Self sufficient farm stay with apple orchards, vineyards, veggies & animals in the Italian Alps



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Last Minute Host: Dieser Host sucht derzeit dringend Workawayer.

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  • Beschreibung


    First of all thank you very much for having come across our profile, clicked on it and now taking the time to REALLY READ into:
    - what values we live by
    - introducing the family that watches the farm
    - the farm itself and
    - what needs the farm has.

    If the needs of the farm match your needs we are happy to host you and are thankful that we get so many inquiries from all of you. Throughout the year however we run out of space and cannot fit every single person, that´s why we have to select, so I am very sorry that at times we are only able to take on people that are specialised in the trades mentioned below.

    UPDATE LAST MINUTE CHANCE PAYED WORK (Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, March, April)
    - 1 person to help cut apple trees > conditions: needs to have experience in cutting apple trees, trees in general or come from a farm background and be used to manual labour in the cold, payed work, accomodation & food (to be payed: with us or elsewhere), Mo-Sa (depending on weather conditions) approx. 8hrs, official registered working contract, insurance etc. covered

    LAST MINUTE UNPAYED WORKAWAY CHANCE (2-3 weeks, start anytime during 7. November - 2. Dec or Jan - March)
    - 1 person repainting the inside of our house, needs to have experience

    GENERAL LAST MINUTE WORKAWAY CHANCES (stay 3 weeks November, December)
    - Marketing/Design: creating logo, designing business card, creating website & info folder for our new business (0 person)
    - woodworks/carpentry (1-2 people)

    The new year is already almost over and it seems as if time flies again.
    We thank everybody wo helped us continue our goal of keeping the farm alive and running in the last year and welcome everybody who would like to dip into the year 2019 with us.

    As an overall note, we will always try to make room for people who have had a carreer in:
    - cooking,
    - carpentry/cabinetry
    - building,
    - webdesign & design of marketing materials
    - architecture
    as this is where we still lack support.

    So if you are handy with any of these, please do take the effort to write to us and we will try to fit you in.
    If you also speak German it's another big plus- however it´s not a must.

    Our fruit farm and winery in Natz-Schabs South Tyrol/Italy was first mentioned 1237 with the monastery of Neustift before in 1905 the Thaler family took it on from the monks. The farm is being passed on in its 4th generation and is home and workplace of 3 generations who all tender to the needs of the farm: farmer Gustl, his parents Emma and Sepp, our baby Emma and me, Gustls wife, originally from Munich Germany. The farm is situated 750m above sealevel on the sunny side of the mountain overlooking Brixen valley. Next to apples we produce grapes and various other fruit and veggies and products we make of these. We try to sell wood, rent out apartments for guests and hopefully at some point in time have a small farm shop and possibly cafe.

    We have 2 polo ponies who used to go polo with me back in the days, a few sheep, goats, pigs, hens, cats, etc. As small as our farm is, it is a lot of work to keep it running and additionally to find time to realise new projects and changes the farm needs to stay competitive in this global world.

    Gustl always wanted to be a farmer since he was 5 years old and he is still absolute passionate about his job. Life as a farmer however is not an easy life. You work long hours, do quite some manual labor and in the end it's often the weather which has its hand on your harvest.

    We invite people to come live and work with us to raise awareness
    - of how food is produced
    - what worth food really has
    - to hear stories of voyages we will never be able to go on
    - to meet interesting new people who have experienced so many things that possibly can change our way of doing things
    - to find people with the same mindset and make change happen
    - that perfection also lies within imperfection
    - to cater to the farms needs and preserve it for future generations needing food and rest
    - to give other people a home away from home
    and overall have a good and rememberal time together.

    On the way to the end customer more than 50% of what fruit&veg farmers grow is being thrown away because it doesn't meet the standards of the supermarkets and their customers. We want to change that and are desperately looking for someone who helps us install a crowdfunding concept to stop this food waste. We would rather like to produce on demand. That way we can produce less at a better quality and at a better price for the consumer.

    I really like this quote from a fellow host so I decided to adapt it as it perfectly describes our peace of mind. In that, food that isn' t a 100% perfect or things that one unthinkingly wants to throw away, should be given a 2nd life as it all depends on from what perspective you look at things. One persons trash is the other persons treasure.
    "Litter to glitter - From Waste to taste - Trash to Treasure"

    With every new workawayer we learn something new about people, their needs, their way of looking at things but also about ourselves and what our needs are and what we are able to offer. So writing things down here so explicitly has come from past experiences.

