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    My name is Tatjana Stella. You can call me by either name :)
I strongly believe that human beings are meant to build communities by sharing their skills and work as well as songs, stories, and food with each other and learning from each other. This is why I think workaway is such a great concept and so far I have had truly wonderful experiences with it!

    At the moment I am in Mexico, excited to be traveling again after spending the last three years in Berlin.
    I have a great interest in learning languages because I love how it opens up one's mind to new ways of thinking and looking at the world. I would love to improve my Spanish and learn some more Portuguese as well.

    I have worked many different jobs... mostly low-wage, minimum-wage, or unpaid. I was a waitress, a kitchen hand, a sales assistant, I worked in theaters (on stage as well as in front of it and behind the scenes), I did promotion jobs, window dressing, visual merchandising, I cleaned appliances, prepared food, counted money, and assisted many customers. I also studied for a bit. But what I love most is acting and performing, as well as writing and singing. Generally speaking, I am a very artistic person, but I also acquired a few basic gardening and constructing skills while traveling and working as a volunteer.

    Some things that I would love to learn and/or get better at are sewing, video editing, yoga practice, and skills for self-sustainability, living off-grid and in harmony with the environment, like composting, growing fruits and vegetables, building, repairing, and repurposing things, etc. My dream is to one day live in a tiny house or something similar and it would be amazing if I would be able to build most of it with my own hands.
    I love spending time in nature, but I kind of love big cities, too. I enjoy hot summer days and nights that never get cold but I also appreciate a chilly evening at a campfire every once in a while. Generally, I can handle extreme heat much, much better than being cold, though.

    That I love traveling is probably quite obvious or I wouldn’t be here. However, I am looking for ways to travel more sustainably, like spending an extended period of time in a specific place, to take everything in and truly get to know local people as well as other travelers who share similar values. I like to not plan too far ahead, to keep an open mind, to see where life, the universe, destiny — whatever you want to call it — will lead me.
    Well, it has lead me here and I can’t wait to explore and make new connections!

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    Yoga / Wellness
    Kunst & Design
    Darstellende Künste
    Zeichnen & Malen
    Heimwerken & DIY
    Kochen & Backen
    Vegetarier / Veganer

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    I think my best skill is my ability to learn and adapt to new routines quickly as well as the fact that I am a very thoughtful person. Other than that I can cook tasty, healthy vegan meals which I quite enjoy doing. I’m pretty good at teaching and I’m a fast learner, too. I do not consider any type of work "beneath me." In my opinion, "unskilled labor" is a lie.
    What I love the most is writing, reading to people, acting, singing, and performing. Generally speaking I am a very artistic person but I am open for pretty much any kind of work and eager to expand my knowledge and learn new skills!

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    While I love doing the things that I listed above I would also like to improve my abilities when it comes to things like gardening, renovating, and construction work. I am more of a creative person, not so much of a builder, but I am strong-willed and eager to learn! I also tend to underestimate myself in this area haha
    I value open and honest communication, because I find that it helps prevent — or at least sort out — conflicts, as most of them are based on misunderstandings.
    As I’ve mentioned before I am a vegan (I’ve been one for more than 14 years) as I strongly believe that all living beings deserve freedom and bodily autonomy. I am opposed to any form of discrimination and oppression, towards human as well as non-human animals. I also aim to further reduce any negative influence that I might have on this planet by learning how to live more sustainably and independently.
    As much as I believe that traveling is a wonderful opportunity to expand our worldview and learn from each other, it can be harmful to the environment which is why I am very much looking forward to volunteering rather than following touristic paths. Capitalism has taught us that sharing is weak, that we should rather strive to keep as much as we can to ourselves, when really in sharing lies our strength.

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      No, but I choose to abstain from all animal products out of respect for all beings.

    • Spezielle Ernährung
      I mainly eat a whole foods plant based diet, which means in addition to being vegan I avoid highly processed foods such as oil or refined sugar.