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    01/09/2016 - 01/09/2018

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    I'm an Italian guy who likes to fiddle around with stuff.
    I'm doing a university master degree in Natural Sciences, but I have broad interests and curiosities, ranging from natural history, ecology, evolutionary biology to history, art, philosophy, science.
    I've been on workaway (and in the volunteering world) for many years now. My previous focus was on permaculture and land restoration projects (beside the occasional hostel to get a bit out of the countryside) but I'm now shifting towards more general opportunities.
    Right now I'm here for human experience.

  • Type of help

    General Maintenance
    Cooking / shopping
    Help with Eco project
    Help in the house
    Animal care
    Helping with Tourists
    Language practice
    Help with Computers / internet

  • What skills do you have?

    I apologise, would have liked to keep this paragraph short but that is not one of my skills.

    From an "official" point of view I have a university degree in Herbalism (medical and cosmetic herbs) and am now continuing my studies in Natural Sciences.
    But who cares about academia. Skills.

    IT-wise: I worked as IT in a financial-real estate office for a couple of years, as a sys-admin and web-designer in the office and as freelancer. I feel at ease at a bash command line and headless system, and I can build websites with drupal, wordpress, pelican, HTML+CSS and set up servers and domains. On the hardware side of things, I like to open stuff, sometimes fix it, sometimes mess them up. I've done some robotics.

    Farm-wise: I worked in a "conventional" farm in Australia for three months and in many small grassroots farms around the world. Can't think of any particular skill I may have gained, but I feel comfortable in a farm environment, usually.

    Human-wise: I have been with humans for most of my life. I can't say I always like them, but I usually find them fascinating. I'm a Homo sapiens sapiens myself (don't want to brag about it, but that's how things are), and I have to say, I consider myself to be a pretty nice specimen.
    I mean, some may even say I'm kinda enjoyable.

    Hostel-wise: I do airbnb in my place (I have a spare floor), I have volunteered in a couple of guest houses, my father manages a small hotel and I sometimes cover for him while he takes vacations. I'm fairly ok with guests, registration, check-ins/outs and usual hotel routines.

    Also, I have done many small jobs here and there (board and role play game promoter, real estate agent, mobile phone repairer, juggler, actor, driver, receptionist and more).

    I am in general a hands on person, that is, if the sink is leaking I have a urge to fix it, if something is broken, especially a computer, I may not sleep well until is fully functional.

    I can almost here you saying "What?? This guy is amazing!". Ok, I may have been pretty biased here, highlighting my "good stuff" only. This was just to prove to you that I really am human: I want you to like me.

    To be fair, though, a small list of things I can't do but you may expect me to:
    *️️️️️ I can't program decently. A bit of Python, bash and R, but that's it. No php or js (even though I can dig in the code)
    *️️️️️ I can't prune olives or grapes
    *️️️️ I suck at identifying plants, animals of mushrooms. Working on it, but really, I'm bad

    If you need a skill I do not have, consider that I learn pretty quickly and please, point out
    your needs to me!
    I'm keen on teaching anything I know, and learning what I don't

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    Italian and English basically native, some Spanish

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  • What else ...

    Please also consider the following:
    *️ I don't need to volunteer to save money or find cheap place to stay, I'm volunteering to learn, know people and get involved in projects. So please, consider having me only if you are willing to share your knowledge, you are happy about it (not only in need for help) and you have some time and patience to dedicate me. I'm counting on you.

    *️ I will try to respect my commitment if there is one, but if we happen to not get along good, things are plainly different then what you say in your profile or I just feel like I really want to go, I will leave. Hope you don't find it disrespectful, but I find helping each other should be an enjoyable experience.

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      Not that I know

    • Special dietary requirements
      No sugar, no industrially processed meat, if possible. But I'm flexible.

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