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    I live in Liverpool, UK. I like going out, bouldering and the idea of hiking and camping. I like salsa dancing and bachata dancing. I love music and singing.

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    Hello, my name is Melissa, I am 21 years old, I am from Romania and I moved and live with my family in Liverpool, UK for 6 years and a half. I have three younger sisters and one older brother. I am currently in university (2nd year) studying Mechatronics and Autonomous Systems. I have never used or heard of workaway before so I am really excited about it.

    I love going out, nature, mountains, beaches, climbing, bouldering, travelling, meeting new people, listening to music, salsa and bachata dancing, arts and crafts, helping people, volunteering, ice skating, roller skating, trampoline, archery, motorbikes ( I own a 125cc motorbike). I went scuba diving even though I am scared of deep water. I pretty much like adrenaline stuff, would try out sky diving, bungee jumping and whatever else would come my way.

    I pretty much like everything I see and want to do everything I see. I used to do karate when I was younger, used to play badminton, I am enjoy climbing and planning on working to get my body stronger.

    I love engaging in new things and trying out new things.

    I visited Malta in September 2020 and I loved it, would love to go there again.

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    Communication, problem solving, adaptable, transferable skills, initiative, confident, flexible, detail oriented, team player, hospitable, customer service, creative, willing to learn, leadership, management, organization, decision making, public speaking. Basic programming knowledge, basic Python coding, basic Arduino coding. Basic electrical engineering knowledge, engaging in small projects within my degree in university.

    I used to do card making and quilling, origami and bracelets when I was younger so I am quite good with my hands and I pay attention to detail.
    I knitted a hat when I was young as well.

    I volunteered with the New Horizons Foundation for two years helping the community, cleaning the city, card making and bracelet making to sell and fundraise money for those in need. We played games in the park with the children, visited and donated clothes to foster kids, we also played games with them. We helped the disability centre with money to buy a new floor and renovate the gym area, played games with those with disabilities. We went rock climbing once and we went camping for about 4 days in the mountains and hiked to the highest peak of 2,509 meters. We played games in the mountains and also cleaned and took away all the rubbish people left around.

    I built up a big wardrobe with my family and it was hard not having step by step instructions to follow but one page with all the parts already together, having to figure out what's next with pretty much no instructions. I also bought a second hand table that had missing screws and I cam up with my own solution and improvised to make the table of more use for myself including drilling and inventing my own parts to keep it in place.

    I have a bit of experience with breadboards and components from doing my electrical and electronic modules where I had to build and test an amplifier and use oscilloscope to test the frequency, also building a traffic lights pelican system and connecting it to Arduino board and coding to make the LED's turn on and off. I have also worked on Proteus Software where I designed and simulated circuits and worked on PCB design layout. In one of my modules I worked on a project as a team where we had to build and design a robot that follows a line on the floor, stops if there are obstructions in the way and make it sound an alarm and send a wireless message to let the operator know it requires assistance.

    I did one year of air cadets where we would do drills, go shooting, archery, went flying and took control of the glider, a small plane, won my leadership badge.

    I volunteered to tutor maths to secondary school disadvantaged students to help them progress and pass their GCSE's because I was once the one in need for help and it was hard for me when I moved from Romania to England and had to learn everything from scratch. I was put in year 10 and was not able to hold a conversation in English. I was also struggling with my subjects. Eventually my English improved and I passed all my exams.

    I work with two agencies. One has random jobs within hospitality such as waiting on, bar tendering, general staff, events, retail, warehouse and did quite a lot of one time random jobs in different locations. I worked as a cashier in a football kiosk, bartender in the football club, guided runners on the running track at a triathlon event, worked in a supermarket doing shelves replenishment, worked on Christmas events. The other agency is within my university and I go to open days and campus tours, showing people around. Or once I was doing exam invigilation in a secondary school.

    I worked in a hotel for a year, till service, bar work, serving and clearing the tables, buffet, washing dishes and a bit of cooking ( nothing amazing ).

    I did a basic 6 week cocktail traineeship and bought my own cocktail kit and can make, daiquiri, strawberry daiquiri, cosmopolitan, amaretto sour, whisky sour, long island iced tea cocktails also learnt to do some other cocktails by myself such as Pina colada and others that involve midori liquor.

    I am very flexible and adaptable and would love to get involved in pretty much everything.

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    Englisch: Fließend
    Romanian: Fließend
    Spanisch: Gute Kenntnisse

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    I would like to learn German, French, Italian and probably all the languages if I could. I can teach Romanian, help with English and try and help with Spanish.

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      I am vegetarian. I am consuming dairy products such as eggs, cheese, milk, cream. I do not eat fish.




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