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    Hi! I'm Olivia. I'm from Fredericksburg, Virginia, and I just graduated from my MA program at the Universidad de Salamanca in Spain. I studied Nationalism and Conflict Management, which means I've been thinking a lot about how we belong to the world and belong to one another. Now, I'm a digital nomad working for a Pan-African Youth Leadership program!

    This fall, I hope to spend time outdoors, to get to know good animals and humans, to learn more about fiber arts, and especially to practice my French. J'ai étudié au Sénégal en 2016, donc je parle plus ou moins le français, mais je voudrais l'améliorer. He pasado el año pasado en aprender español también.

    I spend much of my free time knitting (I'm currently working on a baby sweater for a new cousin), as well as reading and writing poetry. My favorite place for both activities is outdoors. Every day it's warm enough, I try to put my bare feet on the earth at least once.

    My best attributes are my thoughtfulness, my creativity, and my predisposition to thinking the best of people. I've also been told I bring calmness and grace to tricky situations. In work environments especially, I strive to be helpful in every way I can, in addition to maintaining my meticulousness and deep self-motivation.

    In return for a chance to spend time working for or with you, I can offer a cheerful and peaceful disposition, willingness to learn, poetry recommendations , and maybe even a knit garment in the end.

    Can't wait to meet you / Enchantée / Encantada :)

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    My best skills are my thoughtfulness and curiosity, which let me take to new things quickly and with not-too-much oversight.

    Prior to going back to grad school, I used to work in government affairs consulting in DC. That means I'm good at taking direction, at coming up with new ideas, and at working with others to find the best way to do things. During this time I also worked as a dog-walker! I love being around animals and helping with them however I can -- see my pictures for a photo of my favorite animal, my sweet dog Millie.

    While I was in undergrad at the University of Notre Dame (I studied Political Science), I worked for a summer cultural exchange program. I love meeting people from new cultures and backgrounds! As a result, I'm good at planning programs, adapting to new situations, and pitching in with the kind of work other people might not want to do.

    Finally, I'm excellent with household/outdoor tasks. I grew up helping my parents with everything from landscaping outdoors to the current remodeling of their home. My mom's eye for design and my dad's this-builds-character mentality mean I'm equally comfortable sharing ideas for making something beautiful and picking up large amounts of dirt.

    My more fun skills include:
    - Encouraging awe for the natural world and the people around us
    - Dancing -- I grew up doing ballet but now dance to everything :)
    - Cooking -- not a ton, but the dishes I know I do quite well!
    - Writing -- I'm not sure if this can help you in your work, but it might amuse you or make you think
    - the "American smile" (according to my European roommates here in Spain)

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