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    03.05.2019 - 30.06.2019

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    Good Workawayer

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    I am a young lady from a small country in the Baltics - Estonia. I come from a beautiful little town, which was situated by Russian empiress Kathrine II. This town, Võru, is surrounded by nicest landsapes Estonia has to offer.
    After graduating from high school i moved to another magical town and started studying in Viljandi Culture Academy. After four years in this place I felt so much wiser and also could call myself a culture manager. During this time I managed to figure out some ways in my life and what are the things that are like air for a burning flame inside one's self.
    I got a change to go work in an organic shop and cafe run by the sweetest people who you could imagine as your employers. That experience opened my eyes in so many ways and drew some principles in life again. I can say that i grew into a person who can call herself a vegetarian. I care for animals' wellbeing and I respect every living soul.
    When I was 23, I moved to the capital - Tallinn and started working in a restaurant which is also serving food/drinks which are made organically or are produced in local farms. This experience also fell into my arms and I have learned so many things again, besides meeting so many lovely people every day. Everybody is different, but all matter. Every day is different, but at one point comes time, when you have to know, how to let go.
    I have always liked being in nature - i like to walk in forests picking mushrooms and berries. I can say I really love all animals but cats have a little piece of my heart. Actually, I don't even bother to knock mosquitos dead, I just push them away. I really admire horses as well although i have only one riding experience. I would love to get in touch with them more in the future.
    I can call myself a lucky-sunshine-person. I love to smile and laugh around people. On the other hand, I like spending time with my thoughts on walks. I am thoughtful, honest and sincere. I ask questions, if I need to and I am into an honest discussion and peaceful environment. I am into growth : knowledge, experiences, inner counciousness and definitely group of people to have quality time and conversations with.
    I am in this part of life, where i have decided to turn comfort zone info excitement of doing new things. I want to trust life and vibes that could get me to most magnificent natural views which have been in my dreams for quite some time.

    My partner's name is Tõnis and he's 28-years old. He is a very passionate cook in the same restaurant. He has always enjoyed making food and has been doing this job for nine years now.
    He likes travelling and meeting new people - having long and open-minded conversations as well as being around nature. He has grown up with many cats and their family owned a japanese Akita, who had 9 puppies over 4 years, so he can be named a true animal-lover, who communicates with them in his own unique way. He really enjoys music and has also been singing in a professional boys choir. Sport has been an important aspect as well, therefore a good physical condition and a will to work is met for sure. He always wants to lend a helping hand and cares a lot of his work and people around him.
    We are open to help people with their daily chores and are up to last minute options right now. So, if you read our profile and think that, we could have a connection, then we would like to meet you as soon as possible :)

  • Arten von Arbeit

    Handwerkliche Arbeiten
    Hilfe bei Ökoprojekten
    Betreuung von Tieren
    Hilfe mit Touristen
    Sprachen praktizieren

  • Was könntest du arbeiten?

    I think i can call myself a quick learner, especially with some assistance or guiding. I will name some things here:
    -professionally right now, i can say that i am a very good coffee barista and waitress - i work well with people.
    - since i love animals, i would love to take care of feeding, brushing, walking, playing with them
    -i care very much for good food - i think i cook pretty well
    -people in all ages - i can play, read, walk or have a talk with them
    - i could take care of plants - gardening, watering, planting, picking etc
    -as my father is very good in building things, i have also assisted him - painting, brushing, wallpapering. i am also a little bit familiar with more traditional building methods, but haven't experienced myself - surely i would love to!
    -i have been assisting building kayaks
    -i can swim and ski well. i love getting into rhythm, dancing, singing. I have a jew'a harpf that i like to play
    -i have had a driver's licence for eight years

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    fluent in estonian and english; some knowledge about german and spanish

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    24 & 28

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    This is going to be my very first workaway experience. I have planned to travel from Estonia as soon as possible and I am willing to stay in your place for longer time as well. I am very-very excited to meet and give a helping hand to you already :)

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      I am a vegan