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    Hello future host!

    I'm a human from Chile looking for experiences that could help me to reconnect with my true nature. I can start by saying that I feel grateful for the life I have had because I have felt loved. But for the last year, I've been traveling/living away from home and rediscovering the love within me. Now I realize that love has been there always since I can see it with new eyes. But I'm still feeling far from unveiling my true nature.
    It is not easy for me talking about myself (not even in Spanish). Most of the time I'm a good listener. So when I don't feel safe around people I might seem shy. I prefer rather dancing than talking. Dancing can be a very safe place for me. I'm grateful for the influence of latin-american rhythms in my body memory. I also love to spend time with animals.

    I believe that healing myself is also healing the Earth. Every time I stop oppressing my true self I make the Earth less oppressed too. So my dream is to achieve a lifestyle truly connected with natural cycles and bring back to the city some of this connection as well. There is so much to do in latin-american cities like Santiago! Through my experience abroad away from Chile, I wish to gain more knowledge about the self-sustainable way of life.

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    DIY and building projects
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    Creating/ Cooking family meals
    Life at a Farmstay
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    Charity Work
    Art Projects
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    Helping around the house
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    My life has been a bit unusual as I have been studying without working most of it, except for the last year abroad. At a certain point, I started to feel anxious about my delayed independence, but now I understand better this is the right process for me to evolve. Feeling grateful for all those joyful memories with family and friends (and all that "free time" I had).

    After school, I studied engineering for 4 years until I quit because I didn't see myself doing office work. On the other hand, at that moment I didn't have my mind and heart open enough to see I wasn't defined by what most people do and that I had the power to create a new reality for me. So I escaped and changed my studies to industrial design. Integrating my previous engineering knowledge with design, I felt life was more meaningful as I found myself closer to creativity. In this period I also rediscovered a new way of friendship because I allowed myself to be more authentic.

    I like to make things. I'm specifically interested in digital fabrication but also in reconnection with nature. I'm used to 2D and 3D software oriented in working with Computer-Aided Manufacturing machines (like laser cutters, 3D printers or CNC routers). I believe this local way of co-creating things to meet our needs can empower the communities. Integrated within natural cycles, I see this like a revolutionary way to free ourselves from mass production (and waste).

    I'm quite familiar with building/carpentry tools, as well as gardening and cooking. I have basic skills using sewing machines and basic knowledge of electronics and programming. I have experience working on social projects, especially with children on social risk in Santiago (I also want to mention my collaboration with The Missionaries of Charity in Haiti 2012, which was really remarkable for me).

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    Since I decided to "run away" from more than one year ago Chile many things have happened. I want to mention some of them related to work. Just a few months before I left, I created a textile modular vertical garden out of recycled materials. I was so happy with my creation. I sold several units of them to people's homes (December 2017). That was my initial energy to start my trip. Then, in March last year, I worked as a shepherd in Portugal with sheep and goats. It is difficult for me to put in words the feelings of connection with the baby goats. In May I joined an ecovillage in Spain where I worked with natural materials such as clay and cane. Living in the community made me see my spiritual path more clearly.

    In September I went to Amsterdam for doing an internship at the Fab Lab (digital fabrication laboratory). Here I created a clay analog 3D printer: a machine for creating objects without electricity. I want to produce these objects with energy coming from my body, exploring analog printed shapes to discover new building systems (work in progress). In December I became part of the facilitating team of an incredible performative art project: The Beauty Kit Female Farm. This is an eco-friendly cognitive-pleasure oriented itinerant "farm" that harvests female genital fluids to make beauty bio-products. My role was the Housekeeper, including cooking, shopping and facilitating. I took this work as an opportunity to "serve the women": a way to balance my inner world towards female energy. But not less important to mention was our creation of a performative vermi-compost to put some menstrual blood back into the soil during the farm. We did this apparatus with digital fabrication, giving me trust in a future where technology and nature can interact in a better way.


    Many things have happened in 2019...

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    Let's talk more about everything when we meet, but one last thing I would like to write. I feel I'm attracting magic into my life: magical people, weird opportunities, ceremonies and rituals, dancing, singing, meaningful pain... I just feel loved and trustful within my limitations. I hope you have liked my weird story. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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      I don't buy meat, but I don't refuse to eat when someone shares it with me.


Analog 3D printer, Amsterdam
Shepherd in Portugal
Building with clay in Spain
At Patagonia with my family
Southern dogs
Native forest remains
Chilean falls
Crossing the canal
Caribbean mood
Haiti 2012
Snow with the family
As a family we have always liked to dig holes at the beach, thanks to my dad.
My first camping