Leela & Satya Ananda

From: Brazil

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    Brazil, Italy, Malta, Portugal

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    18/06/2018 - 18/06/2020

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    "Important things first."
    We believe that through traveling we can connect and share experiences with other people and discover more about ourselves in the process, also we love to help in projects that we believe and can see the reflection of our own dreams, that touched our hearts with their description and with their beautiful energy.
    We had the amazing experience of creating a community completely dedicated to a workaway off-grid experience, it endured for 6 months and gave us the chance to host more than 20 volunteers and travelers! It was a great experience and a builder of a inside view of what means to be a host.

    I'm a tiny girl, with lots of energy, creativity and imagination. Kind of a geek, vegan, with a "quantic-spiritual" point of view about life that enjoys yoga, meditation and is completely in love with energy healing. I have been traveling for almost 3 years now and all the experiences made me evolve in so many areas of my life, that sometimes I can barely recognize the woman that started this adventure. I had amazing experiences living 6 months in a 70 years old community in New Zealand and, back in Brazil, for 6 months in a 10 years old community in the south of the country. That experience changed me deeply, showing that the real connection between people is what really matters and is the real place for self-growing. I've discovered that if I am brave enough to be myself and follow my dreams, I inspire others to do the same, and life become more meaningful that way. Life is about the never-ending process of allowing myself to discover who I am, every day.

    I will tell you a story. Imagine a very promising young man. Unsettled with the world state of affairs. Trying desperately to attend its family expectations, and at the same time, trying to change things outside. A typical millennial. Now, imagine that he got lucky and had great opportunities, but again and again failed to make them sustainable. He got to the point where he was unable to understand what was the problem. So he quitted everything, started to go deep in self-reflection.
    Slowly he started to comprehend that the society programming was mainly inside himself. That was no running away, he carried scars inside. It became a journey of healing, where was not the outside that matter but the inside.
    Now, many years in the future, this young man carry this luggage of self-development, at the same time that he unloaded the heaviness of the “serious man”.
    Obviously, I’m this crazy little fellow! :)
    What I am now, is not only an extension of this past but the fruit of learning letting go of it. More like a child, moving out in the world through the hearth and curiosity. A strong impulse to create and share. A very acute taste for beauty and pleasure. No big aspirations other than celebrating life creating a better reality for all of us together.

  • Type of help

    Cooking / shopping
    Help with Eco project
    Animal care
    Helping with Tourists
    Charity work
    Language practice
    Art project
    Help with Computers / internet

  • What skills do you have?

    I worked as an illustrator, artisan/crafter, interior designer, international conferences/weddings decorator. I paint artistic murals, create art concepts for logos, do artistic interventions in the woods or gardens, well... Everything that involves art, drawing, painting, sculpting... I'll love to help. At my latest workaway experiences, I had LOTS OF FUN creating art pieces, renewing old furniture and doing an "extreme makeover" at some spaces (with practically no money). I would love, LOVE, do that again! Nowadays I work with quantic healing therapies as reike, energetic healing, chakra balancing, guided meditations, relaxing massages with crystals, Acess BodyTalk, etc... it's when I feel truly aligned with my center. I cook really good vegan/vegetarian food (mainly cakes and deserts, hehe) I have experience taking care of animals, from baby birds and baby bats (yeah, you read right) to horses, and would enjoy immensely to do that. I'm familiar with bio-constructions, geodesic domes, yurts, tiny houses... I love them, and I dream with the day that I'll live in one. I'm a tattoo artist with henna and real ink (still learning). The last five years of my life were focused on self-awareness, self-consciousness, deconstructing limiting beliefs... I'll be learning forever, but I can already share something about mindfulness, self-responsibility, emotional and spiritual growing, energy healing therapies, massages, chakras alignment, oracles and share my experience about how was to live in community. I was part of a women's group focused on the healing of the sacred feminine, circular dances, heart sharing meditations... It was amazing and I would love to lead this ritual of connection again at your place if you feel interested.
    I have almost a year of experience working at hostels and small "pousadas", reception, hosting, planning and executing "day spa's" personalized routines for the guests, and helping at the organization of rooms and serving breakfast when needed etc...
    I'm very smart, so I will be able to learn anything that could be necessary to help you with your needs.

    Skills is a very interesting thing. Well for me at least. My journey has being that of exploring new things. Trying and learning. A very big tendency to share and a natural gift to explain. Put this together with an innate gift for thinking things as a whole, and you have someone who can actually do lots of things with reasonable capacity. That usually means that I love to improve on stuff that I learn, connect with all the other knowledge’s. It is lots of fun for me.
    So teach me, and I will learn!
    Top Skill: Find the blocked and unblock, facilitating change in peoples lives and organizations
    After traveling and living in so many communities I accumulated some good stuff: permaculture (2), agroforest (1), social tools (3), non-violent communication(2), consensus(2), dragon dreaming(2), counseling(2), coaching(3), hearth sharing(3), men Gathering(2), yoga(2), massage(3), bioenergetics(2), Tao(3), vegan cooking(3), constructing with wood(2), bioconstruction(2), mood management(3), strategy thinking (3), Planning (3), managing (3), teaching (4), facilitating (3), tribal art (2), tattooing (1), inventor (2) etc.
    The numbers are a very superficial way of measuring the deeps of this ability’s but give a "clue", a reference (1=ok, 3=very good)
    Main project: Creating Online courses and retreats, offering transformational coaching
    My actual “passions” are 1- creating beautiful, simple solutions… all around, 2- retreats, 3- open source economy.

  • Languages spoken

    Portuguese, English, English with Scottish accent, a little of Spanish, and we are learning Italian

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    35 & 36

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  • What else ...

    I'm an honest, funny and reliable cloud of atoms/person. I will do my best to help you since if I'm there it's because I believe in your project. I'm a vegetarian.... practically vegan at most of the time... but you know... there is cheese, ice cream, and passion fruit mousse.... so.... let's keep the vegetarian... :D
    At this moment in my life, the energy healing and all around that theme is a huge calling for me. And it's all about remembering what our bodies are really made of... and connecting with it. One of my main goals is to share good moments, knowledge, love, meals, walks... Sharing this wonderful experience that is to be alive on this planet. I'm looking for places surrounded by nature just because I feel more connected with myself there.
    Well, you will know me better when we meet... Hope that it will happen soon. :D

    Well, at the other parts I was supposed to answer specific questions. But I feel is missing an important one: why am I here, in work away? Can I tell another story? Imagine again that young man, but now he is supposedly a grown man, making a very bold and terrifying decision for him: travel without planning! Well, he did and did in an act of learning to flow with life.
    Imagine this on the other side of the planet, the amazing landscape of New Zealand, huge mountains and turquoise sea been just a background in this process of overcoming constant fears, day after day. A mix of joy and tears and a very powerful presence in the form of many “miracles of the road” as synchronicity led to problems been solved.
    He learned to start trusting life.
    In this journey through New Zealand, begin awareness of how money kept him isolated and far from people. Living simple, in the car, tents and tiny houses for months gave him the perspective of how much extra weight was been carried in life in the form of stuff.
    He was no longer the same person at the end of this journey, many things were left behind.
    So now, this story allows me to say of who I am today grow out of this programming inside of me, to believe I have to sell myself in order to exist, a masked form of slavery that prevented me to see work as an act of love, of service.
    So doing work away is a form of life that makes much more sense for me: to have mutual gratitude, to travel light with few possessions but close to the real richness of this world: people sharing. So when I help others in their dream, I’m helping myself to.

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      Vegan meals - Lacto vegetarian


we are certified clowns ;D
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