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Contribute towards a better children's education and future in Sereysophon, Cambodia

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  • Beschreibung


    My Name is Sopheak (Som).
    I am a 38 years old school teacher and owner. I live in Sereysophon City (beautiful freedom), in Banteay MeanChey Province, Cambodia. My wife's name is Mrs. Chheng Sereyratha.
    I own a private school “International School” focused on beginners English level for young children. We teach two other Languages beginning level as well (Thai and Chinese). I live in a separate building near the school, my home is located in front of “Phasa Thmei market”(New Market) or another name is “Phasa ChanKakor” (market).
    My mission is to help the children of Cambodia to become better educated, to have a better future and more opportunities, by exposing them to the English language from native English language volunteers. I welcome volunteers from all over the world to join me and help me with my quest, towards a better future for the children of Cambodia. So that they can become knowledgeable of the English language thus providing them with a opportunities of a promising educational horizon and future.

  • Arten von Hilfe und Lernmöglichkeiten

    Arten von Hilfe und Lernmöglichkeiten

    Karitative Arbeit
  • Kultureller Austausch und Lernmöglichkeiten

    Kultureller Austausch und Lernmöglichkeiten

    How will travelers benefit from a cultural exchange and what could they learn?: The volunteers can learn about our long rich historical legacy. Volunteers may learn a few Khmer words. To the north of Sisophon we have Banteay Chhmar and its nine satellite temples from Cambodia’s most prolific builder, Jayavarman VII (r 1181–1219), on the site of a 9th-century temple, just one hour to the North min 59 km. Trapeang Thma Lake north east 1:45 hours away. Many places suitable for visiting during your days off and some at a walking distance too. Volunteers can also learn culture, festivals and traditions like the Khmer New Year in April, the boat racings in November, Pchum Ben festival (Buda celebration during September), popular stalls open markets, there is a non-official perfect mountain face for rock climbing enthusiasts located at the top of Phnom Chanhchang Pagoda.

    Banteay Meanchey means "fortress of victory" in Khmer. Notable remains is the Banteay Chhmar temple in the north of the province, built in 12th century towards the 13th century. Other lesser known temples are the Banteay Neang temple located in Banteay Neang is a khum (commune) and village of Mongkol Borei District in Banteay Meanchey Province in western Cambodia. There are several historical sites and colonial buildings. It is located in Road No. 69A of Banteay Chhmar Village, Banteay Chhmar Commune, Tmar Puok District. “Banteay Torp” temple, Banteay Torp (Fortress of the Army) is another sandstone temple with five towers located south of Banteay Chhmar Village. Not so big but the shape is impressive. “Banteay Torp” constructed around the same time as “Banteay Chhmar”. It is about 55 km from Sisophon. It was the biggest army base during the civil war since 1970.It is located in Road No. 69A of Banteay Chhmar Village, Banteay Chhmar Commune, Tmar Puok District..
    Banteay Meanchey is the 13th largest province in Cambodia. Banteay Meanchey is one of the nine provinces that are part of the “Tonlé Sap Biosphere Reserve””. Banteay Meanchey is covered by extensive lowlands, with a few uplands to the north and east.
    The main rivers are the “Mongkol Borei” and the “Sisophon Rivers”. The province is bordered with Battambang to the south at about 50 minutes, Siem Reap to the East, Odar Meanchey to the North and Thailand to the West having the busiest immigration/customs checkpoints named Poipet at 45minutes from Sisophon, Cambodia, Arayanprathep, Thailand and there are additional international borders to the North with Thailand.
    “Cheung Krouh” is about 63 km from the provincial town, with many natural wildlife preserved, funded by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) leading organization for wildlife conservation and endangered species.
    It is located in road 69A of Banteay Chhmar Village, Banteay Chhmar Commune, Tmar Puok District. It takes about 2 hours to reach there.
    “Laang Phnom Touch” is the natural and cultural resort located at Serey Sophoan District, along the National Road No.5, about 28 kilometers south of Sisophon, it features natural wells and big and small mountains with large stone faces. From the mountaintops, visitors have a spectacular view of the natural forests and a pagoda on the mountain side. The site is popular with local people on festival days.
    “Kang Va basin” is the natural resort locating at Serey Sophoan District, along the National Road No 69A, about 4 kilometer distance from the provincial town beautiful scenery with blowing winds of “Ang Teuk Kang Va” basis was built from 1976 to 1978, during the Khmer Rouge regime, as a water reservoir for dry season rice cultivation. Many leisure activities such as swimming, fishing and boating.

