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    Hey there,
    my name is Alex (short for Alexandra), I'm a 20 years old german girl, who is currently traveling through Europe :D
    Last year I've made the decision to spent 3 months in Ukraine after my graduation and I LOVED to be in another country, to hear the language, to experience so much through spending time with the locals & to learn about the culture (+ learned how to travel on my own).
    When I returned I've made the decision to continue to travel, so I packed some things and went to France in last February. Since then i traveled through France down to Spain and I'm SO thankful for the amazing adventures I've experienced & people I have met, with the help of workaway :)
    I'm very open minded; I love to meet new people & I'm interested in EVERY country in Europe, so feel free to contact!
    + The concept of this platform is great & I like the idea of a cultural, experience & language exchange :)
    Additionally I'm very flexible on my travel dates → from right now, till October :)

    Best wishes & hopefully I will get to know you soon! :D

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    I grew up bilingual, so I can speak both german & russian fluently :) English and french were part of my school education and I had 3 student exchanges in my school time, to improve my language skills :D Nevertheless, I am open to learn another/many other languages. So if you want to teach me your language, I would be very happy and of course I could teach you some german or russian or we could both improve our english skills by communicating in english :)

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    First of all, I have some experience with hostel work, because of 2 internships in 2 differnet hostels (1 in Germany and the other in the Ukraine). So I know how to clean up rooms and leave things tidy and neat :) Currently I am also living in a shared flat, so part of my responsabilities are to clean & cook and to take care of the household.

    One of my hobbies is to cook :) My mother tought me a lot about healthy food & living, so I like to cook healthy dishes (vegetarian and non-vegetarian, sometimes vegan) and I think it is important for a good life style :)
    But once in a while I LOVE to bake something delicious (& unhealthy) like a cake or to bring some joy to my roommates with some cookies :)

    Another "skill" could be, that I can draw/paint a little bit. I grew up in a very cheerful & creative household, so i like to be creative :) Doesn't matter if it's about to sing something, to dance, to invent a game or to start an art project :)

    Additionally I LOVE to spent time with children :) I have some experience in childcare because of my third internship, which i spent in a kindergarten and i've babysitted my little cousin for some time too :)

    All in all I have some experience in Child Care, Cooking & Cleaning, Creative Work :)
    Anyways, I can help wherever help is needed! (I'm a fast learner & hard-working person).
    No matter if it's about garden work, to help in a hostel/ a household or to help you with your animals & farm work :D

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    If you have any questions feel free to ask! :)

    Generally i'm a pretty happy, caring, sunshine-person, who likes to spent a joyful time :) I don't need much in life and time is precious so I like to spent it with people, who feel the same. Of course life is not always easy and happy, but that's why we need to help each other, show empathy & try to understand each other :)

    I would love to help you, so that you have more time for yourself, your family and other things. In the same time you would help me, if you gave me the chance to travel to another country and to learn something new :) I hope that this adventure could be a real enrichment for both sides :)

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