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    Hi! I'm a 31yo Italian guy, aiming to experience different cultures and lifestyiles, to found my way in the world. I'm always on a different track, travelling the world on my way.

    This year I can only travel on July, August and the first half of September. My possible destinations are Portugal, Morocco or Greece (haven't decided yet). Maybe I'll keep travelling for few months more, depending on the mood and the upcoming situation.

    Currently I am looking for a place near the sea where I can spend the summer, following one (or both, better) objectives:

    1- Help in eco-building and eco-farming projects expecially in small communties, families, group of friends etc... I wanna learn as many skills and techniques as I can in those fields as I hope in the future to build my dreamhouse in a piece on land, balanced with nature.

    2- Volunteer in an hostel-like structure, hopefully near the sea so I can practice Surf and Windsurf and enjoy the summer inside a multicultural environment, where I can meet new people to learn from, make friends, enjoy and help the others.

    BUT... WHO AM I ?
    I live in a village on a mountain in south-Tuscany. Woods are my natural habitat, small Rivers my blood and the Sea... thats my forgotten valley. I'm the elder brother in my family and I was taking care of my smallest brother and sister for all my life.

    During the past years, I had gained experience in grape, olivs and chestnuts harvesting, but also I was working as waiter, handyman, carpeenteer, bartender, lifeguard, teaching and special-needs teaching. Currently, this last one is my actual job here in Italy. I also participated in an eco-building project in Morocco, 2 years ago.
    I was working a lot as lifeguard during summers for 10+ years, developing an high sense of responsability for the people around me. I am fluent in English language.

    My hobbies are photograpy, videomaking, drawing, trekking everywhere, riding motorbikes and doing sports. I have practiced many sports in my life, expecially windsurf, boxing, swimming and I want to improve my surfing skill. I train on a regular basis. What else... I like to work with my hands, I know how to operate many handtools for wood and iron. Also, I can play basic guitar and piano, but need more practice. Recenlty, I opened an website/youtube channel with a firend (he's the coder, not me), about trekking. There I post videos of our travels, practicing video-making and photoart. Here's the link for the courious ones -->

    I consider myself a very open person, indipendent, active and full of energy. I like to meet new people, listen to them and exchange stories and knowledge... Thus I'm a bit shy sometimes, but when the ice is broken I quickly make long-lasting connections as I firmly belive in friendship and I am inclined to trust others, treathing them as brothers and sisters. I like to smile every time, trying to be funny, optimistic and realistic, it is very difficult to put me in a bad mood. Cannot give up so easily.

    I surely need time for myself, to reflect, train, meditate. I am very calm and patient, comprehensive, but also full of desire to do, to help the people around me and to learn new things from them. My aim in doing Workaway is to make new connections, enjoy the life of course but also learning skills... I want to follow a different way in my future, outside the classic networks and the chaotic modernity that is wasting our beautiful Planet. I am very aware of the ongoin climate crysis and want to do something good, even small, to help everyone. I have a degree in biology so I am sooo curious about animals, plants and nature in general. I hope to keep studying in the future. I am very good in planning stuff and make little projects to follow afterwards. I think that I can learn very quikly almost everything.

    In the end... Travel is life! Travel is freedom! Travel is enlighment. Shall all of us be free, following our earths we will make a better world!

    Can't wait to live adventures with you, Brothers and Sisters that I don't know yet! :D

  • Skills and knowledge I'd like to share or learn

    I'm interested in:  

    DIY and building projects
    Eco Projects
    Animal Care
    Charity Work
    Language practice

    Some knowledge of:  

    Babysitting and creative play
    Life at a Farmstay
    Art Projects

    Able to teach about:  

    General Maintenance
    Creating/ Cooking family meals
    Helping around the house
    Helping with Computers/ Internet
  • More details about your skills

    Basic construction skills with some materials, love to build stuff and learn new techniques
    Basic electronic, I can fix some electric cable, lamps and stuff like that. Will love to learn new things on this
    Basic gardening and farming, also feeding animals
    Can handle a lots of programs for Windows (dont know much about Mac OS) also for photo-working, video editing and basic website desing
    Can cook very good italian dishes and much more, I love cooking indeed.
    Can organize the house and cleaning
    Like to trek and go in expeditions even for many days, love camping and live in the nature
    Like drawing, painting and writing small tales
    Like a lot to play with childrens!
    Like to explain things to others and share my knowledge in Biology and Science, can teach every scientific subject (physic, chemistry, biology, a bit oh math...) and Italian also.

    Quick learner! :D Love to do anyting else that is new for improve my skills expecially in farming and construction.

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    English: Fluent
    Italian: Fluent

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