    “Lake Ang Tropeang Thmor” is located in Banteay Meanchey Province. It is about 50km to the NW of Sisophon Town. “Ang Trapeang Thmor” is a unique wetland ecosystem giving home to over 200 bird species including the endangered Sarus Crane. The best time of seeing the Sarus Crane specie is from February to May. “Ang Trapeang Thmor” also harbors the globally endangered Elders deer. It can be reached by minibus, taxi or motor taxi.
    There are Western catering markets are in Siam Reap and some in Battambang. The same with restaurants for those western comfort food urges. Sisophon has approximately 6 stalls farmers markets style facilities offering simple but budget, breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. The closest farmers market to the school is Chan Ka Kor Market or New Market.
    Transportation is available, including in between provinces, via bus, mini-van, shared taxi, tuk tuk and motor bike.
    The closest pagodas or temples to the school are about 1.5km away.

    Poitpet City is only 45 minutes away, loaded with casinos, plenty of night life, shops, restaurants and general night entertainment such as night clubs, KTV (Kareoke/television) where you can sing while dining and drinking with family or friends, Located right on the border with Thailand also with a soon to open Royal Train Station.

    Battambang City is just 50 minutes away with many tourist attractions, the famous ride on Banan bamboo train, the Bat Cave, The Killing caves, rivers, waterfalls, natural trails and a variety of international food venues, local cultural activities and monuments. Available are self bicycle and tuk-tuk tours around to incredible places and oh course the now active section of the Royal Railways Train station currently open and commuting around Cambodia (presently only starting and operating in Battambang). Phnum Sampov is a limestone mountain elevation: 762 m (2.500 ft), about 15 km southwest of Battambang that is both of historical relevance and home to a natural spectacle: The Khmer Rouge used one or two of these caves as a Killing Cave, with beautiful wats, statues, and lookout points over the village below. Macaque monkeys roam the mountainside, and millions of bats can be seen making their exit at dusk. Stairways snake up the mountain and back down again into limestone caves and canyons

    Siam Reap City is two hours away towards the east, home of the seventh world wonder "Angkor Wat Complex", loaded with a lot’s of entertainment, rivers, water falls, sightseeing, Pub Street, night clubs a Giant Ferris wheel, Angkor National Museum and café, The incredible Vimean Sokha Museum managed by Mr. Ly Pengheng (nicknamed crazy grandpa) it display many vintage items not seen before, Angkor Wildlife & Aquarium, the live Apsara Dance Show while dining, big markets “Angkor market”, “Asia market”, “Chao Sang Hok Superstore” catering foreign food products for westerners, a few western fast food restaurants such as KFC, 7eleven, Dairy Queen, The Pizza Company, Sturbucks Cafe, Burger King, Mike's Burger. 7/11. Beautiful city at night excellent for bicycling walking with bicycle pads and debris and free of dangerous moto traffic.
    Tonle Sap Lake and Floating Village, Angkor Anlong Veng north of Siam Reap. Banteay Tap Temple 2 hours north of Siam reap and Wat Putt Mini Golf.
    To the north of Sisophon many remnant of the Pov Po era and regime.

  • Projekte mit Kindern

    Projekte mit Kindern

    Dieses Projekt schließt möglicherweise den Umgang mit Kindern ein. Mehr Informationen findest du in unseren Verhaltensregeln und Tipps hier.

  • Arbeit


    Volunteers can help assist the teachers by teaching basic English to the children of low income families enrolled in our school.
    We need you a minimum of three hours a day and five days week. I need maybe two or four volunteers to join me and teach English at my school.
    Volunteers can assist the local teachers from 9-10 in the mornings, you may also be let on your own to teach from 2:15-3:15 in the afternoon and in the evening from 5-6pm.
    Monday through Fridays.

  • Sprachen

    Gesprochene Sprachen
    Englisch: Grundkenntnisse

    Dieser Gastgeber bietet Sprachaustausch an
    You have a great opportunity to learn basic conversational Khmer.

  • Unterkunft


    We provide the following:
    Individual room.
    You will get accommodation with free Wi-Fi Internet, electricity and water. Bedding, pillow clean sheets and towels.
    You will get free transportation and free guiding to visit historical ruins, temples pagodas and general
    sightseeing within Banteay Meanchey province or Sisophon surroundings when times allows it.
    No meals provided since everyone likes and diets are different.
    However, we may point you out to where you can find some budget meals averaging $1.25 to $3.
    You may also enjoy free Wi-Fi at the school too.

  • Was noch ...

    Was noch ...

