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    01.05.2019 - 23.12.2019

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    Good Workawayer

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    A guy with the soul of a kid...

    Since I was a little boy, I have always been idealistic and a dreamer… I was very imaginative and creative and I loved nature and to be in the woods. In other hand, I was also good at school and loved logical things like videogames or artistic things like writing some small poems and drawing.

    However, I was always too idealistic, which meant I was never fully in this reality. I have always lived without the worries that normal teenagers have. Like, if people questioned me “but what about girlfriends?” my answer would be “when it has to happens it will happen”. Or like “what will you choose about college?”, my answer would be “I will go to medicine or something”, even though it was clear that I didn’t have the grades to do that.
    Nothing really changed, I am still that guy that doesn't really know what to do, I still love creative work (I love to dance, play music, sing, draw, write, make videos, give creative gifts to people, say and do random things) and I am still a very logical guy (I love to understand how the world works, what moves nations, what is religion, climate change, capitalism, what other ways of society there are, what can history tell us and the cool things discovered with the scientific thought)

    I am this type of guy that goes with the flow of the river (or just contemplates the river sometimes). Therefore, I was always kind of guided in the things that I did. Life makes me make decisions, and I never had that sufficient grit to answer those questions. I always decided things based on criterias that had little to do with what I was or what I really liked. Most of the times, I decided something important, like my university or my jobs, based on what someone told me that was good for me, because I was slightly interested or because I was thinking about the future. For that reason I can say I am an Biomedical Engineer that worked 2 years in the area of informatics as a data scientist. However, I don't say that with the biggest pride. A lot of skills I have right now were from those experiences. I have some ease with computers, organizational work (like excel) and even some video editing. Becoming an engineer was a challenge and I was in for a presumably great career in a job that is gonna explode in the future, but I was not happy and so, in maybe the first big decision that I took with no external criteria, I decided to change the direction I was headed and quit my job (August 2017).

    Since then, I have been doing a little bit of everything... I worked as a mathematics tutor and also a tour guide in the city of Lisbon (Portugal)... I have participated in and organized events about active politics and citizenship and about social entrepreneurship using non-formal education... I have volunteered in a social project called Gastagus... and recently moved to Yvetot in Normandie (France) to do a European Volunteer Service working with kids in a leisure center and in projects of mobility and interculturality.

    Summarizing, I am in an exploratory phase of my life. What I can say about me is that I feel I am an adventurous, curious, empathetic, smart, friendly and helpful guy that has to find the courage within himself to fight against his nemesis of procrastination, negativity and overthinking and that basically has to find his fears, recognized them and stay free from them.

    Basically, free to play, be creative and have fun like nobody is watching and free from the limitations I tell myself I have.

  • Arten von Arbeit

    Handwerkliche Arbeiten
    Hilfe bei Ökoprojekten
    Betreuung von Tieren
    Hilfe mit Touristen
    Karitative Arbeiten
    Sprachen praktizieren
    Hilfe bei Kunstprojekten
    Hilfe mit Computer / Internet

  • Was könntest du arbeiten?

    (Expertise) From my jobs as an engineer:
    > Work with computers
    > Excel and organizational work
    > Writing documents and making presentations

    From my Permaculture Design Course:
    > Theoretical knowledge of the basics of permaculture

    From my experiences in participating/organizing events:
    > Non-formal education methods
    > Organizational tools like google drive and others
    > Presentations

    Quick learning capacity and interested in learning:
    > Gardening and agriculture
    > Bricolage, DYI and manual work
    > Bioconstruction
    > Among other things

  • Gesprochene Sprachen

    Portuguese (mother tongue) | English (fluent) | French and Spanish (intermediate)

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  • Was noch ...

    My lazy hobbies are watching tv shows, movies and youtube videos.
    My mental hobbies are reading, writing, playing chess and learning french.
    My active hobbies are amateur rock climbing, slacklining and sometimes running/some fitness.
    My creative hobbies are playing guitar, dancing and drawing.

    Random things about me:
    > I love to ride a bicycle in a city
    > I am vegan since 2014
    > I love to crack people's back and doing massages
    > I am from Ericeira, a place in Portugal known for the surf (I used to do bodyboard)
    > I love animals, specially dogs and cows. I am a little bit afraid of cats ahaha
    > My favorite movie is The Lord of the Rings
    > When people ask me what type of music I listen to, I don't know what to say
    > I don't like when people leave the lights on when they leave a room

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      Veganism: I try to the best of my ability to not eat animal products (including meat, fish, eggs and milk)

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