    I know, I have a bit of a problem keeping this short but I want you to get as much insight as possible as to what you can expect from a stay with us. We have had quite a number of people wanting to get their Italian citizenship while staying and announcing an official residence with us. We offer stays usually from 2 up to 6 weeks. In this time frame there is no chance to get an Italian citizenship. So we are sorry to have to say up front that we cannot support any inquiries of this sort and risk getting in conflict with officials.

    Ourselves we work from pretty much all week once in a while with Sunday's off.
    On a payed/ workaway basis you have 1-2 days off- those might not always be Sat & Sun, all depending on when help is needed. As a farm our rythem is more or less dictated by the rising (and setting) of the sun and the weather conditions.

    During a possible working day breakfast could be any time from 7 o'clock onwards with the start of work around 8. Lunch- with very few exceptions- is usually at 12 o´clock & dinner around 18 o'clock during winter and 19.30 o'clock in the summer. We celebrate joint meals and I try my best to suit everybodies likes and needs as it is within my possibilities.

    Helping set and clear the table is a joint activity and not the sole responsibility of the cook.
    Also being dressed and equipped with the right shoes, hat, water bottle a bit before the time is the right way to go.
    On your off times sleeping in and living your own rythem is not a problem: if you are making your own food then,
    pls do clean up afterwards so the next person also feels comfortable and also pls frequent your stay quarters as it may come in unhandy people trying to work and people being off and laying on the couch.

    We prefer people to stay between 3-6 weeks.
    Practice has shown, that this is the ideal time frame to get an insight into what we do, get a project done and to get to know the area. Stays for 3 months and longer we only do with student workers or interns who need to get a qualification for school.

    It is mandatory that you have your own health insurance. I am really sorry we cannot host people who do not have a health insurance. I know it´s costly, yes AND it´s really important that you have it.

    Say you get hurt and need hospital treatment...who is going to come up for those costs? Where will you continue to stay?
    We as a farm cannot cover this risk and the corresponding costs, this is something your health insurance is for to cover.

    If you are working outside, it is wise to bring a pair of hiking boots for good grip, sunglasses and depending on season:
    long and/or short pants which are allowed to get dirty, underwear, socks, T-shirt, sweater, jacket, wind- or rain jacket, a winter/summer hat. You can do your laundry once a week, so pls plan for enough clothes to change. Everything else as (wellis, working gloves, etc.) as well as tools you will be provided if needed.

    If you are working an inside job which requires technical equipment: pls bring your own laptop/ camera/ video camera and maybe a USB stick to transfer data as we might not have all the programms you need.

    As we all either live in the same house/appartment (on two floors) or you have your own appartment/room with joint bathroom it is necessary that household chores as for example doing dishes, cleaning bathroom/kitchen/etc. is divided up equally between all people participating during this time. So we make a list who does which chores when (pls understand that this is not part of the 5 hrs of help you volunteer for. This you would be doing with your own household as well). If during your time we have a volunteer whos sole responsibility is these tasks, your helping will be obsolete but it might be seen as a nice gesture if you lend a helping hand.

    Over time we have learnt that privacy for hosts as well as travelers is a good that is not to be underestimated.
    We have tried within our means to do the best that you have privacy within your quarters and hope to even further this in 2020 with an own bathroom and kitchen.

    Please understand that once meals are over and everything is stowed away that our private area is reserved for our family. We host travelers almost 365 days a year, so I think everybody with a sense of empathy will understand that time for oneself is important, that nobody wants to see other people laying on the couch while they have to work, etc.

    Showers are easiest taken in the evening after work, as then everybody can take their own time needed for beauty preps. Guys this one is for you- we have a mixed household, so it is seen as obligatory that you "sit" when peeing. Practice has shown that people who use and have to clean the toiletts and bathrooms are not amused by "sprinklers".

    We have no problem with smokers, however there is no smoking in the house or cars. Please feel free to smoke outside.

    For certain tasks -corresponding with our core business- we offer pay.
    This then is a regular job Mo-Sa, worktimes depending on season, with all the neccessities and burocracy needed.
    The amount of pay will depend on preknowledge and skills, need for accomodation, food and transport.

    For tasks- not corresponding with our core business- we are sorry not to be able to offer any pay and it is part of our interest for cultural exchange.

    One word to Internet access: Internet is accessible in the family room. South Tyrol is very expensive when it comes to internet access so there is a limit to the download... which when everybody is considerate everybody has enough download time.

    If you are running your own business (one man company), are travelling and need to make telcos etc. we ask you to pls do this in your off time after work. Any other constellation experience has showed doesn't work well with our daily routines.

