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    Austria, Belgium, Spain

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    01/10/2017 - 30/05/2020

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    LAST MINUTE UPDATE: I am looking for a place in Brussels from January.

    Hi, My name is Victoire. I’m a traveller, thinker, learner, sharer... who likes authenticity, kindness, nature and laughter.

    I am lucky to have travelled quite a bit already, through my studies, volunteering missions or just backpacking around. Today it has made me grown and I am still learning everyday to understand nature, societies and myself.

    *** Last minute update ***

    I just got accepted for a research internship in animal's behavior in Brussels. It will last 3 to 6 months, starting in January.

    As I will be volunteering (not paid), it will be really hard to cover for an accomodation in Brussels or surroudings. Hence, exceptionnaly, house and pet-sitting is a good solution for me, or a task that I can do in the morning/evening after work. Let's be original together!

    *️*️*️*️ 2019-20 UPDATES *️*️*️*️

    Here are a few things I would like to accomplish this year:

    1) Learn animal osteopathy. I am looking for someone who would be happy to share their knowledge and skills with me, and accompany me in my learning (I know it requires time, involvement and personal work).

    2) Deepen my knowledge in Natural Horsemanship (combining different visions and methods)

    3) Express myself through art a bit more, especially through music and writing (Learn screen-writing and fil-making ?)

    4) learn a new language (spanish, german or swedish/Norwegian) enough to be able to speak it

    5) learn how to live sustainably, for instance being immersed in an eco-community

    *** If you want to know more about me ***

    I studied biology and Ecology (MSc). Today I try to live earth consciously and to take care of our environment. I feel very concerned about the species decline and the quality of life for everyone. I would love to contribute more, for instance by learning and expending permaculture and knowledge about how the natural world works and how to optimise the human way of living and consumming. Education is, I believe, the key to many difficulties in our societies. I would like to participate in trying to find the original causes of social problems rather than treating the symptomes. I am interested in human development in a conscious and sustainable way and I tend to believe in a world of peace, equality and compassion.

    I love all animals. I used to do horse-riding (Galop 7 in France) and to work in the stables and with the horses as a teenager. I used to take care of them when they needed some treatment or particular care. I am also very interested in natural horsemanship for which I did a few courses and I am passionate about animal's behaviour, especially in social species with a complex bonding system. I would love to study comunication in domestic and wild horses maybe for a PhD later. I also get along very well with cats, dogs, rabbits, sheep, cows...

    I like to practice some outdoors when I have the opportunity, for instance skiing, windsurfing, hiking, climbing, but also skateboarding, beachvolleyball or balancing on a slackline. I’m always keen to discover a new activity.

    I also like to express myself through art. As a traveller I find it sometimes hard to practice music, but when I have the opportunity I love to play piano or guitare (I am still in the process of discovering how it works); I would love to start singing and dancing too, and learn acting. I am also fascinated by sculpting and drawing and I find it hypnotic. Sometimes I find myself writing too.

    I like to enter deep conversations. Philosophy and spirituality are probably my favorite. I have to say that anything that does not make a conscensus fascinates me. Of course, I also enjoy to talk about food. To me, just sharing a moment or a silence can sometimes be more powerful than words.
    I admire naturally funny people.

  • Type of help

    Babysitting / child care
    Cooking / shopping
    Help with Eco project
    Help in the house
    Animal care
    Helping with Tourists
    Charity work
    Language practice
    Art project
  • What skills do you have?

    I have become quite polyvalent and adaptive and I am happy to help with all kinds of work, as long as you don’t mind explaining how to do something I have never done before. In general and as a volunteer, I prefer doing the things right. I’m probably not the fastest worker… But I try to do my best to get it well done.

    Here are examples of what I can do:

    - Take care of animals (horses, cats, dogs, chicken goats, rabbits, cows etc). This is the mission I feel the most comfortable with. I treat them as friends and usually make connections with them easily.
    - woodworking or some DIY or help in renovating (I can use a drill, a saw, a sander, and arrange some projects), crafting, painting....
    - Help with pictures and videos
    - Help with languages (french and english, and I hope in a near future german and spanish).
    - Gardening (I would love to learn about medicinal plants and permaculture)
    - Guide people (if I know the area well)
    - take part of a market
    - Help with creativity, making art

  • Languages spoken

    English: Fluent
    French: Fluent
    German: Beginner
    Spanish: Beginner
    Sami: Beginner
    Swedish: Beginner

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  • What else ...

    When I visit a country I like to be part of the local life and understand the culture and share moments with people.
    I do not want to come just for a bed and food. There is always something to discover, in people, in cultures and in countries.

    Here are some examples of what I would love to learn more about:

    - Animal osteopathy
    - Naturopathic and chinese medicine (medicinal plants, argilotherapy, acupuncture, reflexology, shiatsu...), especially for animals
    - Natural horsemanship (I already know a little about it but I would like to sharpen my skills)
    - Natural hoof care (barefoot horse)
    - How to manage an animal sanctuary (rescuing process and care, administration, network, anything we have to know)
    - Animal communication
    - Animal/horse therapy (helping people with special needs)
    - Learning languages (German, Spanish, italian, swedish,...)
    - Kitesurfing, sand yacht, sailing, hang-gliding, longboard dancing...
    - Fasting (I have experienced a few days fasting several times but would like to discover longer term fasting with other people)
    - Eco-construction and self sufficient energy and/or live in and learn how to manage an eco-community
    - Renovation (historical buldings with some neet history fascinate me, especially castles, but old farms too)
    - Soap making
    - Meditation
    - film making and screenwriting (I have a few drafts)
    - Improve music skills (guitare, Ukulele, piano... any other instrument)
    - Pottery, sculpture, theatre, drawing cartoons as well...

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