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    Workaway changed my life a couple of years ago, turned it upside down in the most beautiful way and now I'm ready for some new adventures again!

    // Short facts about myself
    I am Frieda, originally from the Baltic Sea in north-east Germany, and emigrated partially in 2016 to Italy, Piedmont. I fell in love with a project and human being here in the italian Alps close to the french and swiss border and together we raised a little permaculture homestead and hosted more than 100 workawayers, strangers and friends since then. We're still actively hosting this year, but the secluded life of our little mountain paradise makes me wonder again, what lies outside this bubble. So I leave this late summer and autumn to seek for inspirational projects and humans beings to grow more and help with what I could learn so far:

    // What I learned, can contribute and share
    I traveled to 3 different hosts in 2016 and started afterwards to built up a more than 100 years old cottage in the italian Alps with my partner. We started to get to know the place and planned according to permaculture principles what would be possible to live there off-grid and partially self-sustainable. So I am used to rough climate of hot summers with siestas around midday, days without electricity because the batteries of the solar-panels are empty and only cold running water even in winter. I live mostly outside and am happy to had a strong immune system so far, fingers crossed.
    What I mostly learned in these past years is growing my own veggies from partially self collected seeds and support ourselves as well as friends and families in our close environment with fresh and yummy stuff from the gardens. Harvesting them, rotate them, process them, cook seasonal from salads over one-pot-meals to baking cakes and cookies, preserve salty and sweet things, take care of the soil, work with animals like chickens, ducks and goats (I am a beginner in milking though ;) ). I am used to communicate with beings from different cultural backgrounds and love the exchange of stories. In this contact I specially enjoy the mirroring of yourself in strangers and get to know yourself better and appreciate the differences but equality in each and everyone. I also know something about permaculture design, I am handy with creating indoor- as well as outdoor design solutions, I love good compost toilets and what to do with compost in general, no-dig techniques, some beginner seed saving. I can paint big walls either in one colour or more artistic with details. My special interest still lies in raising veggies, medicinal herbs (I create my own herbal teas since some time and share them), self development including physical and mental health and therefore I will always try to improve myself and learn what is necessary to help you and in the end myself.

    // About my personality and what I am looking for
    I can be outgoing if I want to be and work in a team, but I have to be honest: I am introvert and charge my strength from having some space for myself. With this I mean, that I enjoy tasks with others, to chat and make jokes, create a good teamwork atmosphere. But also a lot to do repetitive jobs on my own in silence. Like weeding, painting, cooking … It will take maybe some time before I got into the flow of a place, but when I am sure I connected well and understood what’s going on, I love to contribute everything I can. I am able to organize myself well, love routine and clear rules as well as careful communication. Some people told me I can be direct and articulate my needs. I see this as a strength and hope to find like-minded hosts. As I am a freelancer and also organize our workawayers, yearly, monthly and daily to-do’s, the flow (work distribution, creating income, marketing) of our farm in Italy, I know how to carry responsibility of myself and others. (Even though I am looking forward to let go of it and just follow orders again). I like organized and clean environments so I will tidy up automatically or when wished with pleasure.
    In my spare time I am known for seeking some silence, do yoga, read, meditate, do walks and hikes, make myself a tea or work on my personal projects. Right now I am specially interested in Tantra, Bhakti and Kundalini yoga, lucid dreaming, mushroom farming and seed saving techniques for biennials, everything related to sustainability and nature conversation, regional food sources like wild herbs, more recipes for cooking and preserving, building with natural and recycled materials, community living and much more … But if I am coming together with people I love to chat, laugh, dance, play boardgames, jam and just be. :)

    // Why I am able to do workaway at all, travel and live abroad
    I am a trained and freelance Graphic-Designer since 2012 and sustain myself throughout the year with different projects. Most of them for private clients, little NGO’s and/or universities. My favourite topics are related to sustainabilty (surprise!) and can be seen on my website friderikeumland(dot)com. I am equipped with everything necessary to create flyers, brochures, whole corporate designs including logos, I can illustrade analog and digital and know how to build a website with wordpress. Therefore I will sometimes need a space to be able to work (including electricity and internet) on my own or for you if you need support with these skills!
    I will organize my private work schedule according to the hosts needs and local possibilities. If there is no wifi connection close-by and I am aware in advance, I will try to shift my work to before or after my stay.

    // Side facts to know
    - Please do not ask me to take care of your children – I love them for their purity but I don’t feel comfortable with taking care of them.
    - I try to have a balanced diet with veggies and organic food. I avoid wheat gluten, meat and milk products as well as alcohol and drugs. But I am flexible if necessary and will not try to convert anyone.
    - Apart from this I have no allergies (that I know of), but a European health insurance and german driving licence.
    - I do not take airplanes and am therefore a slow traveller.
    - I'll will have to ask you for one day off when my female needs require it, usually during new moon. I won't be a help for you on this day ;)

    I am looking forward for more adventures, sharing what I learned and helping you with your projects! Feel free to contact and ask me anything

  • Interests

    Yoga / Wellness
    Art & design
    Drawing & painting
    DIY & crafts
    Cooking & food
    Self development
    Plant care
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    Some knowledge of:  

    General Maintenance
    Creating/ Cooking family meals
    Life at a Farmstay
    Eco Projects
    Helping around the house
    Animal Care
    Helping with Computers/ Internet

    Able to teach about:  

    Art Projects
  • More details about your skills

    housekeeping, gardening, looking after animals, designing places and keeping them organized, help you with your website or self-publicity - details in my description!

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    German: Fluent
    English: Fluent
    Italian: Beginner

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