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  • Country: Bolivia
  • Feedback: 264
We are people who share a passionate love for nature that also have worked for years in wildlife management projects at different contexts (Bio-parks, Rehabilitation Centers, Noninvasive Research and Wildlife Sanctuaries) In late 2011 we ......

  • Country: Bolivia
  • Feedback: 26
Organic project with seasonal crops, fruit trees, greenhouses, hen-house and the occasional llama duties. we usually need help with the cats, herding the lamas and playing with the dogs. taking care of peaches, apples, olives and other crops. the ......

  • Country: Bolivia
  • Feedback: 40
Ps: Write me only in French, Spanish or German! I do not speak English!! --- ● I am Béa, 72 years old woman dynamic, great sense of humor and full of love for my animals, 16 dogs (+5 babies who have just been born), 3 parrots, 2 monkeys, 5 cats, ......

  • Country: Bolivia
We are an organic farm producing vegetables, fruits, cheeses and beers following agroecological practices since 1984. Our property is located in Tiquipaya, in the western countryside of Cochabamba. The farm covers an area of 3.2 ha and it includes ......