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    I'm finally back in the beautiful Norway and I'm looking for a host for January; the more up in the North the better :P

    I'm particularly interested in working with animals, or in a hotel/hostel/kitchen restaurant to get some pocket money; house-pet sitting position are welcomed as well, but whenever there's something for me to learn, new skills to acquire, possibility to have a cultural and human exchange, I'm open to it!
    I like open air activities, and I'm not afraid of doing physical work or "dirty jobs", and actually this is something that I find enjoyable and funny.
    I'm using Workaway also to be inspired by others, to learn new things and acquire confidence in new skills; I'm particularly interested about learning how to produce your own preserve food, especially fermented food; also, I'd like to give myself the chance to try to learn how to build things.
    I don't mind small villages (I can confirm that, I've spent quite some time in the North of Sweden in villages where less than 100 people live!), quite places, I like being surrounded by nature, the fresh air, the silence, and I feel at home surrounded by mountains; that being said, I like to discover cities and I like water in every form (lakes, rivers, streams, waterfalls, and yes, also seas and oceans!)

    Through Workaway I had some experience working in the fields, planting, weeding and collecting vegetables, and other manual tasks such as collecting fruits (while also climbing on the trees) and cutting grass. I know that it's a hard work, both on the body and on the mind.

    I think staying around the animals it's therapeutic. I haven't grown up with animals, but while volunteering I took care of, feeding and cleaning, various animals and pets: dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens (including a fighting rooster), horses, pigs, cows, (runaway) sheep, goats. I absolutely adore goats, because of their strong and independent personality. And I'd like to have the opportunity to stay with donkeys, they seem such sweet and patient animals.
    I know that working with animals isn't something that you can fit on a schedule, and that you have to be aware and available for animals needs and emergencies.

    I also had some experience with children: here in Italy I worked as a volunteer with small groups of children (2-5 children at a time), age around 2-5; these are the children of immigrant women (mainly from North Africa and mainly Muslims) that came to live in Italy and have/want to learn Italian; it was twice a week and it was just one-two hours in the afternoon and it has been very difficult and required a lot of patience; but it's also been very satisfying, when you succeed in building a relationship of trust with children and you're able to communicate with them even if you don't speak the same language.
    I consider children as persons, with their own personalities, so I wouldn't say that I like "children", as children were something abstract that exists in theory. I do like spending some time with children though, because they see and enjoy things in different ways than adults do.
    Honestly speaking, I think that I like more spending time with kids/adolescents, you can really have interesting conversations with them.

    I've a little experience in working at hostels/B&B: my mainly duties were cleaning and welcoming guests, but now I know how much effort you have to put in order to build a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for the guests, because every detail matters: a clean bathroom and tidy beds, an elaborate or simple meal, paying attention to the questions that the guests might have but also being available for a brief talk, none of these things can be overlooked, and all of these things together indicates that you truly take care of them.
    I like talking with the guests; well, and providing them an excellent experience, of course :)
    I've worked as a waitress for about three months in a hotel in Norway, serving guests at the cafè, at breakfast (serving at the table and preparing buffet), and dinner.

    I prefer helping in the household as an "extra" activity outside the normal volunteering hours rather than finding a place where one of the main job is cleaning the house (unless I'm applying for a position in a hostel/B&B or for house-sitting, obviously); there's no point and interest for me to go elsewhere to do something that I normally do at my house, but it really depends on the situation though: if someone needs help because of a physical condition or live in a very interesting place, and there's the opportunity to learn something about the place, or there's a cultural exchange of any type involved... I'll consider this kinda of volunteering as well;
    super important: if you ask me to help you to tidy around the house, but then you're a messy person who doesn't seem to care about living in a messy place and basically destroy every effort that I made, don't contact me! It drives me mad! (you can still be a wonderful person, no moral judgement involved)

    I can cook, but I'm not a very good at it, especially for the Italian standards. but I do like washing dishes.
    On a more "professional" note: in the summer of 2020 I've worked in a kitchen restaurant in Ireland for two months, making sandwiches and panini; I've worked as kitchen helper in hotels in Sweden and Norway (they were small mountains hotel).

    I think Workaway is about being adaptable, but at the same time I don't wanna feel miserable, so if I don't feel at ease in a place, I'll move on.
    It doesn't matter if I like a job/task, I'll always do it at the best of my possibilities, in a respectful and honest way. I'm more concerned about having a honest relationship with my host.
    Through Workaway I've found out that I really like to help, but not to please. If we agree on something, please don't let come to your place and do something else entirely!
    I've done my share of experiences on Workaway to know that I cannot trust 100% the feedback on the profile; I may not have that many references, but if you have enough time, and patience, to read the ones that I wrote, you can have an idea about how my "matching" Workaway experience and host should be.

    If you'll read my message, please reply! Otherwise, I really appreciate being contacted by hosts! :D

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    Film & Fernsehen

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    Mithilfe auf einem Bauernhof
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    Work fields, farming, taking care of pets, supervising and having fun with children.
    Handling wood (splitting, cutting, packing, stacking)
    Some knowledge of gardening
    Some hostel and b&b experience, help in the kitchen;

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    I'd love to teach how to speak Italian! I'd like to learn some basics of Russian, and I'd like to know some Turkish.

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    I recently started to do yoga and some breathing exercise, mostly to switch off my mind, rather than for any other positive effect that these practice can have on the body. I hope I can find place where keep doing this beneficial habit.
    For the same reason, occasionally I may sing to ease the stress, but if the case, I'll do this when no one is around.
    I'd love if you have a bike to go around!

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