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    Bosnia and Herzegovina, Deutschland, Dänemark, Estland, Finnland, Frankreich, Georgia, Island, Kosovo, Kroatien, Macedonia, Moldawien, Montenegro, Norwegen, Rumänien, Serbia, Slowakei (Slowakische Republik), Spanien, Tschechische Republik, Ukraine

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    01.08.2016 - 30.12.2018

  • Abzeichen

    Good Workawayer

  • Beschreibung

    My name is Sowa.

    Currently I live Mallorca.
    Looking for a next interesting thing to do after finishing my job that ends in October.

    Story: I was born in Poland in a period of its early development. Not much was there in shops, not much of TV we watched. I spent most of my childhood outdoors, playing witch other children in an old German orchard.
    As a teenager I was learning in a music school. I also won an art contest. I think I was looking for the meaning of fulfillment since my early youth.
    I got engaged on a beach when I was seventeen... we all do silly things :)
    When I grew up I left home and moved to the great and beautiful city of Wroclaw (the European Capital of Culture last year, worth looking up).
    I decided to be a Sound Engineer, but by that time I have been working as a translator, guard, taxi dispatcher, kitchen helper, chef, front of house waiter, bartender, telephone salesman, shopkeeper, builder, foreman's assistant, theatre technician, film lector, graphic designer, busker, babysitter and electrician. I lived with many different people and at some point I became aware of the necessity of understanding others, as well as myself, in a deeper and broader way.
    I started hitch­hiking and chose it as my main mean of transportation. Striving to be my own one, yet learning about the complex interdependence with others. In four years I hitch­hiked few thousand miles around my country, getting to know it from the mountains to the seaside. and taking part in many wonderful festivals, such as Przystanek Woodstock, SLOT Art Festival or the incredible international gathering in Stacja Wolimierz.
    Finally I wanted to go abroad so I packed my bag and hitched around Balkans for two months. In Transylvania I met people from Sheffield. We became friends and exchanged invitations. After coming back home I started sound engineering in a little mountain town’s theatre.
    Then I changed my views again when started living in a commune in Wolimierz. When I met people from countless places worldwide I felt a need to become a foreigner to myself, open up even more and never judge anyone again. Since it’s hard and takes much time I decided to get started from an easy place. I thought I spoke English quite all right and I knew some Sheffielders would welcome me, so I packed my bag and after an exciting hitch­hike through Western Europe I ended up at my friends’ doorstep. For six months I struggled to feel normal untill I started volunteering for wonderful initiatives Like New Roots, Regather, Oxfam and many of my friends' indepentent projects. I felt free from the depressing struggle for money.

    Then my inner current shifted again. In a single night's instance I decided to go to France and live as a backpacker and a Workawayer. It was the only decision I could make once I understood that I was the one standing in my own way.
    The Beast of the world opened its jaws in front of me that moment.

    Stories, stories...

    I met friends which a year later I am still in contact with. I was hosted by the most genuine, wonderful families and single hosts, directly through this website as well as via mouth to mouth arrangements made once I started meeting more and more locals.
    I offered my skills to people and they accepted them. That made me gain more practice, confidence and learn more skills. I felt accepted and appreciated and my life filled with honesty and love as never before.
    I came to places in myself where I could be calm.

    Learning is my priority beyond material wealth. Life is much better and peaceful this way. I want to know how to sustain in this insane world and I believe in this motto:

    Other people know everything you will ever learn.

    I realise now how helping people bring a whole new sense to your life. I am a very active host in the Couchsurfing community. I offer my hospitality to anyone I will find a genuine, interesting and friendly person. This way I can forget words like 'boredom' or 'routine'. It also means that in times when I still haven't seen all those places those people are from, the wide world already comes to see me. Every guest is a different lesson and a new small or big friendship. I can't imagine giving it up.

    My passions are: music, art, nature, volunteering, travelling, discovering diverse cultures, getting
    together with people, finding ways to be happy with others and within myself.

  • Arten von Arbeit

    Handwerkliche Arbeiten
    Hilfe bei Ökoprojekten
    Betreuung von Tieren
    Karitative Arbeiten
    Sprachen praktizieren
    Hilfe bei Kunstprojekten
    Sonstige Arbeiten
    Hilfe mit Computer / Internet

  • Was könntest du arbeiten?

    1.I have worked a lot as a labourer. I'm confident with most power tools. I can help you with brickwork, rooftops, indoor-outdoor refurbishment, landscaping, timber-decking, heavy lifting, etc.
    2. My qualities spread strongly among the artistic areas. I was always surrounding myself with musical instruments, canvas and props. I am no expert in any of those crafts, but I will happily share with you my joy of singing, playing, listening, reading, watching and making.
    3. My profession is Sound Engineering. I'm experienced with studio recording, live music mixing, theatre sound design, and music production.
    4. From the latest experiences I also came up with my new passion. I want to work with children. Look after them, teach them, care for their mental nourishment and emotional wellbeing. I have the patience and the heart for them and I want them to have it. Being around children makes me happy, wheather as a carer, teacher, or just a friend of the family.
    5. I'm very keen on languages in theory and practice. I will happily exchange my fluency for Yours!

    I have many transferable skills. I can be Your English teacher, Your cook, Your gardener, Your counselor, or even Your personal sports coach (I practise kick-boxing) OR I can record Your EP or mix sound for Your live gig OR I can do You some backup singing :D. For quite some time I was working on a ten to fourteen hours work day basis, including night shifts, so I had to become very durable. I will happily take care of Your house/venue/farm/facility as a tourist guide, maintenance worker or whatever kind of team member.

    I adore all arts. I want to be a part of them all.
    I like spending time close to animals and plants
    I enjoy, hiking, cycling, jogging, playing Frisbee and being generally active.
    Sometimes I like to do a lot of nothing too.

  • Gesprochene Sprachen

    English, Polish, learning Spanish.

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    I'm farly convinced that Workaway is the best thing I have been doing ever.

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      I should have foods with low FODMAP content.

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      Healthy food