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    Hello everyone ! I am Nele ☀️

    In 2016 I finished my university-entrance diploma in Germany, since then I've been all over the place studying and working and traveling through workaway. :-)

    I grew up in a small village with some pretty mediocre mountains around 130 km away from cologne. For 18 years I lived on a kind of a farm with my parents and my older brother. Our home was over one hundred years old. Unfortunately, my mother and I had to move, so I really miss being outside all the time.

    I adore and appreciate animals and nature, I'm lucky that most time of my life I had them around me.

    Four years ago (2017) I started studying sustainable social policy, which I quit after two semesters because it made me just really frustrated.. Now that I had to move to a city (because there are no universities where I grew up), I do feel like my soul lost its connection to nature, which makes me so sad; So I'm trying to get back to my natural origin.
    I guess we can all profit from some inner peace, am I right?

    I moved to another city, close to Frankfurt in 2019.
    I started going to school again and be simultaneously trained to become a professional veterinary assistant, including poking needles into veins and all that jazz, but I quit that after a while.

    I still have my job at the vet because I love working with animals and having them around, I just realized that being able to study at a university is such a privilege, so I continued studying.
    Now, this is my last semester of sociology and I absolutely love it and I'm so glad I decided to study again, even if it's hard sometimes to keep up and with working at the vet and everything.

    Update July 2021: I'm about to write my bachelor's thesis and get my degree in sociology, which I think, is really cool haha. I have a job in the sauna at a gym now. So after I hand in my bachelor's thesis, which is due August 25th, I am thinking to get out of here for a few weeks, I feel so unhappy with being in one place and not being able to go somewhere else.


    Well and besides that I think I am good at working on my own, but I also really appreciate a good company with friendly, kind, and respectful people. I absolutely love nice people haha
    And also I do think it's equally important to listen to other people as it is to speak. :-)
    BUT through my visits to the United States, I really learned to talk even if I'm just saying the obvious; Americans are pretty talkative haha

    P.S.: Please don't scream at me, sometimes I'm a whiny baby and can't take it

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    I am good at riding. I've been riding dressage (not like high-end professional though) for 16 years by now, which just shows how old I got haha
    Overall I really like handling various animals and taking care of them.

    Besides that I enjoy hiking and generally being in nature; unfortunately, the pretty mediocre mountains I mentioned earlier are kind of super steep, so my stamina is most of the time quite good because a dog needs to be walked I guess.
    I love to do and try different kinds of sports, even though I often can't coordinate my arms and legs and maybe it's just generally my body, but I can look really ungainly/clumsy and maybe that's because I am exactly that BUT I'm out here giving my best.

    I grew up helping with work outside and taking care of animals. So when I'm at home I do a lot of gardening, digging in the dirt, and planting stuff. Now that I've been studying and living in the city for some time, I really want to go back for a bit and do all this stuff again. I've got basic building skills and at my former job, I built xylophones, drums, chimes, etc. I used to work with wood and metal basically.

    Furthermore, I do really enjoy drawing and painting, I am usually creative when I don't even intend to be so.
    I am also capable of chopping wood, I recently learned that haha, but I guess my strength won't hold up too long while doing that.

    Through workaway I achieved some things, which I am very proud of; For example, in 2016 in Norway we managed to build two big horse shelters in only ten days, or in Scotland I learned how to plant willows in very wet ground and in 2017 I stayed one month in Spain in a beautiful Outdoor Activity Center, where I learned how to handle tourists and take them out on rides. In 2018 I visited the beautiful United States of America two times; in Missouri, I learned a bit of western riding on Tennessee Walkers and Missouri Foxtrotters! In Tucson, AZ I learned to be me and got dressage lessons on wonderful horses AND how to plant figs, citrus trees, and all of that in very, very dry ground.
    And there is so much more I learned, I am so, so, so thankful for all the skills I achieved and the people I've met; I'm looking forward to helping other people and learn new things. :-)

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    Resulting of the cause that I love animals, I want you to know that I am a vegetarian ( at the border to being a vegan, haha). I can cook for myself or for everyone, but don't expect too much, or I'll just eat the vegetables from whatever you are cooking; The opportunities are just endless
    Oh and maybe that's important to you: I do actually eat a lot and I don't know how I can stay kind of skinny but I must have been born in the favor of the metabolism gods.

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      I'm a vegetarian/vegan 🌻