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    I'm half artist, half adrenaline junkie. Storytelling and fiction writing are my main passions, and if there's a fantasy book published in the last two decades, I've probably read/heard of it. I've lived in Budapest, Hungary, the USA, Mexico, and Australia. At 18 I tried to hitchhike out of my home state, and when that didn't work I hopped a bus and haven't been back yet.
    I'm not a pro at much of anything, but I've picked up bits of knowledge and random skills from a lot of places. I've done agricultural work, language tutoring, building, housekeeping, bartending, and I've spent more time behind a cash register than I'd care to recall. Slow travel is my thing and I tend to stay in one spot for a month or two before moving on. I'm generally a chill, no worries sort of guy, unless you get me going about my latest book or travel stories.
    And no, I don't speak Hungarian. Sorry.

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    My first Workaway was at a hostel in Mexico City, which I did for two months.
    My second was a cleaning gig at a hostel in Hervey Bay.
    Third was a near year long stint at a hostel in Melbourne. I've got a bit of a trend going.
    I'm a TEFL certified English Teacher, so if you need help with your English, I'd be marginally better than the average Joe.
    I've worked several customer service related jobs, and I speak some Spanish.
    I have a little bit of experience in agricultural work and can cook about as well as any moderately well rounded uni student. Please don't ask me to bake anything.
    I can (and will) make a lot of basic cocktails, and my coffees aren't terrible.
    I have some decent photography skills, but am not a professional.
    I've set up a website (with help), so I know a little about WordPress.
    I have some training in martial arts (Krav Maga), and I've done some Parkour. Don't ask me why that belongs on this list.
    I'm very interested in learning how to sail, or anything boat related. Only done a couple afternoons so all I can tell you is that I probably won't get seasick.
    I can play, like, three songs on the guitar, and I can't quite do a handstand yet.

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    I have a mild addiction to yerba mate and a strong inclination to go sky-diving or bungee-jumping. Right now I'm open to learning just about anything you can teach me.

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      Country music & neckties.

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      I generally like to eat at least twice a day, if possible.