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    Dear reader / host,

    First of all I will introducé myself. Hi, my name is Helene van der Moore from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I am 51 years jong, but feel and behave younger than the average person of 51 years, I think:-).

    1) What I look for are hosts are kind people who needs help whit there or : there horses or on a boat to work with any kind of animal, because I love animals a lot and interesting/nice people cosy dinner in the evenings to learn a lot and of your culture and exchange, in exchange for food and shelter. Work hard play hard:-) I as well like to learn to sail on a catamaran Animal lovers would be very nice!!

    2) It would be also nice to work on festivals (film), on a organisational level, because I am good in this and did this many many years.

    3) Or making music because I like to sing and am good at improvisatie as well. I have sung in many bands in the past and still.

    I like to sing: Classic, Jazz, Funk, Rock, House, Soul and Funk music, and I love experimenting with musicians.
    Because of my adventurous streak and interest I would like to work in Italy, Africa ore elsewhere in Europe or Brazil. I have worked in many different countries all over the world myself and lived 15 years on a row, and have traveled a lot because of my dive master skills and work, and love for nature and animals and making music with people around me. I can sing a bit as-well and I am creative.

    Some years ago I bought a house in the Amsterdam, Netherlands, where I started a Bed and Breakfast for tourist, withs I run in the summer time myself. I love my business and my tourist guests, but in wintertime it is less busy, so I engagement this opportunity to get closer to wild-live and nature.

    Kits and animals I love as well and different cultures. I especially love dogs and horses but that's only because I have them the most around me 'I think. I do love all sorts of animals. I like to learning how to work at a ranch sort of place and to herds cows on my horseback skills. It would be nice as well to work and learning more about monkeys and/ore other animals of all sorts, like elephants, lions or one of the bigger sorts of animals and to assist doctors were and if I can. I have worked whit the animal Ambulance for a while. But a long time ago.
    My hors back riding skills are reasonably good and I am looking forward to do this as work as well as/ore in my spare time.

    My dressage riding is getting better and better because I learnt a lot the last years. So I am now an middle experience horse rider.

    I've drove here and there my hole live and had manny lessens for 7 years old. Only jumping with horses I find a bit scary because of my age of 47. I've never trained young horses, but I now how to do it because I looked many times, how to do it. Here I worked last year with horses were I learned a lot Because of many private lessons in training and riding inside. Have a look please: https://www.workaway.info/911487337338-en.html

    This year I worked very intens with twelve, seven year old Andalusian horses, six stallions and six geldings. These Spanish horses came from a stud in Aragon to the Jurançon region at the age of one year to eat the grass on a vineyard.

    At this place I had 7 hours a day education so private lessons, from a master in riding dressage. These much loved horses have been handled only by one careful owner and were exceptionally gentle and tractable. They lived naturel, raised together in harmony. All were educated ( i hesitate to say broken) to ride, but some more than others. Please have a look were: https://www.workaway.info/391121494446-en.html

    For the rest I don't have an afraid character at all.
    I would like to make beautiful horse back rides and I can also help whit group rides if you like. Learning to get a better in riding, and learning about life as a farmer and animals as well, as maybe working whit the big five ore others sort. In Holland I have worked whit this organication whit monkeys and other animals in order to protect them.

    You can look here:

    After working for them I went to be dive master in Thailand and to bring back young monkeys to the jungle and up for adoption by wild monkeys.

    Why I want to work arbroath?
    \Because I might want to move more to the countryside to live there for ever my self. But I tray to explore were I love it the most. And even to bay a house there. Maybe I would like to start living around there, after this experience, so I want to do this as a 'try out'. I am a nature girl as well, but I as-well like city's ore villages to go to sometimes, so I mis the nature a lot in Amsterdam.

    So I am a hard worker myself, but I like to have a some free time as-well during the week ore in the weekends, like 2 days, to have a good time and to look around in the area or nearest town as-well. Humor from other people is always welcome at my adres and I love making jokes myself.
    However, I would like to stay for lodging en food costs ( I can cook for people and myself ) in exchange of work, or I would like to get paid so I can get food and drinks, and a roof above my head, ore a Sahara tent, ore hut ore so.

    For sure I will be happy to come and help you out whit your work. It would be nice to meet more travelers ORE TRIBES in the evening for fun and Creativity'S. I DO SMOKE.

    Because of my age I would like to have my own places t sleep and a double bed very much appreciated , what I do not have to share with an another person.
    Most likely I'm going to work at more workplaces in order to know the animals, people, country and cultures, and have a nice time in the country sites but as well in Town'S ore near by towns. I have a year to do this all.
    Sometimes I think I have a lot of humor??:) hi hi, and a'm a open minded, cheerful and have an optimistic character whit lot's of energie and interests.

    Maybe I can find a nice animal (hors-ride), children ore/and farm work true Work Away. I am Professional Thaise traditional masseur, but as a job, not as volunteer work!

    Thanks you very much for reading my letter. And hope to here from you soon. Have a very nice day. End maybe till we will meet. I'm looking forward.

    Bye bye,

    Securely, Helene van der Moore

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  • Was könntest du arbeiten?

    Animals ambulance, animal rescue.

    Free horse back riding hors care in many ways and dressage, keeping horses fit for many years and had lessons as a child for 7 years and the last 2 years I got lessons at 3 different Andalusian horses a day, six stallions and six geldings, 7 hours a day 2 weeks long dressage (Manny private lessons 5 days a week).
    Taking care of wild animals as monkeys as in: http://www.aap.nl/index.phpGeneral%20Maintenance

    Taking care of horses and other animals, like dogs, cars, monkeys donkeys and so on. Dog trainer.

    Very good whit dogs.

    I love children care.

    Gardening: work in the garden and at the country site whit fruits.

    Singing at the campfire and stages:)

    Tourist help info.

    Internet and computer skills.

    Professional Thaise traditional masseur.


    Festival Organizer.

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    I am a hard worker but like to have a some free time as well during the week ore in the weekends, like 2 days a week, to I can have a good time and to look around in the area ore nearest town as-well.

    However, I would like to stay for lodging en food costs ( I can cook myself ) in exchange of work, or I would like to get paid so I can get drinks, food and a roof over my head ore a Sahara tent, ore hut ore so.

    I will be happy to come and help you out whit your work.

    Because of my age I would like to have my own places the sleep, what I do not have to share with an another person.
    I am sorry but I do smoke, but never in they area of children of course.

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