    During the volunteer days off, if conditions permit, we will take the volunteer around Sisophon town and places they may wish to visit within Banteay Meanchey province, and there are a lot of places to visit at a walking distance too, however for your convenience you may hire any of the followings moto taxis, shared taxis or tuk tuks, or get a bicycle. A tip: If you can afford an used bicycle possibly $50 to $60 it may help you move around on your own more efficiently and save you the money you may spend on public transportation (which happens to be very affordable) while exploring the local attractions.
    Learn history of archeological sites and cultural traditions, enjoy the festivals like the Khmer New Year in April, boat racings November in Siem Reap, Pchum Ben festival (Buda celebration during September), popular farmers markets, full of fresh fruits and vegetables, there is a non-official outdoor stone face for rock climbing enthusiasts situated at the top is “Phnom Chanhchang Pagoda” within Sisophon’s perimeter, walking around the city and the short trails, bicycling, night market, sightseeing while riding a tuk-tuk or motorbike will give you hands free to enjoy photographing and sightseeing.
    Volunteers on their own can venture to temples or pagodas. Ladies consider religious sites as sacred so wear discreet covering, you can venture to Wat “Phnom Bak temple”, parks and rivers, the town square for late early mornings or late afternoon open to aerobics classes.
    Volunteers will pay for their own meals, we may guide you to look for simple meals consisting of a traditional early morning Cambodian pho " ka thiew (noodle soup), or a plate with a fried egg, rice, some slices of cucumber or tomatoes, some kind of pickled sliced ginger and other veggies, a small bowl of soup and some small strips of beef, pork or chicken, or beef rib or pork ribs are your available choices from their menu, the meals are usually accompany of an aromatic free brewed hot tea, sometimes a green tea, typical dishes such as Cambodian Lort Cha (fat noodles- Stir-fried Rice Pin Noodles) with fried egg. Fried Rice with either veggies or pork or beef, Stuffed Bitter Melon Soup (Canh Khổ Qua) served with rice, Chinese Steamed Pork Buns. Pork blood soup, mud fish soup. “LOK LAK” my favorite, avoid . Fruit shakes and juices. Cold drink coffee, Ovaltine, green tea, soy milk, chocolate, liquid yogurt, energy drinks, sodas, coconut water.
    Lucky and Happy Markets in Sisophon but very little variety of western products
    For your drinking water I will advise you to buy the container, sometime they will refund you the money or part of the money for this container the water brand is "Eurotec" 18.5 litters and the cheapest you will pay for this container is $4 plus the $2 for the 18.5 liters of potable water inside of it making it a total of $6 water and container you can keep in your room. In many places they charge you $6 for the container along and this is safer for you to stay healthy. This is a lot cheaper, and we can do this the next day if you choose. Then with small bottles you can refill them and carry them in your bag. I'm just watching for your savings and health, I do not make money from this, or any other brands of water bottles, they maybe tainted or contaminated.
    Regarding the Siam Reap Airport (please see more information below): I do not offer transportation from the airport to my location. Usually, the volunteer will get here by their own means and they get my free accommodation when they are ready to start at the school, a shared taxi from Krong Siem Reap to Sisophon Banteay Meancheay may cost you from $5 to $8 or $10 but you need to bargain a lot. They bring you straight to my place or school, use your google maps app or WAZE app.

    In Sisophon there are some gyms with temporary memberships in the area. The “Night Market” and the “Town Main Square” are places to see and eat at night time. Free aerobics classes are provided by local volunteers either early morning or late afternoon in the Main Square.
    There are places one can walk especially towards the few hills nearby, usually inhabited by monks and built pagodas, temples or monasteries. Most of the small café shops have free Wi-Fi and are pleasant to spent time in, usually within AC cool environment .
    Modest accommodations will be provided non shared rooms.
    Regarding vaccinations in Cambodia it is always important to remember that while travelling worldwide there is a still a concern about personal immunization and every one should consult with your physician regarding vaccinations. Here is a common question about vaccinations.
    How many vaccines do you need to travel to Cambodia?
    The CDC and WHO recommend the following vaccinations for Cambodia: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, rabies, meningitis, polio, measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis), chickenpox, shingles, pneumonia and influenza.
    My address is, in case you need it for immigration will be: Klakon Chas Village, Sankat Kompong Svay, Sereysophon City, Banteay Meanchey province.
    We now have a new international airport please see the following information. We are located about 2 hours west from Siem Reap. See below:
    Information from google map and google ask.