    Also, I understand that life sometimes takes you a whole different route and then maybe you are not able to come to us. This is ok and I don't hold a grudge at anybody if this happens. The only thing I'd kindly ask is, that you let us know as early as possible, as then we are able to give your place to somebody else who might need a warm place with some family moments.

    We welcome everybody who wants to be part of our family for a while and seriously help us secure the existence of the farm for future generations. Living and sharing life together for some time is all a "can" and no "must", so if either of us feels uncomfortable, parting with no hard feelings is best for both parties as we wish to offer this option to many more workawayers wanting to experience our lifestyle and you as a traveler only want to have the best memories of your travel as well.

    If you are coming straight from your home country or any other country it would be nice if you can bring anything small to eat from this country. We are eager to learn how the rest of the world tastes, as this will be something we most likely will never be able to go on.

    Once you are here at the farm we would kindly ask you to provide us with
    - your cellphone numer in exchange of ours, so we can contact each other
    - your regular email
    - some kind of identification document to pass on to the insurance company
    - contact of your family or friends

    Just like with paying guests we like to know who stays with us at the farm and whom we can contact in case of an injury (never had that yet, but its better to be safe than sorry)

    Thank you so much,
    with little Emma, farmer Gustl, grandma Emma and grandpa Sepp

  • Arten von Arbeit

    Arten von Arbeit

    Handwerkliche Arbeiten
    Hilfe bei Ökoprojekten
    Betreuung von Tieren
    Hilfe bei Kunstprojekten
    Hilfe mit Computer / Internet

  • Kultureller Austausch und Lernmöglichkeiten

    Kultureller Austausch und Lernmöglichkeiten

    You will benefit from a hearty family atmosphere, a mix of South Tyrolian/ Italian and German culture, a traditional farm life with modern aspects, interaction with other workaways and guests, lots of interesting and different jobs and projects that you can either bring in your talents or learn new things, great food, lovely animals and sightseeing the surrounding area. Brixen is only a 5min away. So we are rural but not that rual if you need the vibe of a small city once in a while.

  • Die vom Gastgeber angebotene Vergütung entspricht dem Mindestlohn

    Die vom Gastgeber angebotene Vergütung entspricht dem Mindestlohn

    Dieser Host bietet Unterkunft und Bezahlung.

  • Arbeit



    - desperately looking for a person to add some colour into our gardens and construct a gardening plan on the computer with the right bushes, flowers, trees, etc. and then start putting it into action as far as possible

    In winter-spring we are doing theses things:
    - cutting down 2 apple tree plantations (Dec-Jan) DONE
    - making firewood (Oct-Feb) DONE
    - trimming/cutting other apple trees (Dec-Feb) DONE
    - trimming/cutting vineyards (Feb) DONE
    - getting the veggie garden ready for winter (Dec) DONE
    - building up 2 new apple plantations and planting new trees (March-May) IN WORK
    - installing the pillars and putting up a hail net on 3 plantations (Dec, March-May) IN WORK
    - getting our small veggie garden ready (April-May) and keeping it alive (June-Nov) IN WORK
    - getting professionally started on the farming of veggies for sale (May) and keeping it alive (June-Nov) IN WORK

    We are taking on more and more animals to come closer to our vision of the self-sufficient farm it used to be 30 years ago. So we are looking for help feeding and cleaning quails, chickens & rooster, cats, dogs, sheeps, goats, pigs, horses and hopefully soon cattle and geese. Of course the odd brush and cuddle every animal will cherish. This work doesn´t take all day so it will always be in combination with some other chore.
    - working with 2 polo ponies & getting them fit again

    - a tree house plattform
    - a hay bed "cottage style sleeping place"
    - a cosy pop-up farm-to-table-stlye outdoor place where people can sit down and eat
    - a chicken pen with a new chicken & geese house (MAY-JUNE))
    - a hay ball "holder" with a roof so all the animals can freely eat from it (usually done in metall but that looks really ugly
    - a roof for stocking hay underneath (March-May) DONE
    - 1 platform with a fire pit (May) DONE
    - 1 platform deck with a lounge like pallet seating area for chilling
    - 1 platform deck to put a glamping tent on
    - some outdoor art with wood or tree logs and indoor art in the appartments bringing more life and personality to them
    - construct some more playground toys (climbing, balancing, etc.) (MAY-NOVEMBER)
    - fencing in a 0,7 ha big chest nut grove so the sheep, goats can enjoy more space (May-July)
    - a roof where we can stock the hay under (March-April) IN FINISHING
    - cutting out animals out of wood as road signs/art so people better find the farm
    - making a new fountain basin out of wood
    - art & useful: replacing some "normal" interior objects with natural materials as wood/ antlers/ etc.
    - build a bed out of wodden logs in the middle of the vineyard

    Of course when building something like this, it helps, when people who apply for helping in this area, have already done something similar like this.

