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  • Country: Thailand
  • Feedback: 65
Greetings from the North of Thailand! We are a little Art/Eco-Resort Project located near the highest mountain Thailands, about 60 Kilometers (40 miles for the metrically challenged ;) ) South-West of Chiang Mai. Much more than just a Resort, it ......

  • Country: Thailand
Come live in and help set up a community house in a small quiet Thai neighborhood. A three minute walk from the river and a popular street with shops, cafe's and bars, set just off from the busy city center of Chiang Mai.

  • Country: Thailand
  • Feedback: 2
We are located in Laemsak community, Krabi province. Surrounded by the sea, this cape has a lot to offer as it is very wild and still untouched by mass tourism. The community consists of three different cultures : Thai Buddhists, Chinese Buddhists ......

  • Country: Thailand
Our project is a big family - really big. My wife, Evelind Schecter, and I started our project seven years ago based on our experience as parents and foster parents in the US. We opened its doors in July 2008 and accepted its first 5 children in ......

  • Country: Thailand
We are in the process of opening a new community Montessori; that is located on private grounds and need some help with light building duties and the general maintenance of the area.