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    07.02.2019 - 28.03.2019

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    Hi there:) I'm 20 years old, a Brit-Austrian mash-up;) My Mum is from Austria and we moved there when I was 14, but until then I grew up in the UK, where my Dad is from. I speak both languages fluently (so if you need anything translated, hit me up!) but I still kind of prefer to speak English. I think everyone feels more themselves when they speak in their mothertongue;)
    I'm generally a very active person. I feel like I can hear my friends' laughter as I write that haha because like everyone I enjoy sloth-days as well, but I definitely enjoy work and the feeling that I've created/achieved something; I can't stand being unproductive for long periods of time. So I'll be a very motivated addition to your 'workforce';)
    In my free time I like to read, play guitar/piano, bond with my laptop, walk places, explore, go climbing, draw, cook, bake.. well, all kinds of stuff really haha. Most of my hobbies like climbing and horseriding are a bit rusty because I've been working a lot lately trying to save up some moneyz, but I'm hoping to revive them soon;) My biggest hobby really is simply doing stuff I've never done before!^^
    I've put myself down as a smoker in the settings because I do smoke quite a lot, but it's seriously not a problem for me to take a break for like a week or two, I've done it a few times without an issue:)

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  • Was könntest du arbeiten?

    My lovely younger sister was born when I was 9, and we spent a -lot- of time together from day one, just hanging out the two of us (although of course our parents were always somewhere around haha). Also my first summer job when I was like 13 was babysitting a very sweet 3-year-old from up the road. Obviously kids aren't like this universal breed and if you've looked after one then you're a super-nanny, but it's by no means new to me;)
    My most unusual skill for the circumstances is probably teaching German or translating English/German. My Mum actually works full-time as a freelance translator and I've sometimes done various articles for her. I can also teach basic Italian, I learned that in school for four years, although that's also gotten a little rusty;)
    I did some painting when we moved into out new house but defnitely wouldn't call myself very experienced when it comes to DIY:/ I'm very eager to learn though!:) What I am quite good at is crafts like sewing and knitting, I've been doing both since I was about 12 years old, although I never learned it officially I just kind of worked it out.
    I love playing guitar, although again I kind of taught myself; last year I travelled with friends to the city a few times to go busking. The money we made only just about covered the train and food when split three ways, but it was very fun;) I also had piano lessons for several years as a child, but I haven't pursued that for quite a while and can only play 2 or 3 songs nowadays. Still, I'd be happy to teach how to read sheet music and where which notes are if you're a complete beginner:)
    I like cooking a lot, but normally just do like my standard 3 dishes haha, I only moved out from my parents' place a few months ago and still have a lot to learn. I feel a lot more comfortable with baking, which I did a lot when I lived at home as well.
    One more possibly useful thing is photography and filmmaking, which I've been doing sporadically for about six years, just little home projects:) I have my own camera, which I'll definitely be bringing with me (it's my Precious hahah), so if you want any shots for ebay or modelling portfolio or whatever, I'm your [female] guy;)

  • Gesprochene Sprachen

    English, German, some Italian, sometimes have vague notions of what people are saying in Spanish haha

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    For more photos and stuff check out my Instagram, I'm in as olliesayrelax :)

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