    - better the recipes and enlarge our group of farm products
    - research packaging material & its cost
    - redesign our labelling for jams/sirups/herbs/eggs/etc.
    - work our way from being a producer to being also a seller
    - trial open a tiny farm cafe/restaurant to see if we are fit for this
    - open a small farm shop
    - lay the roots to produce on demand: start a crowdfunding campaign and reach a greater audience
    - look into selling our products at a "regiomat" with others farmers products
    - keeping instagram/ fb/ web alive

    - have an architect/project manager write a road plan concept for our farm and where things need to be rebuild on it

    - for our apple tree care in June until July we are looking for a chef/cook by profession who can cater for up to 15 people. Prefered would be a person who can stay 1-2 months (minimum 24 June - 7 July)
    - for guests in Aug and our harvest (apple & grapes) in Sept until Oct we are looking for a chef/cook by profession who can cater for up to 20 people (1 daily changing menue: Aug: 2-3 courses for guests: dinner, Sept-Oct: 1-2 courses for workers: lunch). Prefered would be a person who can stay 2-3 months (minimum 15 Sept - 27 Oct)

    On a normal basis we pretty much have every job available you can think of and whatever best suits you.
    Trying to bring in resources you are good or interested in to learn will help us a lot and allow you to have a satisfying stay where you can say with pride "this was my contribution".

    From keeping baby Emma (3yrs) buisy, over cooking for the whole lot, help with cleaning, working in the fields with the apples, grapes, other fruit&veg, helping me learn Italian, helping with the tourists and appartement keeping, timber works, making fire wood, experiencing with new recipes for our farm products, making apples juice/wine/jam, etc., bringing in marketing ideas, really anything will help us.

  • Gesprochene Sprachen

    Gesprochene Sprachen

    German, Italian, English, Dutch, Spanish, French

  • Unterkunft


    Your accommodation is depending on availability. Either you have your own or a shared appartment with sepperate bedrooms, a double room with own bath or a 80sqm loft with a max. of 5 seperated sleeping spaces and shared bath. The accommodation is either in our house or where usually our paying guests sleep. So everything is nice, tidy and warm and you have a place to retreat to if you need to.

  • Was noch ...

    Was noch ...

    So far we have only had the best experience with the people we hosted here at our farm.
    However like with all, some people fit here better than others.

    Those people who need an easy time, let be said that running a farm is in most cases a quite laboursome passtime and since we have a great vision and ambition where the farm needs to be in 1-3 years we have quite a list to work off and are happy and more than thankful for any assistance in any field we can get.

    We offer a cosy place to stay, good and plenty of homecooked everyday food, family moments with lots of laughs.

    To give you an idea where we are: Italy looks like a boot on the map.
    Our farm is way in the North of the boot in a small town called Natz-Schabs (Raas) at 750 m sealevel, 1 hr away from the Austrian border and 2 hrs away from the German border. A 20 min walk or 5 min drive will bring you into the city of Brixen.

    Areas to visit nearby are: in Italy the nearby cities of Brixen, Bolzano, Sterzing and Bruneck as well as Innsbruck in Austria, or Munich in Germany, the gardens of Trautmannsdorf, the monestary of Neustift, many castles and the beautiful nature with everything from mountains to lakes, woods and wine yards.

    - by plane to the following airports which are the below hours mentioned away from our farm:
    in Italy: Venice 5 hrs, Verona 3hrs, Milan 5hrs,
    in Austria: Innsbruck 1hr,
    in Germany: Munich 3hrs.
    From the airport you take either a train (DB/flixtrain) or a flixbus to Brixen station/drop off from where we will pick you up by car.

    - by train/ bus/ blabla car/ uber:
    Other than that like mentioned either a train (DB/flixtrain/trenitalia) or a flixbus to Brixen station/drop off from where we will pick you up by car.

    are best for us from 7:00-10:30 and from 13.30-20.00 hrs during the week. Sunday is our familiy day.

    So I hope you have gotten a bit of an insight.... at least I tried my best.
    If you think this could be a wonderful experience for you and us we are excited to hear from you.
    If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

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    Kapazität - wie viele Workawayer maximal

    mehr als zwei

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    flexible, when needed. Some days maybe more, others less. Max 25 hours, 5 days a week

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