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    21/07/2019 - 24/08/2019

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    I'm a cheerful, positive and calm 23-year-old girl from little Denmark in Scandinavia.

    In the autumn of 2018 I travelled in Latinamerica for 3 months, volunteering at different places working with permaculture, community living and a looot of animals <3 <3 <3 (I am a HUGE dog person! As in; put a dog in front of me and I will not hear what you are saying before the dog is gone again...) Now back in Denmark and living in the city I feel an urge to go back to where the important things happen; where community spirit and a care for each other – human and non-human animals – is what sets the daily agenda.

    I've lived my whole childhood in quite a wonderful and special place. I'm born and raised in an ecological/organic co-habitation/community with my father, mother, big sister and 16 other families – more or less 40 people. The place is a fairly old farm with lots of countryside – we have 20 hectares (50 acres) of land. The old farmhouse and barn are still there and in 1992 the land was turned into organic agriculture and in a part of the land 15 apartments was built, a long with a common house and common areas like a playground, a beach volleyball field, a small football field, a wooden workshop, a car workshop and a common orchard with meters and meters of vegetables, fruit trees, berries and flowers. We have cows, horses and chicken and previously have had pigs, sheep, geese and ducks. We dine together from Monday to Friday each week only with the exception of Christmas to New Year's Eve and a few weeks in the summer. We classify our waste in about 12 categories, our solar cells on the rooftops heat the water in our homes, the water in all our bathrooms and three laundry machines is purified rain water. Today we are about 40 people – more or less 30 adults and 10 children and teenagers, but when I was a child, the community consisted of 30 adults and almost 30 children.
    Growing up in the "baby boom" of the community I have learned a lot in my daily life about differences, similarities, reaching an agreement and feeling your own as well as respecting the personal boundaries of others. I have helped with some of the animals and prepared countless dinners for the 40 people. I have taken part in the monthly "Work-Saturday" where we eat breakfast and lunch together, work on several projects on the farm and end the day with cake and coffee. I have helped in the orchard, cleaned and organized the common house, helped getting the hay from the fields to the barn, prepared the shared lunch etc.

    I can be very talkative but I also need moments of solitude from time to time. I am a lover of music, nature, laughter and love. I eat mostly vegan, otherwise vegetarian. I don't consider myself religious, though I do consider myself spiritual. I have started learning about the yogic wisdom, permaculture and have always, since I was kindergarten age, been fascinated by and attracted towards the philosophies and mindsets of the native people of the world; the approach to and understanding of our planet, its inhabitants and the interconnection between us all. I believe that no one and no thing is as separated from the next person, animal, plant and so on as the Western World thinks and teaches its kids. No, on the contrary, I believe that love is, like the dear John Lennon said, all you need – to start. That we are here to love.

    I strongly believe that growing up in community has meant that I have achieved a deeper understanding of diversity, commitments, respect for the resources of the planet and the consideration of people, animals and the nature than if I had grown up on a suburban street. I don't think it's possible to become selfish when you grow up in a community. It simply doesn't work there. You learn from birth that your actions affect everyone around you – people and planet.
    We borrow from each other – tools and other things as well as knowledge. When we share we have more time, more knowledge and more life. The good life is not a question of owning, it is a question of accessibility. The doormat at the common house says it all: "Welcome to the funny farm. We may not have it all together, but together we have it all!"

    I am not the physically strongest person you can find, but I am curious, an easy learner, reliable, thorough, both independent and a team player. I ask if there is someting I do not understand and I find something new to do when I'm finished with a task – I don't just stand and do nothing. Even though it is very un-Danish to "brag" about yourself I will say that I am truly naturally helpful. I see trash on the ground - I pick it up. I see someone struggling with cleaning up, getting through the door with their hands full etc. - I ask spontaneously if they need a hand. I love working with edibles, dirt and nature - even though I don't have much knowledge of the processes involved. But! This is one of the things I would like to learn much, much more about!

    I would very much like to work with the earth, animals, building, decorating, cooking and sharing delicious plant-based meals, creating, sharing, learning, getting my hands dirty. I am a fast learner and a creative thinker in terms of finding solutions, that being practical, mental or other.
    I have and have always had a warm heart for animals.

    My parents have raised me with the moral saying that you may not hurt anyone intentionally. Though my mother and father can not 100% follow my reasons for turning to veganism I see it as a completely natural path on the road they have always taught me to go. No one is worth less than anybody else – that being sexual minorities, socially deprived, any religious groups or non-human animals. You shall treat others with kindness and so the world will return your kindness. This is what I have learned. I am simply extending this philosophy to also include the animals.

    In the summer of 2016 I graduated from studying English, Spanish, arts and philosophy for three years in the Danish version of “highschool”. I spent a lot of my weekends during highschool volunteering (for a year I was a member of the board and also for one year of the national congress) in the Danish youth organisation "Operation Dagsværk" (eng.: Operation Dayswork) which works with education and development projects in deprived countries all over the world. Here, I learned a lot about The Good Meeting/Discussion and I facilitated a few workshops.

    Right now I'm working full time in a 80% organic café, looking foreward to starting studying History of the Ideas (close to studying philosophy) and enjoying living in with my fantastic boyfriend, Jakob, learning new things from him every week. In my spare time I volunteer in a climate action group, do a little yoga, read books, cook and bake (mostly healthy ;-) ) 90% vegan meals and take walks in the nearby forest and small runs to the sea.

  • Type of help

    General Maintenance
    Cooking / shopping
    Help with Eco project
    Help in the house
    Animal care
    Art project

  • What skills do you have?

    Team player, but also very independent.
    Curious, playful and comfortable in a kitchen.
    A positive, creative, solution-oriented "can do" -spirit and mindset.
    Reliable, punctual, responsible and naturally helpful.
    Would like to learn more about working with dirt, plants and animals – especially permaculture-style.
    Lover of the outdoors even though I have not very much experience in working in and with nature.
    Kind, thoughtful, benevolent and trustful.
    I sing. I play a little piano and guitar too – and drums and other percussion-styled instruments gladly. I LOVE a good rhythm!

  • Languages spoken

    Danish, pretty much fluent in day-to-day-English, intermediate Spanish, understand some Norwegian and Swedish and speak a little bit of German.

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    I would rather volunteer several weeks a few places, than one week many places. I plan on giving everything I can to the place and the people I come to and wish to learn their way of living and thinking. Rather than helping out with minor jobs, many places, I wish to get a profound relationship with and insight in the places, people and animals, I meet.

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      Mostly vegan, otherwise vegetarian.