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    unterwegs auf Reisen

    climbing, backpacking, whitewater kayaking (haven't tried it yet but super eager to take some lessons!!), cooking, eating, exploring markets

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    Currently meandering through Latin America with no real itinerary. Looking to stay with nice families or community environments, ideally in places that are close to opportunities for climbing, whitewater kayaking, other outdoorsy activities, or cultural hubs (but not in the modern city sense, the nightlife scene really isn't for me).

    I prefer to work with animals because I'm trying to learn about animal behavior to see if I want to do something like that career-wise, but if it's a friendly environment I'm interested in working alongside my hosts doing pretty much anything (except cleaning...I really hate cleaning haha). Some of my best experiences have been doing odd jobs together with my hosts like demolition projects, homesteading, chopping/hauling firewood, etc. I also really LOVE to cook, and enjoy cooking and sharing meals regularly with my hosts. :)

    ******General Description******
    Originally from San Diego, California. I was working as a science writer at a NASA facility near San Francisco but have recently decided it's time to start seeing the world! :) Googling around to figure out what I'd like to see has made me realize that I don't really care about the destination so much as the experience; more exploring and discovering rather than sight-seeing.

    I'm looking to stay with friendly and inclusive people who would ideally like to do active things together (hike, mountain bike, horseback riding, camping, rock climbing, kayak, raft, sailing, trek, backpacking, ATVs, surf, motorcycles, fish, hunt, etc---if it's outdoors and active, I'm probably into it) but also like just bonding over meals and everyday stuff.

    If I'm not off doing something outdoors, I really enjoy a quiet lifestyle with a hammock and a good book. I like to cook healthy meals and am always happy to help out in the kitchen. If you have dogs, they will have my attention roughly 99% of the time.

    I'm extremely interested in helping out with animal care and maintenance of ranches, forests, and farms. Also like developing new skills and working with power tools--after doing manual labor on a farm I was surprised at how fulfilling it can be and love tricking myself into getting some extra exercise into my daily routine. In general I'm pretty happy to help out with anything so long as the expectations are set in advance.

    I have experience with dogs (training, walking, administering medications, special needs animals, snuggling, and impromptu wrestling sessions), basic natural horsemanship and groundwork, caring for farm animals (donkeys, horses, chickens, ducks, a wild fox, and even camels), farm maintenance, building fences, cooking healthy meals and learning new recipes, gardening, marketing, data management, and event management.

    I am over 25 years old for insurance purposes and have a valid driver license (and motorcycle license) and health insurance.

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    Segeln / Boote
    Karitative Arbeiten
    Darstellende Künste
    Zeichnen & Malen

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    Heimwerker- und Bauarbeiten
    Babysitten und Kinderbetreuung
    Tourismus / Gastgewerbe

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    Handwerkliche Arbeiten
    Mithilfe auf einem Bauernhof
    Betreuung von Tieren

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    Zubereiten / Kochen von Mahlzeiten für die Familie
    Karitative Arbeit
    Hilfe mit Computer /Internet
  • Was könntest du arbeiten?

    ---ANIMAL CARE---
    I'm extremely interested in helping out at farms, ranches, animal shelters, rescues, vet clinics, or with veterinarians for all types of animals.

    Dogs and cats - Plethora of experience with volunteering at shelters and working as a dog sitter. Experience includes administering medications (oral, topical, eyes, ears, shots), elderly dogs, puppies, basic training, leash training, food aggression, dog-to-dog aggression, territorial aggression, fearful dogs, high-energy breeds, blind, deaf, arthritic, injured, recovering from procedures, and etc and I am a Licensed Professional Snuggler as certified by the Humane Society. ;)

    Equestrian - Light experience with natural horsemanship and groundwork; very eager to learn more about working on training, animal behavior, and improving my riding skills.

    Farm animals - Light experience with donkeys, chickens, ducks, a wild fox, and even camels.

    I'm a total foodie and would be thrilled to help out in the kitchen and learn to cook a new dish! I try to cook fairly healthily (...most days) and have no dietary restrictions. Love sharing meals with my hosts regularly.

    I would absolutely love to help out on trekking, kayaking, boating, or similar expeditions. I am a native English speaker, have customer service experience, and general outdoors experience (no stranger to a map and compass!). I also have certifications for Wilderness First Aid and Basic Life Support (CPR). I'm a beginner at sailing but can crew; I was on a sailing team with coworkers and made racer of the year (casual sails around the bay).

    I'd like to learn more about farming including milking and butchering. It would be fun for me to help with harvesting orchards, and learning to make things with the production. I'm happy to help out with occasional gardening but would not be a great fit for positions where I'm bent over in a garden for 4 hrs per day, every day.

    I've worked as a tutor in the past both for children and adults across many subject areas but predominantly English and mathematics, so I'm able to help with tutoring and teaching needs. I only speak English but maybe we could help each other learn the other person's native language through slow but frequent conversations. :)

    I'm a fairly advanced spreadsheet user (I completely unabashedly make color-coded spreadsheets for everything, I've just learned to accept this and embrace it because it makes me happy ^_^ ) so if you need any rudimentary data analysis and reporting, I'm able to help with that. I have professional experience managing website content (Drupal and HTML) for a nonprofit and social media for a not-for-profit. I've worked on an outreach team facilitating targeted communications, so can help with writing, editing, strategic marketing, and related entrepreneurial efforts. Happy to provide writing samples of published works, ranging from newsletters, featured print and web releases, technical documentation, and scientific white papers.

    I'm not going to pretend I'm great at cleaning, but I'm okay at figuring out how to fix things and put things together. I was raised by my mom so growing up I was always the one to have to figure out how to put together the new desk or install the new TV, etc. Oh and I can build a really great fire, having lived in the mountains for several years and the stove being our central source of heat; I know how important it is to keep firewood fully stocked! I can make sure the kids won't burn the house down and make it up a hiking trail (I have wilderness first aid certification and basic life support / cpr certification) but won't be singing lullabies anytime soon (your kids will thank me for sparing them from my awful singing).

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    Englisch: Fließend

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    Can teach English and am trying to learn Spanish

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