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    India, Nepal

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    30/11/2017 - 14/05/2018

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    I hope to be in Kerala the end of November and to stay for a few months. I love to immerse myself in a culture and feel any time under 3 months is insufficient. I am currently investigating different opportunities available via Workaway, as they will enable me to immerse myself in the culture, whether it be through teaching, tourism or treatments.

    I hope to connect with local people, to smell the common scents, to hear the rhythmic sounds of music, to learn local dances and celebrations, to challenge myself, to help others with whatever skill I can provide, to meet fellow travellers and hear their stories and to experience and love each day which I am blessed to live.

    I have chosen Kerala above other states for my first voyage to India. I love water, and there appears no shortage with the beautiful ocean, beaches, rivers and back-waters. The lush greenery looks exquisite and will be at its peak just after the November Monsoon - so I believe I am arriving at optimum time. I plan to travel across Kerala's 14 districts and be mesmerised by the hills and mountains, booming with crops of tea, fruits and spices; and the powerful waves of the Lakshaweep Sea. I also adore fresh coconut water (became addicted when I was in Brazil 2015), so when I was told that Kerala means 'Land of the coconuts' - derived from Kera ("coconut tree" in Malayalam) and alam ("land"); I was sold!

    A final deciding factor was that I am a trained Herbalist, and part of my teachings include Ayurveda medicine - the principals of which I use with clients (e.g.: the 3 elemental substances - humours/dosas). The prevalence of Ayurveda in Kerala excites me, thus I hope to connect with local practitioners and learn what I can. Indeed, I fully believe the right teacher will come my way when it is the right time!

    I love to travel, as much for the local environments as for the people, as much for the traditional music as for the food and customs. I love being sociable in the midst of vibrant people and positive energy; but equally I value my own time, being still, with gratitude, through meditation or walking.

    I believe I am a people person, with good social skills, a good brain (just about!!) and a good sense of humour. I love music and to dance, and 'having the craic' (an Irish expression) with people. I am intrigued and fascinated that everyone has their own story, and I love encouraging folk to share theirs. With the same level of enthusiasm and interest which I approach individuals (or groups) of people; I also channel that energy into (in my opinion) Sources (Gods) greatest gift - nature. Plants, animals, insects, birds, flowers, trees - this bountiful world soothes and nourishes my soul with its noisy levels of tranquillity, peace and quiet!

    I am an RSA Cambridge qualified TEFL teacher (since 1996), and have taught English world-wide (Africa, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, England and Ireland). I have broad experience ranging from teaching English in big expensive schools in Europe, small shacks in Ecuador, to tin-huts in Kenya. I love teaching and this is evident in the feedback I have received from students, The British Council and whilst being appraised (most recent July 2017).

    I have experience working in hostels, bars and the hospitality sector. Last year I successfully worked, front-of-house, in a busy city centre hostel in Salvador, state of Bahia, Brazil. I also worked in a surf hostel in Uruguay. Through-out the years, I have gained experience in the hospitality sector in busy Irish pubs as a bar-maid, in expensive English hotels and restaurants as a silver-service waitress and as a Barista in coffee shops. I have even worked behind the bar at busy Irish festivals, where simply serving a pint was not always the biggest problem.

    I love writing (non-fiction) and to this end have had a number of articles published in newspapers and on-line. I always carry a note-book, and can be seen frequently scribing various words, or adding to my current blog (on Herbal medicine and spirituality). Whilst travelling, I plan to expand the themes and topics that catch my attention, and whichever Workaway I chose to do (and who agrees to host me) will almost definitely become a feature (if they agree)!

    I am quite creative, so enjoy turning my hand to different arts and crafts. My inventive imagination assists me when decorating rooms or gardens, believing its the little detailed elements which lift an area and immediately makes it more interesting. In Ireland and England I have worked at many festivals and music concerts, sometimes being involved in decor (through painting or installations), sometimes involved as a herbalist (where it is important to create the vibe in an area for people feel safe and calm).

    I used to make and sell jewellery on the street and at markets in Europe (Barcelona, Dublin, Brighton, Galway, Cork) so have a good business awareness (e.g.: the psychology of buying; product placement and marketing). I have also been involved with some events, e.g.: fund-raisers, specific parties and festivals; dedicating my time from the idea concept, management, marketing, and hosting.

    I have been involved in ecological permacultural and botanical projects, from working in the Galapagos, to Ireland. I love nature and relish opportunities to assist designing a garden, or planting vegetables. I enjoy the planting of seeds as much as I love harvesting and making products from the crops - from wines, healing soups, tinctures or delicious dinners. I have been involved with some horticultural projects whilst travelling; most recently in Brazil and Uruguay. I love animals, and have previous experience working with horses, dogs and cats. I do not, however, like caged birds or dogs that are not walked.

    I am organised, motivated and responsible, and am able to work without supervision.

    I am definitely a free spirit. As I said, I love to travel, and I've done lots of voluntary work in my life so I understand the concept of compassion and gratitude. We would be helping each other out, but it IS voluntary, not paid (unless arranged otherwise) thus a good understanding of voluntary work ethic should be followed, where all expectations are clarified.

    I am very happy in life, and think, always, everything is as it should be. If I am meant to work with you and your project, then I will. X

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    Cooking / shopping
    General Maintenance
    Help with Eco project
    Help in the house
    Animal care
    Helping with Tourists
    Charity work
    Language practice
    Art project
    Help with Computers / internet

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    Work-away projects from the last year: I recently worked at Acai Hostel in Salvador, Bahia, where my responsibilities involved reception, checking-in and out, serving drinks, cleaning, restocking bar, connecting people, taking guests on tours, providing information and managing bookings. I answered emails, phone calls, organizing transfers and tours, and up-dated facebook.

    I also worked in a 'surf' hostel in Uruguay and an organic farm in Uruguay, and taught English to under 12 year olds in a favela in Brazil.

    I also worked on permaculture projects near Paraty (e.g.: Cunha) in Brazil.

    I previously worked at Eco-communities in Ecuador and the Galapagos. I have also volunteered in Kenya (with Pokot tribe), In Ireland - social and community work.

    In England I worked with The Woman's Community Project in Bristol, teaching English to refugee's, and also assisting with the administration and development of an arts festival. I also renovated a woman's garden for her Bed and Breakfast.

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