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    I believe travel is the best education especially if the experience is to live and work with a local family in a local community. People say Im a natural with children and old people alike and for me its easy Im a child at heart so to play and be childish is wonderful ! to learn and share time with elderly people I learnt as a child to take care of someone close to you that might be lonely . My favourite guide book the lonely planet says so much in the title. To share your journey with a host and workawayers will enhance your life and give you a real life knowledge of the culture ,religion, politics and region in the country you choose. I prefer real contact and communication not social media. I plan to spend the next 5 - 6 months as a workawayer for many reasons but with in mind to share the knowledge of hosts in order for me to host many workawayers in the future with my beautiful villa in the soca valley Slovenia. is the link to my project. Its online as a host for you to check out and maybe see a little of my intent for the future . There is little point for me to own something if you cant share it.My brother says Im kind and generous and thats good for me. My past is so varied I need many campfires or treks in the mountains to share but as they say one step at a time. I have no religion but respect yours . I will care for people and protect whats close to me and you with respect for your family ,surroundings and life. Please read my reference for the past 5 months as a workawayer l prefer my hosts words for you to know me from there knowledge of me.lm definately practical in many ways.l wish you good health and kind regards.

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    Im happy and fun which is important when your weeding a field .Im fit and strong ,loyal and loving . I like knocking things down and I like building things in equal measure. I adapt to whats needed , kind and gentle suits me . Im independent and need little direction and respect your need for space , I will wonder off into the sunset and explore for myself. I like to help and take care of less confident people. Its easy too motivate with kindness. I worked as an activity manager in a educational mainly school age centre and controlled over 100 kids at the local sports centre every Saturday so games and sport I can arrange and keep people from saying " Im bored "My favourite day at school was sports day so my activity centre will have a sportsday every week for sure but why not every day ? fitness can be fun and team building at the same time. I can design and build , landscape gardens, driveways ,fencing. Im handy with most tools and joke hardware stores are my equivalent to ladies shopping , I can make shoes from coconut husks and they can polish floors while you slip and slide or dance in your own way. waste nothing , use everything right. I learnt to cook you need too so would love to learn more cuisines in your home .Cooking is more prep and clean up and I get stuck in with that.As a swimming teacher Im a lifeguard so thats a good skill.I managed a holiday resort in Australia which twinned as a YHA , I owned the bar and restaurant and learnt attractive bar girls and drunk packpackers can cause problems.I started my own workaway experience before knowing this site so I love the the whole ethos of the business connecting in so many valid ways. I would like to bring something new to the project and help you market the idea with my ideas .I was employed as the general manager of a holiday resort because of my ideas and experience travelling this amazing world.Im happy to take care of someone that needs some basic help I have my own project to manage in the near future. Im done writing about me its not one of my skills and wish you well. Good luck !!! Rich

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