    A new International Airport now east of Siem Reap: On October 16th 2023 Siem Reap International Airport (REP) was changed to the new airport: “Siem Reap-Angkor International Airport (SAI/VDSA)".
    One hour ten minutes and 51 km or 32 miles east of Krong Siem Reap city starting, from location: “The Heritage Walk” Shopping Mall.

    Official announcement about transport options between the new airport and Siem Reap town are as follows. The shuttle bus service cost 8USD / single trip, 15USD / round trip. Private taxis are 35USD / single trip, minivans 40USD / single trip. See the link below. Now in Soutr Nikom District and takes over from the old airport (REP) (now closed) that was located to the northwest of the city center in Siem Reap.
    The new Siem Reap International airport is much larger in all facets, located one hour east of Siem Reap.

    Siem Reap-Angkor International Airport (SAI) (opened on October 16 2023).
    Sim Cards – As you exit the airport there are counters or kiosks offering sim cards for the three major local phone companies, Metfone, Smart, and Cellcard. The price is the same as you pay in town. Cellcard for instance, offers a tourist sim with 7-day access and 15 GB for a mere $3 more details. Cambodia operates a 4G network with 5G rollout beginning in 2024. Get it at the airport. Be aware no a single company has full coverage of an specific region some will be good in a city while others are not, ask questions and it is up to you to make the choice, good news the services are budget friendly.
    The new Siem Reap-Angkor International Airport (SAI/VDSA) is located about 50 km to the northeast of Siem Reap city in “Soutr Nikom” District and takes over from the old airport (REP) (now closed) that was located to the northwest of the city center. The new Siem Reap International airport is much larger. It is the closest airport to Cambodia’s ancient Angkor Wat temple and archeological park and one of the country’s major three airports.
    The new airport is simple and easy to navigate with the comforts you’d expect including restaurants, coffee, washrooms, duty-free stores, luggage carts (free), and facilities you’d expect at a modern airport. It is not a 24-hour airport.
    Airport transfers from the new Siem Reap-Angkor International Airport (SAI) to Siem Reap city (Krong Siem Reap) center are offered by an airport shuttle service, private shuttle services, and taxi/hire cars. There is a convenient transportation desk at the airport where you can book a vehicle on arrival for set prices or a shuttle bus ticket. Airport transfer services start at $8 US for THE SHUTTLE BUS. Your most cost-effective option. The transportation desk is located on the ground floor, as you walk outside, turn left and there will be a counter for booking a private car, or minivan, and next door is the ticket office for the shuttle bus. The rates for traveling to the new Airport from Siem Reap city are set at fixed rates, for areas outside the city area you can negotiate with the driver directly before setting off. Cars are available at the airport from 6.30 to 23.00.
    From the airport, the journey is around 50km taking around 60-90 mins by bus or car traveling along a newly constructed expressway through the scenic farmlands before connecting to National Road 6 and then heading west through Prasat Bakong District and past the Roluos temple area before entering the urban area of Siem Reap.
    three convenient drop-off points, one on the east side of town at 1) Makro Supermarket, 2) in the center of town at CDF store, 3) On the west side of town at ANGKOR SUPERMARKET.
    Make sure you coordinate your timings with me. I’m located 100 more kilometers to the west of Siemp Reap If we coordinate and if is possible I can try to pick you up from stop #3. My town is known as Serei Sophoan or Sisophon, but most popular among locals is the name Banteay Meanchey. Many answers to your questions, you may find them in my profile page as well. Try to book your arrival for earlier flights to Siem Reap, Cambodia.
    From the Airport SHUTTLE BUS departures times are so far scheduled at 8.00, 11.00, 13.30, and 16.30 to Siem Reap
    and the best stop is Angkor Market choice #3.
    The market has benches outside in the shade and water plus more if you have to wait. SIM cards maybe available there as well.
    Visa on Arrival – As per the prior airport, Visa on Arrival (VOA) services are offered. A tourist visa (T-type) costs US$30 and is valid for 30 days.

    Tip: many wish and need to be connected to the internet while traveling. There is not one company that covers the territory with excellence or that works well at every location the two most used internet service providers are “Metphone” and “Smart” sorry no recommendations do research ask questions and choose accordingly. Yes upon arrival at the airport there are kiosks where you xan buy your sim cards.
    By The Way if google maps is not functioning correctly just try “WAZE”.
    For application taxi hiring there are “Grab” and “Passapp”
    “WeGO” or Phumi / iTsumo – Mobile apps. Some are Available everywhere some are no.
    You can also wave 👋🏼 and just get any passing moto taxi or tricycle (TukTuk). Hope this information helps you.
    Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have more questions.
    Have a safe trip.

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