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Diese Option berücksichtigt die Angaben von Hosts in ihren Kalendern. Nur Hosts mit aktiviertem und aktualisiertem Kalender erscheinen in den Ergebnissen.

Cultural and language exchange with our family and help with some social media and photography for our pet hotel in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
  • Land: Malaysia
We are running a pet hotel for the last 10 year. We have 2 young daughter. It will be great for our family to have some cultural exchange and learn a new language.

Join us at our youth centre and support education for minority students near Taunggyi, Shan state, Myanmar
  • Land: Myanmar
  • Feedback: 1
Hello, my name is Khun. I am the responsible person for a youth development training program located near Taunggyi, Shan state. This is a new project that started at the beginning of January 2020. We are focusing on civic education of young people ......

Help teach English and/or other languages and share your cultures with our students in the beautiful Yogyakarta city, Indonesia
  • Land: Indonesien
  • Feedback: 9
My name is Wisnu. I live in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I have my own business with my friends, we created an environmental consultant. We help our clients to do an environmental impact assessment for their projects. By making a right arrangement for the ......

Looking for volunteers for buildings a little gardening too near Krabi, Thailand
  • Land: Thailand
Looking for 1 or 2 people or couple ..One day I went traveling and looked at half the world and found my home here on an island in Thailand. I want to set up a yoga and encounter center here in my country, which can also be used for other ......

Be part of our organic farm project and experience helping with a local Mangyan family in Puerto Galera, Philippines
  • Land: Philippinen
  • Feedback: 3
Our farm is located in Puerto Galera on Mindoro Island, a small paradise for nature lovers and divers. We are Thomas and Rose, a retired german-philipino couple and the founder of a project which was established in 2018 to try and break the circle ......

Become part of our family and help with our 3-year-old boy in Miyagi, Japan
  • Land: Japan
Hello! We are a family of 3 including little boy! He is 3 years old :) We live in Miyagi (Ishinomaki), JAPAN. Ishinomaki has delicious food (especially Seafood!)and kindly people!! We are in need of someone who can help to looking after my kid ......

Help bring life to my mountain village akiya house in Hyogo, Japan
  • Land: Japan
  • Feedback: 3
I been living in japan for 8 years , been doing carpentry and learn alot about japanese way of building, now I am working as chef in new zealand restaurant , I am really interested in farming and living with land so I decided to go offgrid , been ......

Help us to improve our award winning wellness Retreat in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka
  • Land: Sri Lanka
  • Feedback: 26
An award winning holistic wellness retreat, located in the heart of the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka - Sigirya. In the outskirts of a small village surrounded by the jungle, we are trying to change the trend of tourism by placing nature and ......

Looking for someone with Marketing/digital skills to join our Conscious Living Center in Cambodia
  • Land: Kambodscha
Our school for Conscious living is a retreat center for people seeking support and guidance to live a simple, natural, conscious, profound and content life. People choose to stay here to deepen their roots in the present moment and develop the ......

Painting, carpentry, beach cleanup and more in the island of Palawan, Philippines
  • Land: Philippinen
  • Feedback: 8
Hi! My name is Rex. I live on a private island off the coast of Coron, Palawan, Philippines. My grandfather bought the place. Passed to my Mom. And now, I take care of it. It used to be a family vacation place but after a typhoon destroyed most of ......

Baking, Biking, and Building at our beach community in Cambodia
  • Land: Kambodscha
  • Feedback: 44
Hi we are Kristin (from Iceland) and Adrian (from UK) we came to Otres Village, Cambodia after many years living in New York City, and we fell in love with the people and place. Recently there has been a huge influx of Chinese development that has ......

Discover the Japanese countryside and its ways while helping in our 150 year old home in Kamigori-cho, Japan
  • Land: Japan
  • Feedback: 5
We are Toma and Matilda, I am french and she is japanese. We bought this 150 year old house in 2017 and are working on several renovation projects in order to be sustainable as much as we can be. The projects going on are: a rainwater tank, solar ......

Help at a community of performing artists in Shantiniketan, India
  • Land: Indien
Our centre was established in 1990 in Shantiniketan (West Bengal), India. It is a centre for practical research. Here, surrounded by nature, we have created conditions suitable for studying and training in performative work. It is located within a ......

Help us with our eco project in beautiful rural Birbhum, India
  • Land: Indien
  • Feedback: 2
Namashkar, We are a social organization focused on helping the marginalized through creating various income generating opportunities for them. We run a beautiful village centre at Labpur, West Bengal. Which has several eco housing facilities and ......

Come help us and enjoy the greatest views and nature in Fujikawaguchikomachi, Japan
  • Land: Japan
  • Verdienstmöglichkeit
three restaurants in one. noodle bar, café/co working space/fusion yakitori we have a new concept of targeting different customers depending on what time of the day it is, we are everyones friend. our local soul food is hoto, ramen, and udon, which ......

Yoga and Marketing help in an eco-kitesurf resort in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka
  • Land: Sri Lanka
Are you a certified yoga teacher looking for a peaceful, beautiful and natural setting to teach your practice to others ? Our resort provides all the open air (but protected) spaces needed to conduct yoga classes with garden views / sea views by the ......

Join us in our lovely hostel and let here to be your second home in Taipei, Taiwan
  • Land: Taiwan
  • Feedback: 1
  • Verdienstmöglichkeit
Our place is a co-living place, a Homey flat in the center of Taipei, 1 mins to NTU hospital station. So nearby Taipei Main Station which is very convenient for eating, shopping, clubbing, sightseeing!! You can meet local people and travelers all ......

Live in a Dog rescue center located along the beach in Goa, India
  • Land: Indien
  • Feedback: 36
This is an institution that was founded in 2016. We are caring for about 40 dogs in our place and caring for the animals in the villages around too. Our place is directly at the ocean, besides a river and the djungle in the middle between tourist ......

Be immersed in the local community and teach English to local children, North Okkalapa, Myanmar
  • Land: Myanmar
Our school is a very small private school visioning students in the community will get the kind of great English learning experience like in international schools. It is only a weekend school and we want an expat, a fluent English speaker, to help ......

Help us out on the farm and study with us on a beautiful island in Etajima, Japan
  • Land: Japan
  • Feedback: 16
ABOUT ME I`m a nature loving, spontaneous 24yr old that puts importance on experiencing new thing and meeting new people. I am a half Japanese half Chinese and grew up in California. I moved back to Japan after graduating from high school in CA, and ......