it is not always successful unfortunately) and in exchange I learnt about Basque and Spanish culture, learnt about values of Education in the broad sense and friendship and all the while getting better at my Spanish on top of that.

    Therefore, the handing of kids is something I do with great enthusiasm. I have some Babysitting experience from my High-School years as well.

    Besides from all of that - I love to cook! Being a Vegetarian myself, I really like to play with food as I am playing with pens and pencils, trying different things, starting from scratch eating healthy food, cooking for friends (most of the time they request crepes). I am also down for different things; I really like to bake cakes and all kinds of sweet things.

    I love Nature and love to get my hands dirty. Though I do not have any experience with gardening, I am quick and eager to learn about all of that!

  • Languages spoken

    French (mothertongue), English, Spanish (B1), German (almost no longer existent sadly)

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      No allergies

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      Vegetarianism, although I do eat meat occasionaly when I know where it comes from

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