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    Hungary - von Nov 2021 bis Okt 2023
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    After having retired in summer 2020 I am happy to be out of the professional rat race. It gives me the freedom to travel and share my life-experience. It is the time, when elderly have their income and are easily able to volunteer in projects they always wanted to do, but because of the rat race and other duties/responsibilities never had the chance. It is the time, when the elderly are able to support younger like-minded people to accomplish their goals by participation in the projects of them.

    In the beginning of November 2021 I gave up my apartment and started traveling. It turned out that Hungary became my first destination as a workaway-volunteer. Invitations by hosts are very welcome, no matter, if last minute or for later months.
    Planning to travel for several years I am able to stay for longer periods of time at one place, if it is helpful to the inviting host. Short stays of about a month are equally welcomed.
    Up till now I stayed 2 months close to Budapest, 3 weeks near Aggtelek and am now since end of January in the area around Kecskemét. Let's see, which region will be the next one?
    I am traveling by my own car, which allows me even more flexibility to travel here and there cross-country to the place, where a workaway-host is happy for my help.

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    Heimwerker- und Bauarbeiten
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    Mithilfe auf einem Bauernhof
    Betreuung von Tieren
  • Was könntest du arbeiten?

    - As I'm not young of age any more - but still fit - I have gone through loads of experiences and gained some helpful DIY skills on a hobby level, not professional level.
    The DIY-skills include traditionally female ones, like keeping the household, and male ones, mainly about the topic of maintenance of house and garden. Just to mention a few of the DIY-activities, which I have practiced throughout life: plastering and tiling walls, putting wall paper and painting on the walls, laying carpets and/or sanding off wooden floors and sealing the floorboards, fixing lamps, building in IKEA-kitchens, lower ceilings to gain further storage space, sewed curtains, built a hen's house for the garden, grew, harvested and processed fruits and vegetables from the own garden, etc. And here in Hungary this winter 21/22 I was very often asked to fell trees with the Stihl-chainsaw I have in my luggage, not the small toy, which one of the hosts proudly offered me for pruning trees (see photo) and chop wood with a log splitter.
    - 20 years of family life and also the founding and running of a parent's school as a midwife shaped my skill to be very well organized, do tasks really light handed, and to be unusually attentive, even for details. I have a specific motto, especially if I am asked to clean the house: I don't need to start working on it, if afterwards the difference is not visible. Medical standard of hygiene and precise work.
    - I like having meals together in a group or sitting on the back porch together with people enjoying a warm evening and watching the stars rise and having good talks or listening attentively to a classical concert like Bach's Mass in B Minor or Vivaldi's Four Seasons kind of music, but equally good I can do these things alone, too. In total I am more an introverted than an extroverted character, who only at some specific topics can become very vivid.

    If you miss some special skills or characteristics, feel free to ask for it.

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    My German is free from dialect, the grammar is correct and also my written German. If you wish to know something about it, need someone to correct a letter or to have a look over the children's German home work for school or something like that I can help you with correct answers and mnemonics and rules to remember for later use.

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    In my recreational time I, from time to time, like to:
    - go for swimming in natural lakes in summer;
    - cross-country ski in winter;
    - canoeing and kayaking on cozy creeks for watching the fauna and flora there;
    - reading of fact books;
    - playing board games;
    - knitting, especially eastern-Prussian double-knitting, which I can teach you, if you wish to learn it, and other handiwork;
    - if it is possible, I enjoy to get a single room instead of a bed in a dorm. It would not be mandatory but great, because of my age, which might mean different bio rhythms and spare-time activities compared to the younger workawayers. If all voluntarist-rooms in the house are in use, I as well can sleep in my car like I always do, when I am on tour.
    - traveling by car I can go anywhere, even to the most remote locations; and I don't need to be picked up anywhere or to be given a lift to the next bus or train or city. I just need the exact information of the postal address to feed my Tomtom navigation system with it.

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      raw sourdough at the hands while preparing a dough for baking bread.

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      I eat almost no cheese and only very little amount of dairy. Therefore meat of any kind, fish & eggs belong to my food, but mainly I eat vegetarian. Vegan is nice, when I am invited to. But I don't prepare it by myself.